Witch Arcana – Magic School Beginners Guide with Tips

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Witch Arcana – Magic School is another entry into the strategy genre. Developed by Eggtart, the game focuses on extending your vast empire by embarking on an unforgettable journey full of enchanting characters, choices, and stories. With plenty of features in the game with a lot of things happening around you, players do need to know how the game works. So to help you with it, we have come up with this Witch Arcana – Magic School Beginners Guide with Tips to help players starting this game understand the basics en route to their magical journey.

Understanding the Basics in Witch Arcana: Magic School

Just like any other strategy title, Witch Arcana – Magic School runs with the help of building a foundation and expanding along with the characters who are the crux of this story. There will be plenty of side quests to crack while also clearing levels as you climb up the player level. These will unlock many other levels and buildings that can be conquered with the help of training or developing your resources and characters.

Buildings in Witch Arcana

Here are a few basic buildings that you need to remember in the game. These are important while you begin the game, and this is before you ask the help from the characters to defeat and move further.

Tasks and Research in Witch Arcana
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  • Infirmary: The word tells you its benefit. Whenever your troops are injured, they rest here. They also provide boosts to the troop’s healing speed as they level up.
  • Library: Studying in the library gives a boost to the hero experience.
  • Public House: Useful building for keeping your chests safe. However, it is also home for safeguarding the statistics the player has with his existing clan. The player can see his clan stats using the public house.
  • Great Hall: The most important building, and keeps an Adventure Board which holds the quests that are in need to be fulfilled for both Campus and Club.
  • Summoning Tower: Summon your troops for battle, and increase team strength. When players start, it is the Catsith who is summoned but later players can unlock via the lecture hall.
  • Lecture Hall: Has the Research element within. This has to be practiced so that players can unlock more benefits in the Summoning Tower.
  • Residence Hall: The House for all the heroes. Unlocking all 9 with grant you more strength to take down the enemies.


Resources are needed to get the workflow going. There are three types of resources in the game.

  • Gold: Common resource. Used for building purchases, upgrading, etc.
  • Wood: A basic resource for the construction of new buildings or upgrading them once you defeat the Lupus and other enemies. They can be collected via the Mangrove.
  • Food: Resource for summoning the troops in the game. They can be collected from the Aetheric greenhouse.

Players should remember all these are capped at a certain maximum level. This can be expanded by upgrades. The Treasury is also present to protect your resources from raids and used to store bonuses. Again, they will have a particular maximum cap, which can be upgraded.

Mastering the in-game Heroes in Witch Arcana

For battles and expanding your territory, heroes play a major role. You will have different available “students” in the game to manage. The more you unlock, the better options you get. Among heroes, you have three rarities: Uncommon, Rare, and Epic.

Heroes in Witch Arcana Beginners Guide
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Available in the form of a Student Roster, each hero will be equipped with abilities and strength.

  • Abilities: Lists out the total abilities of the hero. They can be upgraded via shards.
  • Relics: Unique relics add to the tactics and increase. It’ll also boost player strength. When equipped with five relics, the player can upgrade their tier.
  • Study: A way of boosting the hero’s strength. Use Hero Tomes to upgrade the hero.

Great Hall manages most of the tasks

As you expand your base, the quests and tasks keep on piling up. However, all these upgrades will require the player to upgrade the Great Hall first. The strategy is to keep expanding your territory while the player will be able to complete his quests.

March in Witch Arcana Beginners guide
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Battles do not need much of a worry, as summoning troops will be adjusted accordingly and will notify the player if the troops are short. Gaining strength, however, will be important as you expand. You can select the hero of your choice before the battle.

For keeping a tab of your stats, the profile tab will be a great help. Players can check the troops available along with the clan stats and hero tiers.

The Other Realm

In the bottom right corner, we can find the “Other Realm”. Basically, on this map, you can find many other Void Cervus and other users residing. Here, one can engage with the common foe or attack the other players for loot. As you progress, you can attack only the ones which are your level or lower.

Your campus can be under attack too, so protection is also essential. You can buy shields to protect your base from attacks using campus resources, which can be purchased from the store.

Witch Arcana – Magic School Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Follow the Adventure board in the Great Hall carefully. These are of two types as mentioned above, and since you can do one task from each, plan and start these tasks. They carry a lot of resources so it’ll help you in upgrading faster.
  • Summoning your troops is very essential. To progress your game and build your territory quickly, use speed boosts and engage in attacks.
Campus Ledger in Witch Arcana
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  • Campus Ledger is a friendly option to keep track of your current status. Be it summoning progress or upgrade suggestions, it is a guide to keep note of. Hence, do not forget to have a look at it once in a while.
  • Club Help is a way to get recognized within the Club. Make sure you help them all!
  • Set an upgrade strategy. Know what’s best for your progress. This way, you can easily track hold of the progress and then it makes focusing on a particular thing easy.


Witch Arcana is an easy-to-play game, with most of the features explained in the game itself. There are numerous options within the game that can help you in your progress, but if you are stuck in between and don’t know what to follow next, this guide will always be available.

That’s all from us for the Witch Arcana: Magic School Beginners Guide! Did you find our Witch Arcana: Magic School Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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