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Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide and Tips

Begin your journey with this guide!

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening is an RPG game developed by NOCTUA GAMES INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. This game is the second series of the previous Yggdrasil. But here you will be presented with stunning 3D battle animations with more than 100 existing characters. In this Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide, we do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the basics of Yggdrasil 2: Awakening

Battle Mode

In this game, to progress from your character, it is necessary to battle against enemies and there are lots of battle modes in this game. Let’s discuss the Bridge section first, namely the Main Story which is the main storyline of this game, and this is the main priority of all games in general.

There you can deploy 5 characters with 2 front row positions and 3 rear or back row positions. The second is the Secret Stage where here you can choose the available heroes in the secret stage and you need to explore to complete it.

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide
Image via NOCTUA Games

Next, we move to the Rift section where 4 modes can be done. First, there are Biome Qonquests which are quite complex to be able to complete it. Biome Qonquests, you need to gradually explore a biome through a ship and each biome has its function. In the following, there is an explanation and function of each of the biomes.


Common Monster points
You need to defeat monsters in this area and will be asked to choose one of the buffs that can be used and can be seen through the bag

Boss Monster Points
This is usually found at the end, because you need to fight the boss and will get the final reward

Aid Points
Here you can choose one of the many heroes that appear randomly to use

Replenishment Points
This biome is useful when your hero’s HP is low and will restore 50% of it, except for dead heroes

Revival Points
Can randomly revive dead heroes

Temporary Shop
Can buy discounted items using coins.

So that’s an explanation of the Biome Conquests. Then there is the Arena which is used to fight in PvP and gain ranks. Then Obelisk Simulation to get certain rewards by completing each floor. Then Dimension Warp is similar to Secret Stage.

Battle Mechanism

battle mechnism
Image via NOCTUA Games

Before you battle, you need to deploy first with a maximum of 5 characters. The main objective of the battle is to defeat the 5 enemies as well. On the right and next to the avatar character, there will be a green bar which means it’s the HP of your character, and the blue bar if it’s fully charged, can be used to cast skills. Then on the left, there is a bond, this bond is quite useful because it gives an additional effect.


Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide
Image via NOCTUA Games

To be able to do battle, several characters are needed to be deployed. The characters here have many types in terms of class, role, and faction. For classes there are 4 types of classes, there are Warrior, Assassin, Support, and All Rounder. Then for actual roles, there are many types, but the most important ones are DPS, Controller, Tank, Heal, and buffs or debuffs. Then to get these characters, you can go through the Recruit on the Bridge, and you can use diamonds or Recruitment Cards.

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Upgrade your Characters

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide
Image via NOCTUA Games

The most basic thing when playing an RPG game is upgrading your character. In Yggdrasil 2: Awakening, you can level up using several materials such as Chips and EXP. Then when it reaches a certain level a breakthrough will open and the required material will increase namely the Breakthrough Plugin.

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide
Image via NOCTUA Games

Then you can use the equipment on the character, then don’t forget to enhance it to make it even stronger. Please note, you can only enhance this on equipment with a purple color and above. Apart from that, you can also evolve through the Fortress, where you need clone characters as material

2. Bond Trigger

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide
Image via NOCTUA Games

When you activate this bond, during battle you will get an additional effect. To activate it, you need to deploy the character with a connected character, you can see it via Character in the Bridge, select the character, and Bond will be available on the top right. These additional effects vary and can be in the form of increased DMG, deals with magical/physical DMG, and the like.

3. Use Rifts to get materials

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide
Image via NOCTUA Games

To be able to level up your character, materials are needed. You can get this material by completing battles in the Rift. There are 4 types of Rifts, there are Biome Quests with all kinds of biomes and rewards, there are Arenas that can give you Diamonds in order of ranking, there are Obelisk Simulations that need to complete each floor and each floor gives rewards too, and lastly Dimension Warp.

4. Focus on the perfect Team Composition

A team requires the right composition so that they contribute and complement each other. Before the battle, you need to first set the character you want to deploy. You can deploy a tanker and melee-type DPS in the front row as a damage receiver and the DPS plays a role in helping cover this tanker.

Team Composition
Image via NOCTUA Games

Then in the back row, you can fill it with 1 area-type DPS which is useful early on, then there is 1 controller to provide crowd control such as stun, freeze, and the like, and 1 support that covers all of them on the back.

5. Pay attention to the Battle Report

This battle report is important information if you want to know which characters play a big role and contribute to a battle. There you can see 3 types, first, there is a damage dealer with a sword icon, there is a heal with a + icon, and there is taken damage with a shield icon.

Battle Report
Image via NOCTUA Games

So then you can calculate whether the DPS is the biggest damage giver, does the support have high heal, and does the tanker receive a lot of damage. If not, then there is something wrong with the team.

6. Always check the Inventory

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide
Image via NOCTUA Games

This inventory is sometimes forgotten by some players, even though there are items here that you can use. One of them is Hero Fragment, you can use this when you have 60 fragments, then later you can get an orange hero. Besides that, there are also useful chests to add to your materials.

Final Thoughts

Yggdrasil 2: Awakening is a game that has many battle modes, but in the end, the battle mechanism is no different. Even so, always prioritize the Main Story, because some content requires a certain stage to be able to unlock it.

That’s all from us for Yggdrasil 2: Awakening Beginners Guide! Did you find our Yggdrasil 2: Awakening beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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