Westland Survival: Cowboy Beginners Guide and Tips

Jump into an ultimate journey of a cowboy!

Westland Survival is an interesting storyline-based RPG game that focuses on the life of a Cowboy and thus the players get a chance to experience that through this wonderful piece. The game has interesting features and a great storyline to follow up which makes the gameplay experience quite mesmerizing. The game beautifully explains the life of a Cowboy and shows the journey with all the ups and downs a cowboy faces while going through this journey. Thus, let us now dig into a detailed Westland Survival beginners guide, and stay tuned to get your hands filled with some great advice for the amateurs.

Gameplay Overview

Westland Survival is an RPG game that revolves around the journey of a character that goes ahead towards becoming one of the renowned Cowboy of that era. The gameplay UI and the mechanics are very easy to understand and amateurs can be used to it quite faster.

As the game starts, players get to customize the character by selecting a specific gender, hairstyle, body color, and other physical traits as per the desires of the player. After this, players just then jump into the storyline and start learning about all the basics of survival such as crafting, hunting, combat, shelter, and food. The game follows up a single game mode, that is the storyline and players come across several missions and quests that the players have to complete, or else they won’t be able to progress further in the game.

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The game follows up with a very easy setup of buttons where the players get to witness a joystick on the left side of the game screen which helps the character in locomotion. The right side of the game screen follows up with three buttons, one button shows an equipped weapon such as an axe or a pistol. Another button shows up the weapon which the character has in its hand.

The last button changes its role as per the situation, if the player wants to cut a tree then the button works accordingly. On the other hand, if a player wants to pick up something from the ground such as fruits, animal skin, or pine log, then it changes its function and works accordingly. The game also comes up with a very big map and thus traveling from one place to another is actually a difficult task for the players themselves.

Introducing the Basics of Westland Survival


The map is one of the most important aspects of the game. Players can go and analyze the map by just moving out of a location they are present at that very moment. This will lead them to get access to the map which is termed as Global Map in Westland Survival.

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The most important part that the players have to look out for is that players can select a location and they can thus move towards that particular location but with a small twist. Here, players get two options for locomotion; Run and Walk.

If players select the option Run, then they have to use Energy, which is a resource in the game made particularly for this purpose only. But players get only 100 Energies and it renews after a certain time period. So, players can thus use this energy and Run toward their selected location so that they can complete the missions faster.

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On the other hand, the Walk option allows the player to reach out to their desired location and takes a lot of time. This eventually is very timing taking for the players as well. Thus, this is the way through which players can easily access the map and use it in the game.

Workbenches List

Workbench List shows up both locked and unlocked workbenches where the cowboy can go and produce some of the required resources such as pine board, cloth, guns, straw floor, wooden walls, and many more items in Westland Survival.

Westland Survival workbench list
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Every workbench serves different purposes, if players have built a Carpenter table they can thus use it only for crafting items such as pine board, bow, oak board, and reinforced bow. Players can even upgrade their workbenches by following these easy steps:

  • Go to the Workbenches List section and select a workbench as per the player’s desire.
  • Then, after selecting it, players will thus witness an upgrade button at the top of the game screen. Tap on that upgrade button.
  • After tapping on it, players will get to check out all the resources which are eventually required to upgrade that particular workbench. If the players have all those resources with them, simply tap the upgrade option.

Thus, by following these easy steps players can easily upgrade their workbenches quickly in Westland Survival.


Crafting is one of the most important features players will witness in Westland Survival. As it is a survival-based game, this game focuses a lot on crafting various items which are thus essential for the players itself to progress further in the game.

Westland Survival Crafting Guide
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Thus, for that sole purpose, the game comes up with numerous workbenches that can be thus made by the players and then they can help themselves produce lots of items starting from bandages to guns. Players can easily craft the items by collecting the required resources which is actually a very difficult task itself. Players need to travel to various locations present on the map and then search all over those locations to find out their resources.

After collecting all the resources, they need to then return to a place called Ranch which is considered the home base for the players in the game. Here, in the Ranch players can check out for the required workbench, go there, and then they can easily start crafting the required items.


Westland Survival blueprints game
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The Blueprints section shows up all the important and common resources of the game and allows the players to directly craft them from there itself. Players have to just gather up all the required resources and then go to the Blueprints section to craft out all those common and important resources which they need urgently. Players can even craft common essentials such as axes and self-made bandages from this section as well.


Westland Survival Inventory stuff
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Inventory is the area that helps out players to know all about the items and resources their character has at that very moment. Players can also check out for the health level, water, and food levels of the character so that they can easily feed it with proper food and water. Players can also equip weapons from the inventory section by just sliding them into the weapon box from the bag area.


Westland Survival is nothing if the players do not follow up on the missions. The Missions section shows up all the assigned tasks and the Quests that the players need to follow and complete.

Westland Survival game missions
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All the quests are related to the storyline itself and thus completing them not only helps the players to get great rewards but also helps them in progressing further in the game. Players get to see three types of quests in this section:

  • Story
  • Daily Quests
  • Ranch Guide

Westland Survival Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Complete the Quests as soon as possible

Quests are an integral part of this game and thus as a beginner, players need to go through all the assigned quests from the beginning itself. This will eventually help out the players to earn many resources and Experience points that will help them level up faster. Also, players will progress much faster only by completing these quests. 

2. Always be on the Hunt for Resources

Players need to roam a lot to find out and collect all resources. Players have to kill animals, search out trees, farm some of the important crops, and chop trees to get their hands full of essential resources. This might be a little time taking for beginners but eventually, it will be much easier.

3. Do not equip Unnecessary items in your Inventory

Players must clear out all the unnecessary items from the inventory as it might hamper the space while players are in search of some important resources. Thus, while the players are out for a hunt, clean out the inventory and then go hunting so that players carry enough space with them and thus collect resources without any trouble. 

4. Store extra resources in the Wooden Chest

Players will find a wooden chest in the Ranch inside the main house. Thus, if they feel that they have a resource that is valuable but not required at the very moment, then players can easily keep them in the wooden chest for future use and thus carry an empty inventory for the time being to collect the required resources. 

5. Utilise the Energies wisely

Players need to use the Energies wisely while they are moving from one location to another. This will eventually help the players to move to various locations over the map by using all those energies and playing properly. Energies get restored after a certain time period and then again players can use those energies for locomotion. 

Final Thoughts

Westland Survival is a really amazing RPG game that follows up a really interesting story where the game portrays a life journey of a Cowboy which makes the gameplay experience outstanding. Hence, go through this detailed Westland Survival beginners guide along with all the best set of tips for the amateurs to flourish further in the game. 

That’s all from us for the Westland Survival Beginners Guide! Did you find our Westland Survival Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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