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Undead World: Hero Survival Beginners Guide and Tips

Start your zombie adventure and rule the wasteland

Another great game lined up here and one of the RPG types. What makes this RPG games different from the rest is it also involves a lot of strategies to take up and use when it comes to advancing throughout the game itself. The game mostly involves mechanics that allow players to go different paths in strengthening their parties and beating opponents. Some of the mechanics include: equipping, collecting, and even upgrading squad members. Not only that but players would be fighting a big number of roaming zombies and defeating other survivors to conquer the undead world. Now for those just starting out or having trouble with the game early on, here is an Undead World: Hero Survival beginners guide to help players get through them all.

Undead World: Hero Survival Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Strategize your Lineups properly

Strategize lineups Undead World: Hero Survival Beginners Guide

The game revolves around a lot of strategy formations. It would help out players if they would find a good formation that could protect main damage dealers while also being able to defend at a good rate. A good strategy includes when players have to select the right heroes for the job and which ones to swap out. Players should consider how each of their heroes would fare in a battle before sending them in.

2. Don’t forget to pick up your Rewards

Much like a lot of RPG strategy games, players could not move forward without collecting any resources. The same can be said for this game too. Players can always exit their game and return to it at any time. Doing so would allow the game to generate idle rewards for the player to claim later on.

Rewards Undead World: Hero Survival Beginners Guide

These rewards would also depend on the player’s progress in the game and can also aid them with their battles. Generated rewards would be random and would accumulate over time. It is a wise move if players would wait out about half a day or more then return for more and even better rewards!

3. Keep Upgrading all of your Hero Equipments

The heroes that players can use come with equipment that they could use to strengthen their parties. While the equipment would provide boosts on its own, it would also be important to note that they could also be upgraded. Upgrading equipment would also lead to more bonuses in the stats of the hero and would increase the overall of any team once done.

Upgrade equipment

It is also worth mentioning that the equipment that could be gathered by players would only get better over the course of time and while the player would progress through the game. As the game would get harder, the game will also provide many chances for players to become equally as strong and make things much easier when trying to move forward in the game.

4. Build your Team around Factions

Team Undead World: Hero Survival Beginners Guide

Just like in a similar game called AFK Arena, Undead World: Hero Survival also houses their heroes under factions. These factions are similar to the regions and origins of the hero when it comes to their lore. The great thing about factions is that with each member of a team belonging to one faction, players can match more heroes of the same faction to gain more bonuses in battle! These bonuses would range from bonus attack or HP. It would be a good idea to build around a certain faction early in the game to get a good start and progress fairly easily.

5. Be part of a Guild

Like most games nowadays, players do not have to go things alone while progressing. In this game, players would be able to unlock the guild feature. It is also good if players would join one as soon as they could. Joining a guild would make for various rewards and benefits most likely in the long run. Not only that, but players can also unlock more features that can definitely help their progress.


It is also worth mentioning that once a player is part of a guild, they would be able to use some heroes of their guildmates in order to help them out in certain stages where they might be stuck. This is where the phrase: “No man is an island” comes into play as a player’s guildmates would be the best help they could get for the longest time.

6. Understanding the basic Formations

Unlike other AFK and RPG games, Undead World: Heroes Survival also has a formation mechanic that may affect players’ chances of winning. This might be an underrated mechanic but has proven as a catalyst in certain situations and stages. At the first point, players would be introduced to the usual Balanced formation. While this can be called a good staple, it can also make all the difference between winning and losing. Players can unlock the Formation feature by progressing through the campaign levels. Players should also know that their pool of heroes should be amount enough to make the most out of all the formations that would be unlocked later on.

Formations Undead World: Hero Survival Beginners Guide

Just like many RPG games, it would be best for newer players to simply mix and match when it comes to formations. Some heroes may work with others in certain formations but that could also mean that some may not. This would require a lot of time and patience but that is what makes the game great. A great mechanic to take note of is that players can also clear out stages in the Skyscraper mode so they would be able to level up formation stats really quick. Doing so would massively help out formations and provide that extra boost one formation may need.

While this game may be another AFK and RPG type, this definitely makes up for that with the many game modes and interesting events that happen during special times. Players can definitely sit back and relax when they want to and when they have done all the game so far, they can just return when they feel like it and not miss a beat!

That’s all for today’s Undead World: Hero Survival beginners guide. Did you find our Undead World: Hero Survival beginners guide helpful? 

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