Vive Le Football: The Complete Street Mode Guide and Tips

Rule the Streets with your Skills!

Netease’s brand new project, Vive Le Football is set to release very soon and is now currently in the Forward Test phase. The popular mobile developers are making an impressive push towards becoming a strong competitor in the football game genre. Vive Le Football has shown a lot of potentials and has been given plaudits for the quality of gameplay and the variety of game modes like Street Mode.

One of these modes has particularly excited fans of the sport, that mode being the Street Mode. Players engage in fast-paced 2v2 or 3v3 matches in small street-themed arenas where the focus is on skill and accuracy. Each player takes control of one footballer and must co-operate with the team to score the victory.

Access to this type of football on mobile devices is heavily limited, and Netease has put a lot of effort into this mode, in order to make it worth the while. Since it is such a new concept, it may be a little awkward to understand what the best ways to play are. This article will cover a range of various tips and tricks to boost your street football.

Setting up your team for the Street Mode in Vive Le Football

Picking the correct player

Before going into a match, users are tasked with each choosing one player to use in the game. As all players unlocked in Vive Le Football are universal across all modes, this player can be anyone already owned in the club. Whilst it is tempting to roll with the brand new Lionel Messi you just unlocked, it’s better to pick strategically for the greater chances of winning.

VLF - Street Mode Pick Player Vive Le Football Street Mode
Image via NetEase Games

Whilst the formation does not make a huge difference, since all users control their own individual players, the type of player is what is important. There are generally three types of players in Street Mode: Attacking, Support, and Defending. Whilst this isn’t an official concept in the game, it’s useful to know what each type is in order to help pick the best players for the mode.

Attacking Players

The Attackers are usually the more common picks since these players are usually the most reputed in World football. The term attacking does not limit the position to just forwards either. Some midfielders will also have good attacking stats, such as Kevin De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes for example. These are the players which will look to shoot the most, creating and scoring goals for the team. There should be at least one attacker in every Street Mode team, acting as the most reliable one to take the shots.

Support Players

These players range from the technical midfielders (such as Toni Kroos or Nicolo Barella for example) to attacking defenders like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Achraf Hakimi as examples. Their aim is to try and control possession and create opportunities for other players. They are the next best option after the forwards and usually are enough to complete the team.

Defending Players

These guys prioritise winning the ball back over anything else and range from center-backs to defensive midfielders. The aim is to make tackles, block shots and just continuously recycle possession for the team. This isn’t the most enjoyable position to play in but can help balance out a time with several attackers.

Each user gets the opportunity to pick their man in a random order, and whilst one is picking, the rest of the team waits. When lower down in the pick order, it is better to pick the player which balances out the team rather than just anyone.

Vive Le Football Street Mode Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Avoid chasing the ball

Solely running after the ball is never a good strategy, either in defense or offense. When in attack, it is better to find spaces to support the teammate with the ball, giving them options. When defending, constantly pressing the ball in an attempt to win it back might work the odd time here and there, but is not a sustainable strategy. Instead, look to position the player in a strategic position, as this can often cause more problems for the opposition team.

2. Try to stick to one man

Marking one specific player from the other team is a very good strategy to carry out as a team. Not only does it help make the task simple to understand for a team, but it also makes defending much easier and smoother.

 Vive Le Football Street Mode
Image via NetEase Games

When possession is lost, each player picks one opposition player to mark (usually the one closest at the time) and follows them through where they go. This greatly improves the quality of team pressure and strongly limits the amount of options the other team has.

3. Cover for Teammates

When in possession, it is important for at least 1 member of the team to stay a little further back while attacking. This cover is crucial to combat counter-attacks which are very common in this game mode. In addition, one player sitting deep adds another safe passing option to control the ball if needed.

4. Practice Skill Moves

Street Football is all about skills. Knowing how to use them is crucial to unlocking the mode’s full potential. It can be useful going into some casual matches to practice these moves and the best situations for each move. However, it’s worth noting that going all out with skill dribbling does not always work. Spamming the skill move joystick can get out of control, and the player will often end up losing the ball. Use skills strategically for the best results.

5. Get into Spaces for teammates

When a teammate has the ball, they need options, be it an option to pass to, or space to run into. It is a duty for his partners to try and build those options for him.

Vive Le Football Street Mode
Image via NetEase Games

Making runs forward or moving closer towards the player in position are both intuitive ways to help progress the ball forward. Especially in a small arena like the ones in Vive Le Football’s Street Mode, finding space can be difficult, but is a very useful skill to have.

6. Vary the Pass Types

There are a variety of different types of passes in VLF’s Street Mode. In addition to the basic ground passes, there are also through balls, lobbed passes, and lobbed through balls as well. Using different types each time can switch up the gameplay, and make your player much more unpredictable to the opposition. Lobbed passes are quite handy when passing through a crowd of players and through balls are great at setting up teammates for chances.

7. Use the map borders for Rebounds

Kicking the ball at the map walls can actually cause it to rebound back. This is very useful to know and can enable some very intricate passes to teammates. Simply aim the cursor at the edges of the map and hit a high-power pass, with the direction of the rebound in mind. Conversely, as the defender, keep an eye out for something like this, as it is not the kind of pass you would expect, and it can really catch you off guard.

8. Don’t hesitate to take Long Range shots

VLF - Street Mode Gameplay
Image via NetEase Games

A player with good shooting ability has the potential to put the ball in the goal from anywhere. Getting up close in the box isn’t necessary so don’t hesitate to pull a shot off from long range. Just make sure to aim accurately, and that there is a little obstruction in the way.

9. Make use of the Quick Chat feature

The developers have provided a simple in-game chat feature that can be useful to use. Even though it isn’t the most intuitive way, it can sort of bridge a communication gap between teammates. Use it to encourage teammates, praise good moves, or suggest new strategies.

10. Focus on Teamwork

Team football is always satisfying to see and this is especially clear in Vive Le Football Street Mode. Quick passing football can genuinely cut through defenses like a hit of the knife through butter. The faster the tempo, the more difficult it is for the opposition to track where the ball is going, and this is what prompts the mistakes. Obviously, this type of play is optimal when playing alongside teammates you know.

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