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Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide and Tips

Hunt ferocious beasts and uncover the hidden secrets of the Vyderan clan!

Yeager: Hunter Legend is an action-packed RPG gaming title developed by IGG. The game owning to its RPG genre offers endless adventure and challenges each testing the creativity and skills of the players. There are multiple retainers in the game, multiple character customizations, and at last, multiple uniquely developed bosses in the game. All of these factors combined raise the difficulty of the game, in this Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide, we will try and break down these factors to make it easier for players to understand the game better.

Gameplay Overview

The game, Yeager Hunter Legend offers a very detailed gameplay experience where players can experience an open-world environment with a third-person perspective. The developers made sure to make Yeager Hunter Legend different and unique from the other open-world RPGs in the market by providing a variety of challenges and monsters in the game. While the game does provide a tutorial when starting the game we will try and dissect different sects of the gameplay.

Yeager: Hunter Legend Open Beta
Image via IGG.COM

The game follows a Third Person Shooter’s perspective where players can control the camera perspective from the left side of the screen and movement controls from the right section of the screen. The combat system is pretty distinctive and intuitive as well. The whole game, Yeager Hunter Legend is based upon mastering the art of strategies, players are expected to strategize and outsmart their enemies. This is a big change from other releases in the genre which are more of a button-smashing type.

Understanding the Combat system

To be very precise players will be taking on some of the uniquely crafted bosses or hordes of small minions in the game which elevates the experience of the game. The combat system is pretty unique in itself too, players will need to learn and master the controls of the game first in order to succeed in the combat of the game.

While in combat the movement controls can be accessed from the left side of the screen whereas the combat options are there to be used from the right side of the screen. There are three main features when it comes to combat systems which are namely, Break, Dodge, and Target. Break attack stuns the enemy and offers a great chance for the players to land high-damage blows.

Dodge on the other hand can offer versatility to the movement of the character and can help players evade the high-damage blows of the enemies. The target system helps the players to have a lock on the enemy so that ranged attacks are more accurate from a distance and auto attacks of the player can be directed in the right direction.

Utilising the Weapons and putting them to better use

Weapons in Yeager Hunter Legend can be of many types and of many uses hence it is essential for players to have the right information about them. While the game does not have many options when it comes to character classes in the game it certainly has a lot of options in terms of weapon classes. Each weapon in the game offers a different class and offers many unique playstyle options, hence the choice of a weapon in the game is just as important as using it in the battles.

Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide, Yeager Hunter Legend
Image via IGG

There are 5 basic weapons that can be further upgraded into different forms and types. The first is the basic sword which is the most efficient melee weapon in the game. The sword is best when used for short-distance targets who are there in the crowd.

When it comes to boss fights the sword does not offer much. Its powerful skill imprinting ability allows it to store previously used moves and unleash them again with even more power. Then comes the force hammer while dealing in high-tier damage the weapon lacks in speed hence in one on one battles it can be deadly, however fighting hordes of enemies with the hammer can lead to players taking on some damage.

Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide, Yeager Hunter Legend
Image via IGG

Fury Blades are the third option available in the game which offers a flexible way of dealing with the enemies in the game. The weapon has both the damage and speed stats to its name and is probably the best weapon class players can go for.

Flux Blaster is the ranged class in the game and equates the archer’s role in different MMORPGs players who are good and quick with their aim can go for this weapon class. Eidolon Spear is the final class in the game, the weapon allows a very powerful and deadly combination of attacks in the battles but again lacks the frequency of attacks hence exposing the character to enemy attacks in between the time of attacks.

Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game we have come across the following points in our Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide to make it easier for the players in understanding the game.

1. Choose a weapon according to the gameplay style

As stated before in the article, there are different classes of weapons available in the game and hence it is necessary for players to find a weapon to bring onto the battlefield which actually suits their gameplay. People who play as tanks would prefer a hammer or sword, players who don’t have a specific playstyle would like to opt for the fury blades whereas players who play like archers would like the flux blaster better.

Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide, Yeager Hunter Legend
Image via IGG

The game does not have a much detailed character class system but it certainly covers up with the detailed weapon class system. Hence it becomes absolutely essential for players to do their homework before choosing a weapon in the game.

2. Utilise the Summoning system to get better retainers in the game

The summoning system in the game allows the players to summon retainers. Retainers are the additional characters who can help the main character in fighting the monsters and are a really good addition to the firepower of the character. Summons can be done by using the in-game crystals which can be earned via completing quests, daily missions, or through in-app purchases in the game.

Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide, Yeager Hunter Legend
Image via IGG

Summons allow players to get a retainer from an exhaustive list of options available in the game. Be sure to refer to our Retainer Tier list to get a better idea of the retainer available for redemption. Each retainer has something different to offer and different players might find different retainers better suited to their gameplay.

3. Keep an eye out for the element of Enemies in the game

The game has an exhaustive class system for weapons and enemies in general. Hence every enemy in the game offers something different and has to be dealt with different tactics. There are certain power moves that can deal terrific damage to the final bosses while some can’t even make a dent in the stats of the enemies. The game however helps the players with an element classification for each and every boss in the game.

Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide, Yeager Hunter Legend
Image via IGG

For each boss battle players can check the class of the enemy, which also highlights the weakness and strengths of the enemies. This can help the players in planning their attacks beforehand. Players can combine the information with their game plan to defeat any tier boss with a certain ease.

4. Refer to the Memory Insignia to unlock new combinations of moves

Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide, Yeager Hunter Legend
Image via IGG

Memory insignia is the player’s manual in the game where all possible moves and attacks are listed along with a detailed set of actions. It is very easy to learn new moves from the list as everything is pretty well explained even for starters. It is imperative for players to keep a well-diversified arsenal of attacks in the game as it will come in very handy later on given the unpredictable gameplay.

5. Dispatch Retainers to get more rewards from the events

Retainers are the extra pair of hands players can have in the game. They are extremely useful in battles as they provide an extra set of firepower which is much needed in the battles. Retainers come in all shapes and forms there is an exhaustive list of retainers available in the game while each of them offers something different they can also be used against the elements of enemies to get an added advantage in the battles.

Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide, Yeager Hunter Legend
Image via IGG

Retainers can also be dispatched and used to complete various quests in the game which can reward the players handsomely upon completion. These rewards keep on multiplying in both quantity and quality as more and more quests are completed.

Final Thoughts

Overall the game Yeager Hunter Legend surely banks on the wonderful visuals and graphics it offers on mobile devices. However, for some low-end devices, this pro might turn into a con, given the high usage of memory. The game offers a decent depth in the RPG section and is a great option for classic RPG fans. With that being said we hope that with this Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide we were able to offer some tips and tricks for the fans.

Did you find this Yeager Hunter Legend Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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