Westland Survival: Cowboy Guide: Tips to unlock all Pets quickly in the game

Unlock Pets like never before!

Pets are one of the most important aspects of Westland Survival and thus every player wants a loyal pet beside their cowboy so that it helps them out while the character is in the middle of combat or hunting. The game thus brings up several ways through which players can unlock more and more pets for themselves and thus help out their character to have a support system during their voyage. 

How to unlock Pets quickly in Westland Survival 

1. Naturalist’s Camp 

Westland Survival Camp Pets
Image via Helio Games

Naturalist’s Camp is a great location found over the Global Map. Up in this location, players can thus complete a few assigned missions and thus after that, they can have a good and loyal pet that will thus help them in their adventure. Players unlock this place after Level 50+ and thus they can get numerous options for pets such as dogs, horses, and many more. 

2. Provide Baits to the Wild Animals 

Players can give some bait to wild animals like wolves and wild cats and thus can manipulate them and make their pets. The pet baits can be crafted in a bait workbench and thus carry in their inventory. Later when they spot a calm wild animal in a forest, players can thus use all the baits which they crafted and make those wild animals their pets. 

3. Taming the Wild animals

Westland Survival Unlock Pets
Image via Helio Games

Taming is also another great option to make pets in the game. Just like the process of providing bait and making new friends, players can even go through the process of taming wild animals such as wolf, cat, boar, and bear and then become great friends with them so that they help the character while it’s in danger. 

Final Thoughts 

Westland Survival is a marvelous survival-based RPG game and pets play a very vital role in the game. Pets provide one of the best sets of support to the characters and thus players need to know a lot about them. Hence, go through this detailed piece and know the best ways to unlock more pets in the game.

That’s all from us for the Westland Survival: Tips to Unlock Pets easily! Did you find our Westland Survival: Tips to Unlock Pets easily helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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