Westland Survival: Cowboy Guide: Tips to obtain Resources easily in the game

Get the proper guidance about all the in-game resources!

Westland Survival is an amazing RPG game that provides the true essence of all the harsh difficulties faced by a cowboy while he’s walking on the path of becoming the best one. Resources are considered as one of the key features in Westland Survival and thus, players need to be familiar with all the important resources, whether common or rare. And also must know about some of the definite places where they can find them as well. Thus, let us get into the details of the resources through this Westland Survival resource guide. 

Resources in Westland Survival 

Westland Survival comes along with so many important resources that can be found all over the map. These resources in Westland Survival usually help the players in crafting different sets of objects and items that will help the players to survive properly in the game.

Westland Survival Crafting Guide
Image via Helio Games

Most of the resources are just common raw materials that we can also see and use in our day-to-day lives as well and we know about their workings too. Thus, let us check out the list of all those commonly found raw materials which act as the most important resources in Westland Survival.

  • Pine log 
  • Stone
  • Nettle
  • Cloth
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Copper 
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Fruits
  • Water 

These above-mentioned resources are considered the most commonly found ones and they are only used in most places for crafting all the essential itineraries such as axe, cloth, straw floors, and many more. EXPs play a very vital role in this game. Collecting more and more EXPs helps players to level faster in the game and thus players can eventually unlock all the other necessary places and story missions by leveling faster. 

How to earn Resources easily in Westland Survival 

1. Explore the Map

The Global Map presented over Westland Survival has some of the best places where players can easily find out all the necessary and required raw materials and resources easily. The locations which are considered the best places for searching all those resources are:

  • Pine Forest
  • Foggy Lake 
  • Dense Forest
  • River Crossing 
  • Forest Lake
  • Stone Plateau
  • Copper Mine 
  • Tin Mine
Image via Helio Games

Be careful of the wild animals and other bandits present in these locations as sometimes they might be very strong compared to the player’s characters and thus can easily take them down. Have proper gear, axes, and guns, and then run down the bushes to collect all your resources. 

2. Complete the assigned Story Missions 

Westland Survival game missions
Image via Helio Games

By completing all the story missions, players can easily collect some of the best resources in the form of rewards only. These will eventually help them to craft some of the desired items and also players do not have to waste their time searching for all those resources at that very moment as well. 

3. Login regularly for the Daily Login rewards

As for now, most of the players are beginners, thus players need to log in daily and collect all the login rewards that are being provided by the game itself. This will help the players to collect all those required resources and thus enjoy the process of crafting without having the thought of moving to a location and finding that resource. 

Final Thoughts

Westland Survival is an outstanding RPG storyline-based game that has so many interesting things to do and enjoy throughout the journey in the game. Thus, go through this detailed Westland Survival resource guide for all beginners so that they can get the best possible knowledge about the important resources and then collect all of them to produce the best set of items they can witness over the game. 

That’s all from us for the Westland Survival Resource Guide! Did you find our Westland Survival Resource Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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