Viking Rise Character Tier List for December 2022

Be sure to choose the best from the rest

Viking Rise a game developed by IGG.COM offers a strategy base building gameplay where players take the role of the Chief of a Viking Camp. The goal is to keep your camp fed and in good shape. This requires not only defending your turf but also invading the foreign lands which belong to your enemies. Now comes the biggest question which characters you should keep as the commanders in your arsenal? The game offers great character selection choices which include real-life Viking Legends. This Viking Rise Character Tier List is here to make the selection easier for you.

The game as mentioned earlier offers different characters for selection, to make the selection process even harder for players, every character is a specialist in some actions, for example, Ivor the chief is a Wolf Whisperer which means he is good at stealth and guerilla tactics while leading the group. In a similar way, Bjorn is an all-out warrior a brawler who knows only one thing and that is to fight.

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In a similar way, every different character offers some different perks. In this Viking Rise, Character Tier List guide we have ranked all possible characters according to their effectiveness in battle because dying in battles is the only ticket to Valhalla.

Viking Rise Character Tier List for December 2022

The game Viking Rise offers 28 characters as of now, Now the question arises which character to choose from while Ragnar the Red, Bjorn, and Cecia might be the fan favorites it is not necessarily true that they might be the better ones as well.

While Bjorn would be a dragon slayer, he doesn’t add as much value to the offense of the army as Bjorn does and while Bjorn adds great value to the army he is not as agile as Cecia. Hence it is a tough decision to choose the best character in the game. In this Viking Rise Character Tier List we will list the characters into three tiers, Legendary (S), Epic (A), and Common (B).

Legendary (S)Bjorn,
Epic (A)Cecia,
Common (B)Eugene,

Best Meta Characters for Viking Rise in December 2022

As stated before the game offers a variety of players and each player offers something different. However, if there is one thing that will stay common in the game irrespective of your playing style would be the wars you will rage in the game. Hence based on effectiveness during the war we have listed the best characters from each tier below-

S-Tier Characters

It is a tough decision to choose between Ragnar and Bjorn but as stated before the list will be based on effectiveness in war. Bjorn is an all-out warrior who is hungry for blood and is a brawler on the field he can attack the enemy relentlessly and is a menace on the battlefield.

Viking Rise Character Tier List , Viking Rise
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On the other hand, Ragnar is more of a legendary monster hunter who is known to have slayed countless dragons, he is also an absolute unit to deal with in the game, but lacks in speed which is essential on the battlefield due to this Bjorn would secure the spot for the best character in the game.

A-Tier Characters

Viking Rise Character Tier List , Viking Rise
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For this Tier, it will be between Cecia and Erik. Ivor is also included in this tier but he is the chief of the camp, hence he will not be counted as a candidate. Cecia and Erik both of them offer the same attacking options but when it comes to speed and agility then Cecia might just be the fastest character in the game. Hence due to obvious reasons, Cecia would secure the spot for being the best B-Tier character in the game.

B-Tier Characters

For this category, almost all characters offer the same perks and benefit the only factor which could make the difference is the secondary skills of Ulf which helps to increase the marching speed and gathering speed of your troops as he is of the guardian class. Just because of these reasons Ulf would take this spot as the best character in Tier B.

Viking Rise Character Tier List , Viking Rise
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Final Thoughts

As you might’ve seen for yourself there are a lot of characters available for selection as the commanders in the game with each offering a different primary skill. This list was created based on effectiveness during the war and to be fair most of the time you will find yourself in one as it is very common in a life of a Viking. We hope that this Viking Rise character Tier List was able to help you figure out what the best characters are for the game.

Did you find this Viking Rise Character Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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