Ultimate Sackboy Guide: Top 5 tips and tricks to improve your gameplay

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Ultimate Sackboy is a new endless runner casual game brought to you by Exient. The game offers gameplay very similar to other games of this genre like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and PKXD Runner. There are certain records in place within the game with the sole purpose of the players to beat those records and achieve rank first among the given records. In other words, it’s not very hard to get familiarized with the controls of the game, but still, with this Ultimate Sackboy Guide, we would like to list out 5 quick tips and tricks to simplify the game even further and have better gameplay.

Best gameplay tips for Ultimate Sackboy

After investing multiple hours in the game, we have come up with the following tips and tricks for the players to make their gameplay simpler and better.

1. Beat your own Records in a timed setup

The game, Ultimate Sackboy although having similar features and gameplay as Subway Surfers, is a bit different when it comes to gameplay. The game is based on the idea of beating high scores set by other AI characters in the game to progress further in the game. As you keep on beating the records, more and more new records start to feature up.

Ultimate sackboy
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The most important thing to remember here is the fact that there is a time limit in regard to which the run has to be completed, since the runner is timed out the race will stop. Hence make sure that you collect as many stars as possible in the game before the time runs out, blue stars give more points than green ones and the more stars you have at the end of the match the better your score is.

2. Upgrade your equipment to get more Experience points from each run

Equipment although not playing a huge part in the game but can certainly give the players a boost when it comes down to collecting more points ad valuables from each run making it thus easier to have a better score in the end.

Equipment can be accessed through the main menu where every option is listed. Now with every piece of equipment comes the option to upgrade the item, upgrading can be done by spending the in-game resources.

Ultimate Sackboy Guide, Ultimate Sackboy
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Upgrades also help to create a personal best in a run, because it helps to accelerate the rate at which points are added to the subtotal. More upgrades mean a higher rate of scoring points in the game. Thus upgrades are just an important part of the game and should not be ignored.

3. Don’t forget to redeem and open up valuable chest bags

There are bags full of equipment gear and coins that are up for redemption in the game. The catch is that there are certain quests in place as well which reward these bags for redemption. The expert advice here is to make sure that you are aware of what quests are there to complete before you venture out for the run.

Ultimate Sackboy Guide, Ultimate Sackboy
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Once these quests are completed be sure to go to the missions list and redeem the bags from there if any mission has been completed. Once redeemed the bags will have to be opened manually from the Hotbar in the main menu, time and resources both are needed for opening the bags, however, they are worth the hassle as they contain rare to epic gear for players to don. Make sure that you don’t forget to redeem these chests in the game.

4. Strategize your runs based on obstacles

The striking feature of the game is the fact that there are many uniquely developed challenges and obstacles the game offers for its players to play through. The game might have some mechanics of Subway Surfers but the obstacles are certainly different. The obstacles in the game are much harder and difficult to predict.

Ultimate Sackboy Guide, Ultimate Sackboy
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There is a moving barrier, destroyable monsters, and many such unique powerups like the rolling ball, magnetic plunge, etc. Thus giving the game a unique touch to it despite sharing similar ideas. Hence to understand how these obstacles to work are very essential as they can help to achieve a better score in the longer run.

5. After each run be sure to redeem any rewards from the daily quest section

Ultimate Sackboy Guide, Ultimate Sackboy
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Daily quest sections along with the battle pass offer many additional quests for the players to actually test their skills against. Each quest in the list offers some reward in return. Battle pass quests offer higher rewards for the players to redeem and the daily/weekly quests offer fewer rewards but can be redeemed at a faster rate than the battle pass ones. the Reason being they are frequently updated and are easier to complete.

Final Thoughts

The game offers a similar experience to that of Subway Surfers, the difference is that here there are certainly different challenges that are offered to test the mettle of the players in the game. This gives the game a unique experience to it. We hope that with this Ultimate Sackboy Guide, we were able to provide the top 5 best tips and tricks for players to improve their gameplay.

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