Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide and Tips

Protect your kingdom from alien attack!

Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD is a strategy and tower defense game developed by Funovus. In the game, your world has been attacked by aliens and you take on the role of defending your kingdom from their armies. There are many challenges in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD and this Beginners Guide will help beginner players with a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with some tips and tricks.

In the game, you must set up a defense and prevent the enemies and their boss from destroying it by positioning heroes, units, or towers in front of the castle. You can access several facilities in the town, such as a gold mine to produce gold coins and an airship where you can raid colonies and obtain coins.

Gameplay Overview

As you begin playing, you have three heroes to defend your castle and you need to place more heroes, units, and towers in front of the castle. There are many towers in the game such as Tesla Tower, Repeater, Flame Cannon, and more.

These heroes and towers that you place will begin their work and deal damage to the enemies as soon as the battle begins. Every hero in Wild Castle: Tower Defense has special abilities; for example, Lancer is one of the heroes whose skill allows him to summon 5 Pikemen onto the battlefield that deal damage to the enemy.

Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide
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However, you can only place a set number of heroes and towers on the battlefield, therefore you must choose the best heroes and towers and use them on the battlefield to achieve the greatest outcome, victory. As you move through the enemy waves, you’ll unlock additional tools, facilities, and resources.

Introducing the basics of Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD

Here are some basics of Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD that you must know before you start playing the game:

Battle Mechanics

In the game, you need to place Heroes, Archers, and Towers and use their unique powers and abilities of them to engage in battles with enemy waves that attack your castle and protect the kingdom. You must upgrade and improve your heroes and towers so that they become stronger in facing the aliens and defeat them easily.


There is a lot to explore in the Wild Castle Kingdom, and as you keep playing and progressing you unlock many facilities. First, there is Town Hall, then there is Brewery to gain Bonus Experience, Archery Range to experience Archer Damage and more.

Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide
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With Town Hall, you can earn elixirs and upgrade for better defense as well as increase the population of your town. You’ve also got Airship that you can use to go and battle in other colonies.


Wild Castel has a variety of heroes and each hero has a specific skill set and a cost associated with using their abilities, known as Mana. With so many heroes to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which ones are the best for your playstyle.

Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide
Image via Funovus

Try different heroes and see how they perform against different enemies and find a good balance of heroes and their skills, you’ll be able to take on any challenge the game throws your way. Finding a good mix that works for you the different skills can be useful.


Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide
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Besides the heroes, you have the option to unlock and position towers on both sides of the battle. The spots for the towers become available as you level up and upgrade the castle. Additionally, there are different types of towers, each with its strengths. Most of the towers cause damage and prove to be beneficial in battles against enemy waves.


As you progress through the game and level up, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock and equip a variety of gears for buffs. Some of these gears are hidden and include items such as Health Potions, Mana Potions, and Steel Arrows. Upgrading these gears will enhance your performance during battles.


Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide
Image via Funovus

In the inventory section, you have all your Mine and Town Contracts that you use to upgrade your gold mine and town hall. You also have other items such as Elixirs, Shield, Bow, and Arrows that you can sell or disenchant and also craft some items.


You also have a talent tree in the game that helps you receive talent points that you can use to get boosts as you gain experience points (XP). It’s essential to spend these points wisely. However, it’s recommended to start with extra coins and XP to help you progress quickly at the beginning.


Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD redeem codes
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In the shop section, you can buy gold coins, gems, rare chests, and an auto-battle feature that lets you battle for hours without you needing to use the heroes and their skills. You can use these to upgrade and level up.

Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some important tips in Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Guide to help beginners kickstart their journey:

1. Constantly upgrade Castle and Archer

To enhance your defense, it’s crucial to continuously upgrade both the archers and the castle. Upgrading the archers will increase their ability to deal damage, while upgrading the castle will improve its defense, allowing it to withstand more attacks.

2. Place towers on the sides of the castle

On the left and right sides, you can place two towers that have unique skills, for example, Battle Tent boosts the gold drop rate, and Old Tree tower increases your EXP gain. The rest of the towers inflict damage on the alien armies. It is recommended that you use the Battle Tent and Old Tree to obtain more gold and EXP if you are farming. If you need more firepower, choose other towers such as Monolith, etc.

3. Raid Colonies and obtain Coins

In the town, you can take the airship and visit other colonies to battle and earn gold coins. The higher level of the colonies, the higher number of coins you earn each second. Raiding colonies is one of the best ways to earn coins and upgrade your castle and win battles to level up.

4. Upgrade and promote heroes

You will face more and more powerful alien monsters and you go through enemy waves. The best way to defeat these monsters and the bosses is to upgrade and promote your heroes. You can easily promote heroes using coins and upgrade them using gems.

Final Thoughts

Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD focuses on tower defense with heroes and towers and to level up, you have to defend your castle against enemies’ attacks. So build your defense, level up heroes and towers, and emerge victorious against every enemy wave.

That’s all from us for Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide! Did you find our Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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