World of Warships: Legends Co-op Guide: How to play with friends

Playing with friends is definitely more fun!

Prepare to command historically accurate warships in an immersive, action-packed naval warfare experience with World of Warships: Legends. As I played the game for a good time, I realized that it’s better to play with your friends and other people. In this World of Warships: Legends Co-op Guide I will delve into methods for inviting others to play, enjoying cooperative and competitive modes, and teaming up with friends.

Exciting updates are on the horizon as the mobile iteration of World of Warships: Legends begins its soft launch on Android and iOS platforms in select regions. Explore my beginner’s guide, diverse battle types, and a rundown of top-performing ships and commanders in World of Warships: Legends. Discover how to link your console and mobile accounts for uninterrupted gameplay. Additionally, uncover exclusive redeem codes for in-game perks and bonuses.

Playing with friends in World of Warships: Legends

The World of Warships experience is greatly enhanced by the ability to team up with friends and engage in battles against enemy forces. Participating in Divisions provides numerous tactical advantages that significantly impact gameplay.

World of Warships Legends Lobby
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To succeed in each challenge, players must showcase a high degree of coordination and cooperation, collaborating to confront enemy forces, achieve objectives, and secure victory. Forming alliances with friends allows for real-time strategizing, quick responses to challenges, and the sharing of gameplay insights when facing formidable adversaries.

Efficient communication, whether through direct player interaction or in-game messaging, fosters seamless coordination, ensuring that each player understands their role and actively contributes to the mission’s success.

Introducing the Contacts section in World of Warships: Legends

The user-friendly interfaces in World of Warships: Legends make it easy to find and add friends within the game. These intuitive features simplify the social aspect of gameplay, enabling you to effortlessly connect with your existing friends and meet new acquaintances encountered during random matches.


In the All tab, you can view a comprehensive list of all your contacts, including friends and recent players you’ve encountered in-game. This section provides a convenient overview of your social network within World of Warships: Legends, making it easy to stay connected with fellow players.


The Block tab allows you to manage players whom you prefer not to interact with or play alongside. By adding players to your list, you can avoid unwanted communications or gameplay experiences, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming environment for yourself.

Add Player

The Add Player feature enables you to quickly add new players to your contacts list. Whether you’ve met someone in-game and want to stay in touch or you’ve been recommended a player by a friend, this option simplifies the process of expanding your social circle within World of Warships: Legends. Simply enter the player’s username and send a friend request to initiate the connection.

How to add Friends in World of Warships: Legends

In the designated sections, there are convenient options for adding friends directly. If you have a specific friend you wish to add to World of Warships: Legends, using their username or game ID makes the process simple. This smooth method allows you to easily connect with your desired friends within the game.

  • Open Contacts by clicking on the icon located in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to the CONTACTS tab and click on “Add player” at the bottom.
  • Enter the nickname of the player you wish to add as a friend.
  • Browse through the search results, hover over the desired player’s nickname, and select “Add to Contacts.”
  • Wait for the player to accept your invitation to complete the process.

How to play with Friends in World of Warships: Legends

Teaming up with friends in World of Warships: Legends during Division elevates the gameplay, bringing a unique and enjoyable combat dynamic to the team. Playing alongside friends fosters teamwork, streamlines strategy coordination, encourages mutual support, and allows players to leverage each other’s strengths, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

World of Warships Legends add friend
Image via Wargaming

To invite friends to a Division:

  • To invite friends to join a Division, first, click on Divisions located to the left of the BATTLE! button in your Port.
  • From the menu that appears, select the players you wish to invite to the Division and click on (Invite to Division). If the player you’re looking for isn’t in your contact list, utilize the search function in the lower part of the Division menu.
  • Wait for the player to accept your invitation and set their status to Ready! before clicking on BATTLE! to begin the gameplay session.

Alternatively, you can create a Division during a battle by following these steps:

  • Hover to the tabs section, then hover over an ally’s nickname on the team roster.
  • Click on Invite to Division to send an invitation to that ally.
  • You can activate voice chat by checking the corresponding checkbox, allowing you to discuss tactics directly with your allies.

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