World Football League Beginners Guide and Tips

Real football game for you to enjoy splendid dribble and thrilling shooting!

From the house of mobirix, World Football League is one of the best mobile soccer experiences to try on the Android/iOS platform if you are a Soccer fan; speaks volumes about its enthralling graphics and super-easy in-game controls. Users can make some insane soccer moves and turns with ease, to befool their opponents. It is indeed the road to Real Soccer Stardom. In this beginners guide, we are going to talk about the exciting game modes that World Football League has to offer and share some bonus tips and strategies from our side after playing the game for the past month.

Gameplay Overview

For newbies, World Football League features around 60 national teams, 60 elite clubs, and 2000+ players from around the globe. While most of these players currently feature in the International teams and clubs in the real world, some of them resemble the counterparts of Football legends who once used to be a part of the squad in 2010 and 2015.

However, the players have not been given names exact to their real-life counterparts, since the game is un-licensed. But that does not ruin the overall gaming experience. You can play with these players and compete across 4 Game Modes. We are going to discuss them in detail in the next segment.

Understanding the game modes

World Football League Offers 4 Modes of play. They can be accessed by clicking on Start Game in the In-Game Menu Screen. Let us know the game modes in detail and what they have to offer us.

The Exhibition Mode

As the name suggests, The Exhibition Game Mode is associated with Friendly Matchmaking. The goals scored in an exhibition game do not earn you any goal score. Neither do the matches earn you any score, nor do they get reflected on the match count in the Global Activity Section. If you are a beginner, we would suggest you start playing with The Exhibition Game Mode to get a hang of how to score. There are two parts to the Exhibition Mode

1. Regular Friendly Games

You get to play a full soccer game here with the premiere clubs/International Teams around the Globe. The International teams of Europe, Africa, America, and Asia are available for free play. You can play as one of the International Teams against another from the same region or from a different region. While the European Team Squads follow the recently concluded UEFA Euro 2020, the American Team Squads is a replica of the Copa America 2015 squads.

Regular Friendly Game World Football League Beginners Guide
Image via mobirix

 As far, as the league teams are concerned, only the English and Chinese League teams are available for free play. Rest has to be unlocked by making in-app purchases. The Game length is usually between 3 minutes-15 minutes. The Game would ask you to choose the Difficulty Level and Game length before the start of play. If you are a beginner, start with the Amateur mode difficulty initially and gradually increase the difficulty once you start grasping the controls.

2. Penalty shootout

Penalty Shootout
Image via mobirix

The rules here are pretty similar to the Real World. The team which beats the keeper the most number of times out of 5 wins the tie-breaker. In case of a tie, the outcome is decided by Sudden Death. Since it is an Exhibition Mode Game, it counts to nothing. You can however play it for practicing shooting. As always, the Game would ask you to choose your team and the opposition team, followed by the AI Difficulty Level.

The Cup mode

This is a competitive mode that allows you to take part in the International Football World Cup-The FIFA World Cup and the Champion Club Cup. While the Champion Club Cup has to be unlocked by spending in-app purchases, the International Cup is free-to-play. The International Cup asks you to choose your International Side from the European/Asian/African/American Region. Next up, you need to choose the fixture and Group Division you want to play with. You may choose to keep the Group Division and fixtures random or as per the 2018 FIFA World Cup Group Table and Fixtures.

The cup World Football League Beginners Guide
Image via mobirix

Once you load the International Cup, a new in-game menu section appears. To start your first game of the Cup you need to click on the Next Match Tab. A special Data Tab on this menu keeps a record of all eventful things going on in the tournament under 4 headings:

  • Calendar and Versus Table: It keeps track on the upcoming fixtures.
  • Rank Tab: It keeps track of the rank of each team in their respective group.
  • Record Tab: It keeps a track on individual performances in the tournament across 3 headings: Most Goals, Most Assists and Best Strikers.

You can adjust the match length and difficulty level anytime by accessing the Settings tab on this menu.

The League

image via mobirix
image via mobirix

Another competitive event that allows us to participate in League Games. As discussed earlier, only the European and Chinese Leagues are unlocked. The rest have to be unlocked by making in-app purchases. Just like the Cup Mode, The League Mode has a separate in-game menu to it that keeps track of the top contributors in the league you have participated in and also on the upcoming games and Points table of that league.

The Training Mode

This is probably the best place to master the controls of the Game. We recommend you visit this section first before heading to the game. The training arena has 3 different modes:

  1. The Basic Training Mode: It helps you get a hand on the basic/typical controls of this soccer game, namely passing and shooting.
  2. The Advanced Training Mode: It helps you learn some of the advanced controls which include dribbling, sprinting, crossing the ball and making Special Moves and turns.
  3. The Free Training Mode: Once you have learned all the controls you can try all of them out in the Free Training Mode.
training mode World Football League Beginners Guide
Image via mobirix

P.S: Fret not if you have to leave the game midway in a Cup or League Event. Your progress gets saved in the cloud.

The Gallery Tab can be found in the Start Game Menu. It keeps a track of all the goal highlights that you save. This is a cool feature indeed. You can always go back to this section anytime to see the goals that you have scored before and also show them to your friends. To save your replays, you need to touch the game screen when the replay plays after scoring a goal.

Global activity

Another tab that appears in the Start game menu. It keeps a count on your matches, goal score and matches score. You are awarded a goal score of 12(in Amateur Difficulty) after each goal that you score in the Competitive leagues. This section also keeps a tab on the Global Leaderboard. You can view the user records of the top performers globally and view their last saved goal replays.

World Football League Beginners Guide : Tips and Tricks

Winning games might seem easy in the early stages of League Events and Cups. However, as you progress to the knockout stages, you would find it difficult to win games. Here is a bonus section from our end to help you master the game with five useful tips and strategies:

1. Choosing the suitable Formation

To win games, in World Football League it is important that the Formation suits your playing style and most importantly your squad members. Two of the most effective formations in the World Football League are the 4-4-2 B and the 4-4-3 B.

Image via mobirix

In the 4-4-2 B formation, one of the four midfield players facilitates as an Attacking Mid supporting the two strikers upfront. The other three central midfielders can also contribute to the attack thereby facilitating 6 players on the Attack. Long passes can be a lethal attacking weapon in this formation. The 4-3-3 B formation on the other hand has 3 midfielders standing like a triangle. One striker and two wingers make this formation a perfect set-up for wing-play. The majority of the goals would be facilitated by the wings making it one of the most successful formations in the World Football League.

2. Substitute players during the game

Players run out of stamina during the course of the game. Sticking to the same XI won’t help in Knockout Stages. Hence eye on substituting the under-performing and tired players. Only tactical changes can win you games.

3. Press your opposition and take the initiative in stealing the ball

Not just attack, you have to be proactive defensively as well. Your opponent would look to score too. While he is on attack continuously press him with your defenders, denying him any chances of creating plays. If he passes on to another player, switch to your subsequent player who is closely marking that player by tapping on the Switch button. You cannot expect the opposition players to lose possession on their own in Higher Difficulty matches. You have to take the initiative in stealing the ball from your opponent’s feet.

4. Fool your opponent with Special Moves and Fake Shots

 In the World Football league, you can make your player do some crazy moves and turns pretty simply. The faster you master these controls, the more are your chances of winning games. Let us now discuss how and when to make these moves:

  • A Fake Shot: A fake shot is a dummy pass or a shot to fool your opposition into thinking that you would shot or pass to that particular player. To make a Fake shot, tap on the Shoot and Short Pass Button together. For a fake long pass, tap on the long pass and short pass buttons together. As simple as that.
  • Special Moves: A turn is a special move to fool your opposition into thinking that you are going to pass the ball but instead the foot of your player passes over the ball and pushes the ball in the opposite direction. This is a very handy move while dribbling past your opponent.

To do a normal turn or a special dribble in World Football League, tap on the Special button and simultaneously move the cursor of your joystick in the opposite direction and then again to the forward direction real quick. To do a:

  • Marseille Turn: Just double tap on the blank screen.
  • Step-Over: Gently slide your finger along with the blank screen in the direction your player is facing.
  • Sprint: While Dribbling past Defenders, double tap on the Direction button.

5. Improve your Set-Piece conversion ratio

World Football League is a pretty sensitive game. Every in-game touch that you make with an opposition player counts as a foul, howsoever minor it may be. Hence you need to refrain from fouling near the penalty area. Also, you need to cash on these set pieces for scoring whenever they are in your favor. Controlling flying crosses and creating those curves from the free-kick position is a bit difficult in this game.

To Control the Flying cross and to ensure correct placement while shooting a free-kick, you need to press the Direction button in the desired Direction along with the Shoot Button. For Corner kicks, we would suggest you go for short-corners and build on the attack with short-passes by clicking on the Short Pass Button since flying balls are a bit difficult to place in the desired direction in this game.

Image via mobirix World Football League Beginners Guide
Image via mobirix

Taking/Saving a Penalty Kick, however, is an easy task. Cursor/arrow-heads inside the goal post indicate the directions. You just need to tap on one to shoot/dive in that direction. Say you tap on the cursor arrow pointing upwards and to the left of the keeper, your player ends up shooting the ball in the top-left corner if he is taking the kick or dive in that direction to save the ball if he is defending the goal.

Final Thoughts

World Football League is a really good Soccer game to play. The in-game graphics are pretty good and the controls are super-easy to grasp. You can make some really sick dribbles and moves pretty easily in this game. The only problem with this game is, when you press the Shoot button, it takes too long to respond sometimes and hence you might miss easy chances.

Some of the players in the game do not feature in the Real World now, there is no harm in that but if they update their database with more modern-day players it would be great. If they add the feature to customize the players, that would be great too. Overall World Football League is a game, every Football Fan on this Globe must experience once. It is totally worth it. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this World Football League Beginners Guide for Tips!

That’s it from this World Football League Beginners Guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this world Football League beginners guide useful. 

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