Whiteout Survival: Tips to earn Gems in the game

Create a pool of Gems with less efoorts!

Every strategy game has bunches of in-game resources that players can use and utilize for their betterment. But, in between all those resources, there always remains one super premium resource that serves one of the vital roles in the game. Just like that, Whiteout Survival has Gems to serve that purpose. There are many important aspects such as unlocking Heroes, buying other resources from Shops, Speeding up the construction time, and many more. 

Thus, to complete all these tasks, players must have enough Gems. And therefore, here we have our Whiteout Survival: Tips to Earn Gems piece! Our latest word will help all the amateurs to gather Gems and utilize them at the right spot.

How to get more Gems in Whiteout Survival

1. Follow the Social Media Handles

Whiteout Survival provides 500 Gems as a reward to all the players who follow them over Facebook or Discord. Following the social media handle is quite important as players can easily gather all the latest news or information.

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This will help them to be alert and grab all the new opportunities to enjoy the game further. Thus go to the Events section, and move to the Community page to easily get direct links and follow Whiteout Survival over different platforms. 

2. Get a Higher Cheif’s Approval Rating 

Chief is the main character that represents the player. Thus, players need to maintain high ratings for their representative so that players can earn Gems. The city is filled up with survivors and every survivor might be having some issues, these issues are directly solved by the Chief itself. Thus as a Chief, players need to solve all the problems correctly and improve their ratings. As the Chief’s approval Rating reached 90%, as a reward, the game gifts 100 Gems to the players. 

3. Store your Gems in the Bank 

This feature is quite commendable as not all the strategy-based games come up with this particular idea. The game offers a Bank section where the players can keep their Gems for a time being. And thus, for this players can increase the amount of Gems by keeping them deposited in the bank. Just like in the real world, the bank in the game will provide certain interest ranging from 0.7% to 5% over the period the Gems have been kept. Thus players can use the Bank and earn more Gems easily. 

4. Contribute more to the Allies

The Alliance section resembles the Clan feature in the game. Players can join or create their alliances and play along with their friends. Players need to also help their alliance members by contributing resources through the Alliance Research section.

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For this particular job, the Alliance section maintains a Leaderboard and thus top 3 contributors are rewarded with a certain amount of Gems. The reward starts from 500 Gems and goes up to 1500 Gems. thus, contribute more to your fellow alliance members and earn Gems without any hindrance.

5. Maintain your Rank over Arena

Arena is the section where players get to fight against all the other players present on the server. This helps the players to learn more about their team and come up with more interesting strategies in the game as well. The most interesting part over here is, that players can earn Gems by maintaining certain Ranks over the Arena Leaderboard. Players can earn Gems starting from 100 and it can rise to 1500 if they maintain their rank at the top of the table. Thus, upgrade your Heroes and fight more with other players to improve your rankings and thus earn more Gems. 

Final Thoughts

Gems serve so many important roles in the game and it is quite difficult for all the players to buy Gems when required. As a premium category resource, every amateur dreams of having a huge amount of Gems with them throughout their journey. And thus, for that purpose. Thus here is our detailed Whiteout Survival: Tips to Earn Gems piece for all beginners. So go through all the points mentioned above and earn Gems free of cost to hustle in this joyful journey.

Do you find our Whiteout Survival: Tips to Earn Gems useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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