WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards Beginners Guide and Tips

Your guide to becoming the ultimate ring champion!

After NBA 2K, WWE 2K, and WWE 2K Battlegrounds, WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards is another action card-collecting venture by 2K, Inc. In an environment where WWE Champions and Superstars meet deck-building and card fights, the game offers users the chance to collect WrestleMania 39 cards of their favorite Superstars, like Roman Reigns, John Cena, The Rock, and many more. To win in real-time PVP matches, players must assemble the ideal tag team and utilize their card-strategy abilities. In this WWE SuperCard- Battle Cards game beginners guide, we are going to take you through the various game modes that are on offer. We will additionally be sharing some useful tips and tricks to assist the newbies as they embark on this journey with WWE SuperCad- Battle Cards.

Introducing the Game Modes

WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards has a vast variety of game modes to choose from and explore. To be precise, there are 10 different game modes with a mammoth chunk of rewards on offer in the game. Fret not, we will discuss all of them in detail in our WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards guide so that beginners get a clear idea as to what they have on offer.

1. Wild

Wild is the basic and only game mode that allows users to use both active and legacy cards in their deck.

  • The rules are pretty simple and straightforward. For each Solo match, players need to choose the Superstar that best fits the category. If your card has higher stats than your opponent’s, you win that round. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.
  • Tag Team requires choosing two superstars. If they complement each other well, both of your cards will receive a stat boost. Incompatible cards suffer a deduction in their stats.
WWE SuperCard Battle Cards Wild
Image via 2K Inc.
  • Based on your performance in-game, the Wild mode earns you Draft picks. Every card that you pick off the Draft board will be added to your collection. If you pull a card of high enough rarity, the board will reset and fill with new cards.

2. King of the Ring

  • King of the Ring is a 32-player tournament, where users need to compete against and defeat. 31 other players.
  • The competition consists of 5 rounds starting with the Qualifiers. In each round, players compete against one another in a series of matchups.
  • The winner of each matchup will advance to the next round. Players need to make their way to the Championship round for giving a shot at being crowned champion. You will require Energy cards to refill the stamina of your used cards.
WWE SuperCard Battle Cards King of the Ring
Image via 2K Inc.
  • The rewards you earn from this mode, are based on your overall performance. The further you go, the better the rewards.

3. Survivor

Survivor is a 10-player elimination tournament where all the participating players start with the same deck of superstar cards. To enter a game of Survivor, you need to first reach one of the Top 8 Tiers, and earn Survivor Token from the Free Packs.


  • All Players start with the same deck of 16 cards with a hand of 5 cards randomly chosen from the deck.
  • Each Round you will be paired up against another player for a best-of-3 match using the cards from your hand.
  • If you lose, you will be eliminated and will receive a reward based on your survival time.
  • The tournament will continue until there is only 1 player left- the Survivor Champion.


Before each round, you will pass a card from your hand to your opponent and you will receive a card from them in return.


  • Between rounds, you will get a short time to combine and swap the cards in your hand.
  • To combine cards, you must be holding duplicate cards of the same Superstar.
  • For swapping, you will get to choose from three selected players to swap your player with.


You will receive rewards upon being eliminated or after being crowned the Survivor Champion. The rewards earned would be based on how long you are surviving.

4. Money in the Bank

  • Money in the Bank challenges players to pick their battles wisely as they work their way up the ladder.
  • In this mode, you pick the matchups. You must start by selecting one of your superstars and an opponent to match up against. Users need to reach the top and defeat the number one contender to double the SuperCoins that they earned along the way.
  • The goal is to earn SuperCoins which can be redeemed from rewards in the Superstore.
  • Each opponent is worth a different amount of SC. The tougher the opponent, the more you will earn.

5. 24/7 Champion

It is a time-limited game mode where users try to earn the title of 24/7 Champion and keep that as long as possible.

Earning and Defending the Title

  • Players need to tap on the Challenge button and if they win all the matchups, they will be the new 24/7 Champions.
  • However, just like the WWE’s 24/7 Championship, you must also defend your title as a challenger may come up anytime to challenge you. Once you are challenged by a user online, you will see a referee slide on the screen to let you know. Once that happens, you will only have a few minutes to accept the challenge.
WWE SuperCard Battle Cards 24-7 Champions
Image via 2K Inc.
  • If you don’t show up to defend the title, you lose it by default. On losing the Championship, the win streak will be reset to zero.

Claimable Rewards:

A reward pack is earned after every match irrespective of the results. The pack contents would vary on your current win streak as well your Top 8 Tier.

6. Tag Team Takedown

  • Tag Team Takedown is a cooperative mode where you team up with another player to win Tag Team matches and earn rewards.
  • Players can either tap on Search and then Play Now to be matched with a random partner. To partner up with a friend, you must send them an invite by selecting their name from the list or by filtering the results by inputting their Player ID. Your friend has to wait for a notification pop-up on his screen and head to Tag Team to accept the same.
  • Once you are paired up, you will head to the ring to face off against each other.
  • You will be playing either with your Alignment Deck or your partner’s randomly chosen Deck. The player duo with the highest stats wins the round. You will earn a reward pack after each game based on the outcome- a Thumbs Up for a win, a Thumbs Down for a Loss. You will additionally earn points towards your takedown meter for every round that you win, even if you don’t win the game. Each time you fill the meter, you will earn a Takedown pack.

7. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

  • Tables, Ladders, and Chairs is a special time-limited 1V1 game mode that is played one round at a time.
  • The object of this mode is to reveal all your opponent’s game pieces before you run out of cards or they reveal yours.
  • Before you start a game of TLC, you must prepare the board by placing your 3 game pieces on it.
  • Once you find an opponent, 6 cards from your deck are randomly assigned to defend your game pieces.
  • You will use your remaining cards to battle your opponent’s when you find their game pieces, but you can only use each card once.


  • You and your opponent will get alternative turns.
  • Each turn, you select a space on your opponent’s board. You can choose one that hasn’t been uncovered or one with a card defending it.
  • If you select a space with nothing under it, it would go down as a miss.
  • However, if you find an opposition game piece or a defending card, it will be uncovered. Uncovering a defending card will initiate a battle in the ring.
  • Defending a ring will remove it from the board and give you control of that space. The game ends when the player reveals all of their opponent’s game pieces.

Claimable Rewards

You will get a special reward during gameplay whenever you reveal an opponent’s game piece. At the end of the game, you will earn one of the four possible reward packs: Win, Lose, Tie, and Forfeit, depending on the match results.

8. In Your House

In Your House is also a limited-time mode, with daily challenges and rewards. Each day a new opponent will emerge whom you must defeat to unlock the next one.


  • In Your House uses the Giants’ unleashed style of gameplay, with each battle consisting of 3 rounds of attacks.
  • You can choose up to 4 superstars to attack. However, try matching the alignment arrows to ensure more damage.
  • To start a battle, players must grab some collectibles from the Draft Board or other areas of the game. They may also equip extra collectibles to give their superstars a damage boost for the battle.

Utilize collectibles to continue battling for more rewards

Once your opponent has been defeated, you can consume some collectibles to continue battling for more rewards in the form of In-House Packs. Every fifth opponent offers a tougher battle but also guarantees a bigger and better reward.

9. Team Battleground

Team Battleground is a team vs team battle. It comprises two phases, namely, the Prep Phase, and the Attack Phase.

Prep Phase

  • Everyone will be given a random set of cards to use just for the duration of the battle.
  • You can earn charge cards from any Draft board and use them to improve your Deck. Players may also pick up a charge multiplier to increase the number of Charge Cards that they receive with each successful pull.

Attack Phase

  • Every opponent is worth a different number of points, based on the cards they are dealt.
  • After attacking the cards you faced in your opponent’s deck will be revealed in your team.
  • You can only attack a limited number of times and you can’t use them all on the same opponent, so choose wisely.
WWE SuperCard Battle Cards Team Battleground
Image via 2K Inc.

Claimable Rewards

Rewards are based on your team’s tier and are determined by the final score in the battle. Eligible members will have rewards sent directly to their mailboxes. Users mainly earn SuperCoins from this mode.

10. Team Stomping Grounds

Team Stomping Grounds is another team vs team battle where the team works together to earn 3 stars before your opponent.


Each time you play, you get to choose between earning points to fill one of your team’s meters or attacking an opposing player to try to slow them down. Once you have completely filled a meter, your team will earn a star. Team Stomping Grounds ends when a team earns all 3 of their stars. If time runs out before that happens, the team with the most points wins.

Fill your meters by contributing points from Multi-Round matches

  • Players must select the meter they would like to contribute points to. This will put them in a multi-round match against the opposing team’s cards.
  • At the end of the match, the points you earned will be applied to the meter you choose. The more rounds you win the more points you will earn.
  • When you fill a segment of a meter, a negative effect will be applied on the opponent’s side. While the effect is active, that team will earn fewer points on the affected meter. The first second has only one round to play, followed by two and three rounds respectively in the second and third segments.

Attacking Opposing Players

  • Selecting an opposing player puts you in the ring for a match. If you win, the user becomes hindered for a limited timeframe.
  • While hindered, the player will need to play one extra round for each team which will slow down their progress. You can spend credits to remove all hindering effects from your group.

Claimable Rewards

Participants of the winning team will receive a Champion Pack. In addition to that, all Participating players on both teams will receive a participating reward based on how much they contributed to their team’s total points compared to their teammates.

WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards Basketball Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our bonus tips in our WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards beginners guide for players to quickly assemble their deck, choose the ideal tactics in PVP games, and go up the tiers. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

1. Ensure that you are completing the daily challenges and quests

Make sure you check the Open Challenges section every day when you check in for the first time by pressing on the Checked Box icon in the top right corner of the page. Under the Daily Challenges menu, new challenges are presented every day.

WWE SuperCard Battle Cards Daily Challenges
Image via 2K Inc.

The tasks given, such as leveling up a player, playing a game, resetting the Draft Board, etc., are actually quite simple to perform. You can convert the in-game Tickets you earn for pro-Superstar Cards/Packs under the Ticket Store tab found in the Challenges menu by completing these challenges.

WWE SuperCard Battle Cards Quests
Image via 2K Inc.

In addition to Daily Challenges, there would be some Quests for you to achieve. They do not have a deadline, in contrast to challenges, and can be finished whenever you choose. You can gain Superstar Packs and SuperCoins by completing quests, and these items will ultimately speed up your tier-climbing. So be sure not to miss out on these difficulties and objectives.

2. Train your Superstar Cards to level them up

In order to give your Superstar an overall boost in his/her stats, you need to level them up. To level them up, you simply need to feed them Experience Points. To do so, simply select the Superstar you would like to train, and then choose the cards that would be consumed for XP.

Make sure that you are only picking your lower-tier Superstar cards for consumption. Once you have acquired decent enough cards via draught picks, they won’t be included in your lineup. So, better utilize them in upgrading your key Superstars till they reach the max level.

WWE SuperCard Player Training
Image via 2K Inc.

Additionally, you can give a permanent enhancement to each of your card’s stats in a given game mode, by just playing enough matches of that type. You may even utilize Tokens, which is a special in-game currency earned after you climb up by 5 levels each time, to permanently increase the stats of your player.

3. Try Pro’ing and Fortifying your Superstars whenever possible

Pro’ing is a key step to unlocking the maximum stats that your Superstar has to offer. You can pro a card by simply utilizing the Combining feature. Combine is a feature that you can and must use if you have two of the exact same Player Cards.

In this scenario, you can consume both of your cards to get a Pro version of that card that comes with better stats as compared to the non-pro counterparts. However, we suggest you first level up both the duplicate cards to their max level and then combine them. This would ensure a Perfect Pro(Gold-star Card)

WWE SuperCard Player Combine
Image via 2K Inc.

Similarly, Fortifying your Superstar cards can also increase their maximum potential. However, only Superstars of Nightmare rarity or higher can be Fortified and they must be a Pro.

  • To Fortify, you will be needing a copy of the same Superstar card, which will be consumed during the process.
  • If you use a non-Pro card, you will unlock only 1 section of the Fortify bar, in contrast to getting 2 sections unlocked when a Pro card is in use.
  • Any XP your superstar earns after reaching the max level will go towards filling the Fortify bar.
  • Once a section is full, your card will get a permanent boost in stats.

4. Make Complementing Alignments in 2V2 Matchups

Make sure to select players whose stats either complement one other’s or are comparable when selecting two players for 2V2 matchups. This will guarantee that both players’ stats are maintained, or even improved in the event of complementary stats.

Image via 2K Inc.

Your numbers would be negatively impacted if you choose non-complementing players, which would result in you losing the quarter. Therefore, choose your two players wisely during each round.

5. Use Support Cards to give your Superstars a boost in the ring

Most game modes and events allow the use of Support Cards to give your Superstars a boost in the ring. Support Cards are of two types: Manager and Action.

  • Manager Supports have an effect that applies to your entire deck during the duration of the game. These are applied automatically at the beginning of the game.
  • Action Supports, on the other hand, need to be selected during gameplay and will only apply during the current match.

We suggest users have 1 Manager and 2 Action Supports in their deck for the best results in the ring.

6. Attach Equipment to your Superstar Card for a stat-boost

Equipment Cards can be attached to a Superstar Card of Wrestlemania 36 rarity or higher to improve its stats or ability. The best part is, you can attach and remove Equipment from your Superstar card as and when required. You can always remove it and give it to another Superstar card of the same rarity. If a superstar is consumed, the Equipment attached to it will be automatically removed.

7. Activate SuperMoves once the SuperMove meter is full

Every time you use a player in the ring, Super-Move Energy is added to your card. You will see an S-meter (Super-Move meter) on your screen while a game is still in progress. You must activate that once it has reached capacity.

As a result, your card would receive a significant stat boost that would completely surprise the card of your opponent. Start the Super-Move after the S-meter has reached 100% of its capacity. You can keep it and use it later in greater matches. However, since you won’t continue to build up Super Move energy unless it is used, we advise that you use them as soon as the meter is full.

8. Play PVP Games to build Momentum

WWE SuperCard Battle Cards PVP Games
Image via 2K Inc.

Your Momentum Level at the end of the league determines how many Momentum Slots you will receive for participating in PVP Leagues. When your cards are placed in these momentum slots, the metrics they have in every game will be improved, ultimately assisting you in moving up the tiers. As a result, once you feel that your player deck is strong enough, try to participate in the PVP games.

9. Cash on the Monthly Battle Pass for Perks

With the monthly Battle Pass, you can earn Battle Points by just playing WWE SuperCard. Except for Wild, King of the Ring, and Survivor, every other game mode can earn you Battle Points. These Battle Points earn you Perks which is a special in-game boost that gives you an edge over your opponents across various game modes.

Once a Perk is active, it will pop up in the Player Profile. The Boost is only active for a limited time so make sure you are taking full advantage of your Perks before they expire. Apart from Perks, a lot of other in-game resources and collectibles can be earned as Battle Pass rewards every month. So, make sure you are cashing on them.

10. Utilize the Fusion Chamber for creating Powerful Fusion Cards

Fusion Chamber as the name implies, is an in-game area that lets you add existing cards from your deck. To be able to activate the fusion, a specific amount of experience points must be gathered. The Fusion card created would occasionally have improved stats and even fall under a higher tier. Utilizing lower-tier Superstar cards gained via Draft Picks is made possible by this function.

Final Thoughts

Someone who has already played NBA SuperCard would opine that WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards is the sister version of the game with the sport (i.e., Basketball and Wrestling) being the only major difference. That is how well all the features of the NBA SuperCard have been synced in here. Overall, a paradise for anyone who loves card-collecting and strategy titles and is a Wrestlemania fan. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards beginners guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards Beginners Guide! Did you find our WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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