War Thunder Mobile Guide: Tips to level up quickly in the game  

Know the best ways to Level Up faster!

War Thunder Mobile is an interesting online multiplayer action game where the players fight in a 5v5 format match. Players can choose either a tank or a shop as their armed forces. After this, they can straight away jump into the battle itself. As beginners, everyone wants to level up faster and become one of the best players at an early stage. Therefore, let us dive into a detailed piece where we will let you know as a beginner, how you can level up faster in War Thunder Mobile.

How to level up faster in War Thunder Mobile 

1. Try to Win More Matches 

As a beginner, players need to try to win more and more matches from the beginning itself. As this will help them gather a lot of EXPs that will help out players level up their profiles and thus this will only help them to level up faster and easily.

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At an early stage, this will help them out for a certain time period, and thus players can actually unlock lots of strong armed forces and then unlock them to become stronger than before. 

2. Upgrading Armed Forces 

Players need to upgrade their armed forces such as Tanks and Ships. To win the matches, upgrading the armed forces is one of the most important factors in the game. And thus winning more matches will directly lead the players to gather more EXPs and then level up faster in the game. 

3. Save Eagles and Lions 

Players need to collect more Eagles and Lions and save them as much as possible. This will help the players to unlock all those powerful armed forces.

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Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

As players gather more EXPs and level up faster, players will eventually witness that stronger armed forces will get unlocked. Thus, players can buy them with the help of Lions and Eagles and win matches by becoming a beast among all in the battleground. 

Final Thoughts 

Leveling up faster at the beginning is quite an easy task at the early stages and thus it will be very beneficial for the players if they follow these detailed War Thunder Mobile tips to level up easily piece and get to know the best way to climb the ladder faster.

Did you find this War Thunder Mobile: Tips to Level Up Easily useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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