Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: Beginner’s Guide to Climbing

Summon the Heroes and take over the Silver Tower!

One of the latest Strategy games to mobile came out recently in the form of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. The game makes you battle your way through hundreds of stages with unique tactical challenges, using your favorite Champions from Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar. The game basics are not difficult to understand, but you need to get a knack of basic ideas to help you have a good experience overall. In this guide, we will help you with Beginners’ tips for Climbing in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.

Some quality of life tips missing from the game tutorials

If you are a Warhammer fan, you might as well have checked the recent release from the series. The Warhammer Silver Tower sets itself at Age of Sigmar. The heroes fight at the ever-changing Silver Tower of Tzeentch.

As all Turn-Based Strategy games, we will enlighten your path with some tips on how to make the most of each turn. Therefore you must pay attention to get to the top!

How Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower works

The game has Stages divided into Chapters. For understandability, we will consider Chapter everything that packs Stages, be it the Campaign or Daily Missions. For each Stage, you can summon up to 3 Heroes, which can attack at melee or within a range. Each hero usually has 2 action points, that you can use to move them, order an attack, or cast their special ability.
Ranged heroes will use spare action points to attack enemies that move within their range, stopping the action and forcing the enemy to spend another point. Scrolls drop at each successful stage completion. Used to upgrade your player level, which grants you XP, gold, or Summoning Stones based on which level you reached.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower guide to climbing

You use Summoning Stones to summon normal or epic heroes. Bear in mind that those heroes are from the Same Roster. So you will not be granted a special hero for using the epic summon, just a hero that can be upgraded for higher levels and equipped with more boons. (In other words, don’t bother using summoning stones to make epic summons until you are very far ahead on the game)

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower guide to climbing

After the end of each Stage, you also get a Chest, and the last Stage has a special Chest. Chests can be normal, rare, or epic, each one increasing the amount of gold, XP, and quality of weapons dropped. You can choose to win another chest by watching a quick ad. Depending on the Chest rarity, there is a chance to drop Boons: Special Stats that equip the Hero independent of the weapon. It can grand critical damage, critical chance, bonus damage, defense, or a lot of other stuff.

Tips for grinding in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

For a better grind, make sure to:

  • Check the Store daily to reclaim gold, Summoner Stones and check the weapons available
  • Do the daily quests
  • Claim Special Chests twice by watching the ads
  • Only summon Epic Heroes once you have a ton of XP and Boons
  • Get the most scrolls for each Stage
  • Do only what the game asks you to do in order to progress (you do not win a bonus for walking around)

Now, gather your weapons and heroes and take over the Silver Tower!

Did you find our Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: Beginner’s Guide to Climbing helpful? What is your opinion on them? Do let us know in the comments!

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