WuXia Online: Idle: The Complete Team Composition Guide and Tips 

Create an Ultimate team to conquer the World!

WuXia Online: Idle is an amazing action martial art-based card game in which players get to see a variety of characters who are there to serve a purpose. Every character they see in the game has unique and distinguishable abilities. The beginners often get confused while making the five men’s team for the playing the matches because of so many features and abilities characters have. So, to clarify all the doubts, here is our WuXia Online: Idle Team Composition Guide for the players to understand the mechanics of making the best possible team. 

How team roles work in WuXia Online: Idle 

Every team has to be a balanced and perfect one where every character provides the perfect backup and support to all the other ones. The most important part of the team is the synergy between the attacker, defender, and the supporting characters. If this purpose is fulfilled, then the entire team can defeat any villain they face. As the game does not have a proper set of classes, here we will mainly classify all the characters into three types only: 

  • Attacker 
  • Defender
  • Supporter
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Attackers are a set of characters who preferably fight at the frontline and go for an entry frag during a fight. As these characters have high HP and ATK points along with great DEF stats, that is why they stand at the frontline with pride. The Attackers are way powerful compared to all the other types of characters and thus players always try to keep at least 2 attackers in the team. 


Defenders are the characters who mainly provide good support to the attackers only. These characters also have great HP, ATK, and DEF stats that help them stand just behind the attackers. Sometimes the defenders are the best mid-range fighters, and sometimes they can also become combat beasts in the match. Mostly players keep only one defender in the team as they can control the mid-line and fight at their peaks. But, sometimes two characters also work if the players do not have a proper attacker. 


Supporters are those characters who are mostly present at the back end of the team and come up with great damage to their opponents from a far away distance. These characters have great HP and ATK stats but lack a bit in the DEF aspect. Due to this, supporter-type characters mostly play at the back only. Supporter-type characters are very good in long-range fights and thus the opponents sometimes face a lot of issues while reaching them. 

Best Examples of Team Composition in WuXia Online: Idle 

The game offers the players to create a 5 man team for fighting against the enemies. The main formation mostly remains in a 2-1-2 format. As the game follows this type of format we can come up with 3 best lineups for the players that will actually help them to win matches without any problem. 

1. A Balanced Lineup

A balanced lineup mostly comes up with a proper mixture of all types of characters. In this lineup, the best thing the players can do is; they can keep 2 Attackers, 1 Defender, and 2 Supporters in their team. This is because both the attackers can fight easily at the front along with the defender just behind them to provide good support. The 2 Supporters from the back will help out the entire team to fight back the enemies and they can also take down the long-range fighters from the enemy team so that their attacks don’t get interrupted. 

2. Attacking Lineup

An Attacking lineup follows the formation and thus will focus upon a fully focused attack toward the enemy team without any hindrance. As per the formations, players can have 3x Attackers and 2x Supporters in the team. This is work because of the fact that the attackers will just go all out on their opponents and will fight with all of their best moves. On the other hand, the supporters will provide the best possible support to the attacking unit so that the team can claim a victory. 

3. Defensive Lineup 

A Defensive Lineup will play the matches with one of the best defensive approaches and will let the enemies enter their territory to slash them out. As per the formation, players can have 2x Attackers along with 3x Supporters. In this way, the attackers can easily fight with the approaching enemies and the supporters will knock down all the other enemies with their full-fledged attack from the back end. This might take a bit of time to finish the match, but players can actually claim victories with this plan. 

WuXia Online: Idle Team Composition Guide: Tips and Tricks 

As a newcomer, players need to have some of the best pieces of advice to form the best possible team. So follow the tips:

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  • Check out all the character cards you summon and try to understand the abilities of all the characters. This will help the players to understand the mechanics of the characters and how they will perform in the team as well. 
  • Try out all the characters players summon at the beginning. This will help the players to understand the workings of the formations along with the Team Chemistry of all the characters with respect to other characters. Team Chemistry is very important as characters must have a great synergy between them, otherwise, it might be a great problem for other characters while fighting. 
  • In the beginning, do not go for a fixed team. If you see a character that is more powerful, upgrade it and use it in your team. This will help you to update your team and make it stronger as well. The new characters will also build great synergy with the existing powerful characters and the entire team will become unbeatable. 

Final Thoughts 

WuXia Online: Idle is an amazing action game and has so many different types of characters in it. This thing actually pulls the interest of the players toward the game and they stick to the game till the end. Thus follow our detailed WuXia Online: Idle Team Composition Guide and understand the mechanism of how to build a perfect team so that you can make one and become the ultimate boss of the server.

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