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Uncharted Waters Origin Guide: Tips to Combat in Voyage Battle

Dominate Voyage Battle with this guide!

Uncharted Waters Origin is an MMORPG genre game developed by LINE Games. In this game, you will be filled with exploration from island to island, country to country by sea by sailing across the vast ocean. One of the exciting things in this game is to do combat in Voyage Battle which requires strategy and an understanding of the mechanics of this game. In this article, we will discuss the Tips to Combat in Voyage Battle of Uncharted Waters Origin.

How to Combat in Voyage Battle in Uncharted Waters Origin

To be able to do combat on a voyage battle, you need to go to the harbor first to set sail, then choose which ship you will fight against. There we recommend choosing an opponent who is not too difficult, that is, with a combat power below yours, so that later it will not be too difficult to fight him. After that you will enter the battle arena, there is quite a lot you need to understand, the first is to turn action.

Combat Objectives

Uncharted Waters Origin combat objective
Image via LINE Games

Before starting the combat, there will be a preview of the details of your enemy and there are also combat objectives that you need to complete and get 3 stars as much as possible. To see this combat objective again, you can tap the icon with 3 stars at the top right. There are Victory Conditions, Loss Conditions, and additional Goals and their rewards, and you can also forfeit combat if you want to give up.

Turn Action

Uncharted Waters Origin Turn Action
Image via LINE Games

On the display, there are many captains from each fleet which you can predict to find out whose turn it will be to take action, and you can see the range of each of these fleets. Then when it’s your turn to take action, you can move your ship such as changing positions, attacking, using skills, or just waiting.

Tiles and their uses

There are many tiles with different colors and functions. For yellow tiles, that means it’s your turn to take action for blue tiles thin outline shows you can move to that position and in a safe position, then there are red tiles with a thin outline that shows the areas you can attack.

Uncharted Waters Origin Tiles and their uses
Image via LINE Games

In carrying out this action, think carefully about where you are going to move. You can consider it by knowing the range of skills, that way you can move to tiles within the range of your skills

Understand Skills, Tools, and Wait

There are usually two types of skills here, Ship skills which usually contain skills to deal damage, and Ally skills which usually provide support to allies. You can use skills through the icon on the right and make sure the attack range of the skill is enough to reach enemy ships.

Uncharted Waters Origin skills
Image via LINE Games

Apart from that you can use various tools which have their respective uses and usually this tool is used to remove certain effects on your ship. Then, if you don’t want to take action, then you can select wait to just wait.

Take Advantage of the Attack Types

In order to maximize the damage to the enemy, you can take advantage of the enemy ship’s attack type. Here there are 3 types, namely Artillery Attacks, Melee Attacks, and Ram Attacks. There are artillery attacks that have an advantage over ram attacks, there are ram attacks that have an advantage against melee attacks, and melee attacks that have an advantage against artillery attacks.

Uncharted Waters Origin Attack type
Image via LINE Games

In order not to get confused, you can look at the enemy ships that are within range, because usually there is an explanation of advantage, disadvantage, or equal which means that they deal damage normally.

Final Thoughts

In combat in Voyage Battle in this Uncharted Waters Origin game, you need to bring 3 ships. Therefore, use a ship with three different types of attack, so you can get an advantage in the battle and make it easier for you to win the battle.

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