Viking Rise Guide: Tips to increase your Might faster

It's all about the survival of the strongest!

Viking Rise is a base-building action game based on Norse mythology developed by IGG.COM. The game offers a true Viking experience from the very start players are made to take the helm as the Chief of the camp. Everything that goes around and happens in the camp goes through you as the Chief. There are many Viking real-time war heroes who can also be summoned to assist you in making the Viking camp into a whole civilization. Might is the token of measurement for your progress inside the camp, here in this Viking Rise guide for might, we will list the tips to increase the might faster.

The game is a base-building game hence you can add new buildings to your camp making it more advanced and stronger. When it comes to building new structures you get three options you can either build decorations, military structures, or structures that will boost the economy.

Viking Rise Beginners Guide, Viking Rise
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Keep in mind that you get Might for building Military and economic structures. Might is the way of measurement for your camp’s progress. Higher might reflects better-trained soldiers, better infrastructure, and better camp overall.

Understanding the importance of Might

Might as stated before gives the numerical reflection of your camp’s overall strength. Higher camps’ might reflect a better-trained army, better structures, and better income generation within the camp. Now there are many different ways through which one can increase the might of a camp. The primary way however would be through development.

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You can build new structures both military and economic structures count over here, of course building new barracks and structures related to the army would provide slightly better might but there should be a balance between the structures. Because you will have a bigger army sustaining that force would be a problem if you will not have enough income generation to build new barracks or forge new weaponry. You can also increase the might by raising new troops, summoning new heroes, and researching new military strategies.

List of all the available categories of Might in Viking Rise

Your total Camp Might is divided into four main components which form the total Might, namely Building Might, Research Might, Troop Might, and Hero Might. The definitions for each are straightforward as well.

  • Building Might is directly proportional to new military and economical structures you will construct within the playable area of your camp. Your city walls and your chief halls contribute the most to your building might hence make sure that they are always in perfect shape.
  • Research Might is the power of your research in terms of warfare, you can spend coins on research for new warfare techniques and military formations, which adds up to the research might.
  • Troop Might is where you can summon new heroes or expand your military size which will also add up to the Troop Might.
  • Hero Might is the power of your character this can be done by equipping new skills or upgrading your arsenal, every experience point you gain will keep on adding to the Hero Might total.

How to increase your Might faster in Viking Rise

In order to increase the might faster than other players, you will need more resources than the other players to spend on new buildings, summon new players and train your troops better with better commanders. The most obvious way to do it is by grinding for rewards and completing the quests, but you can always take a shortcut and go through our redeem codes article for the game to get your hands on some exclusive in-game rewards.

Viking Rise Beginners Guide, Viking Rise
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  • Building Might be increased faster by focusing more on building the military infrastructure in your camp, however, a balance should always be there, if you will only make the building structures you will definitely end up not focusing on the economical side of your camp hence won’t have enough money to sustain that amount of soldiers, hence a ratio of 60:40 should be followed, 60 percent buildings should be military based the rest, economical.
  • Research Might is pretty straightforward, the more you will spend the more Might you will accumulate. This would result in a better-trained and well-equipped army of Vikings at your disposal
  • Troops Might will increase if you will focus more on collecting summoning stones to get better Viking commanders. Adding Viking commanders add more value to your Might than training individual army units. Hence focus more on summoning new Viking commanders.
  • Hero Might can be increased by upgrading your skills or getting new skill cards by completing various quests in the chapter missions every upgrade or experience you get more Might points.
Viking Rise Character Tier List , Viking Rise
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Might is an important part of Viking Rise, it can help you attack more powerful settlements across the map and increase your influence. It can also scare off the prying eyes scouting your camp and plotting the attack. We hope that with this Viking Rise Might Guide, you will be able to increase the Might of your camp faster.

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