Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense: Beginners Guide and Tips

Call out legendary heroes, activate special powers, and conquer the Monster War!

Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense is a strategy-based RPG developed by Fun&Q Game, where the player is the deputy leader of the adventure team of heroes in a world that is currently suffering from the attacks of monsters. The great war known as the Monster War which ended 200 years ago has again risen to power. As a leader, the players are required to defeat the monsters with their team of heroes and restore the serenity of the city. Thus, let’s dive into this detailed Vana’s Quest Beginners Guide to learn about unique features, hero skills, and basic gameplay. Also, follow up until the end to gain some valuable tips for beginners to end the war for good.

Gameplay Overview

Vana’s Quest is an outstanding storyline-based game where the players will be guided through every stage with the help of captivating narratives. The players will witness different regions having different people with mastery in elemental magic and other skills. They will also be provided with dialogue choices in the game from time to time.

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The basic gameplay of Vana’s Quest requires the players to protect their continent from the attacks of the monsters. The game instills automatic settings i.e. the players start attacking the monsters as soon as they start approaching the field and the players do not have to manually fight against the enemies.

However, to ensure victory over the enemies the players need to activate the special powers of the Heroes. Each hero has a unique activation technique and the players will figure out the way by long pressing on the heroes. Then they must drag the power to the targeted enemy or area and release it to destroy them immediately. 

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Each chapter consists of a specific number of stages that the players need to clear to move on to the next chapter. They can access a stage from the bottom right corner of the game screen. Once the players choose to fight, they must keep a check for two options: Array and Battle. The Array allows the players to position their heroes in favorable spots and then start the match by clicking on Fight. The Battle allows them to instantly start a fight.

Introducing the Basics of Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense

The Game Modes

Vana’s Quest offers the players a main game mode along with several challenge game modes. Each game mode implements the same gameplay throughout. However, the rewards each one provides may be specific from one mode to another.

1. Main Mode

This game mode includes the main storyline of the game, where the player is introduced to dialogues and sequences that describe the main plot of the game. Players also are every so often provided selections that can affect positive situations in the game.

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There are various chapters they can witness while they move ahead in Vana’s Quest. Each chapter has a specific number of stages. The players on clearing some specified stages, receive Clearance Rewards. Also, after moving on to chapter one clearing all the stages of the previous one will ensure fixed Mainline rewards to them.

2. Challenge Modes 

Apart from the Main Mode, Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense offers some challenge modes to the players. These include:

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  • Rune Wars
  • Gate of Fate
  • Glory Promotion
  • Soul Possession

These challenge modes are designed for the players to enhance and master their battle strategies. Completing these challenges ensures the players earn Core’s nurturing materials, Runes, Crystals, and other valuable in-game resources quickly, which might not be obtained from the main mode easily. These Challenge Modes can be accessed from the Explore option in the bottom part of the screen.


This section enables the players the view the heroes of all classes and divisions along with their skills and powers. The players can have an excellent idea as to which hero is to be deployed in a battle against the monsters based on their stats.

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The players can even upgrade their heroes by clicking on Build and leveling them up using the required amount of Gold Coins and Hero EXPs. They can improve Life, promote special powers, and assign Rune and Crystals to their heroes to enhance their fighting stance and abilities during a fight.


The Wish Section is used by the players for summoning and calling out the heroes using the Wishing Stone. During a shortage of Wishing Stones, the heroes can be wished upon in exchange for some Diamonds.

Vana Quest Wish Section
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The players will witness two options which include Wish Once and Wish Ten. As the name suggests, these options will permit the players to wish for one and ten heroes respectively. Legendary heroes appear every 50 wishes and 10 consecutive wishes will summon the epic heroes who are reliable assets against Boss monsters.


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The Cores are a powerful asset that provides SPE attribute bonuses for each specific class and shields them from attacks from time to time. For now, the players will witness two Cores present in the game. These are the Colossoi of Io and McAray Portal. Out of these two the second core remains inactive currently. The players can upgrade the Core using Core Energy to maintain a solid position against the enemies.


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The Bag is a section where all the important resources and rewards such as Props, Divinity, Fragment, Runes, and Crystals are collected and stored throughout the game. The players can keep a check on the availability and usage of each resource stored in the Bag. Some specific resources can be used in exchange for other basic items in Vana’s Quest and some resources such as Crystals can be used to infuse magic in them.


The Guild is the clan section where the players can either create or join a clan. A clan comprises multiple players battling against one common enemy and thus they all come under one roof to support and play with each other.

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The Guild section is nothing but the Adventures Association of Vana’s Quest comprising various features helpful for tackling the Boss Invasion. Thus, players need to join one of the best guilds consisting of the best players so that they can defeat Boss-level monsters at a faster rate.


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The game provides the players with two types of Tasks namely: Daily and Weekly. The Daily Tasks are renewed daily whereas the Weekly Tasks are renewed within a week. The players need to finish some specific set of missions to earn valuable rewards. They can receive Gold Coins, Adaptive Magic Crystal, Diamonds, and other such items via these tasks to make use of in various important in-game functions.

Polly Store

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Polly’s Store also known as Poli Chamber of Commerce is a section comprising two options that include Direct Sales and a Guild Store. The players can obtain or purchase various resources such as Gold Bag, EXP Bag, Magic Bag, and other commodities in exchange for a certain quantity of Diamonds via Direct Sales. They can obtain Wishing Stones and other basic resources in exchange for certain Guide Medals via the Guild Store.

Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Level Up Heroes and the Core

The players are advised to upgrade their heroes and the core regularly. Developing their skills and powers is important to defeat the enemies effortlessly. Along with improving the basic skills of the heroes, the players can even improve their Lives using the particular hero’s Debris and promote their special abilities with the usage of Gold and Hero EXP. This will prove fruitful in a fight against monsters. 

2. Complete the Daily and Weekly Tasks

Vana’s Quest provides the players with two types of Tasks within the game namely: Daily and Weekly. As the name suggests, the Daily Tasks are renewed daily whereas the Weekly Tasks are renewed in a week. Completing these small but significant tasks will provide the players with Gold, Diamonds, and Hero EXPs that can be further used in purchasing other items and upgrading the heroes.

3. Keep checking your Bag Regularly

The Bag is a section where all the important resources and rewards are collected and stored throughout the game. These can include Props, Fragments, Crystals, and many other items that are used in various in-game activities. Therefore, the players are recommended to check their Bags quite often for the availability of items so that they can make use of the resources effectively.

4. Participate in Daily Activities

Activity is a section where the players will witness the daily login benefits along with the current events going on in the game. Each event continues for a week. Completing these activities will provide the players with Diamonds which can be used in exchange for other important resources. In this way, the players can build and strengthen their profile for progressing ahead in the game.

5. Explore the Challenge Game Modes

Apart from the main storyline mode, the players can enjoy the other miscellaneous game modes to win valuable resources. These include Rune Wars, Gate of Fate, Glory Promotion, and Soul Possession. Battling against the monsters in these game modes can produce a lot of Core’s nurturing materials, gold coins, Runes, and other significant items that help safeguard the world from the Monster War.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense is a progressive RPG game that is building its name in the gaming world. The game instills specific regions recognized for their mastery capabilities, and unique companions to adventure collectively where each one has precise abilities to engage in battles. Hence, follow up on this detailed Vana’s Quest Beginners Guide and Tips to defeat the harmful beings from the other world and triumph over the exceptional Monster War, led by powerful heroes.

That’s all from us for the Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense Beginners Guide! Did you find our Vana’s Quest: Tower Defense Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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