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ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide and Tips

Recruit clerks, forge weapons, and save the world with your strategy and creativity!

ZoldOut Global is a semi-turn-based tactical RPG  developed and brought to you by the developers, C4Cat Entertainment Limited. The game is a semi-turn-based RPG where variety is presented to the players in terms of characters available in the game with each offering different and unique features in the game. Players while playing the game, will be required to use multiple weapons in one turn to challenge powerful enemies in a non-grid battlefield. Recruit clerks, forge weapons, and save the world with their strategy and creativity. This ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide will aim at providing valuable insights for players in a bid to help them out.

Gameplay Overview

The whole game revolves around the character cards that players can collect in the game, each card offers something different to the players while also suiting different gameplay types. To get a deeper insight into the character cards in the game be sure to go through our character tier list for the game, ZoldOut Global to get a better understanding of each card in the game.

Introducing the Basics of ZoldOut Global

The core gameplay revolves around the use of action points and cards. Each character has 12 action points that can be spent to perform actions in battle. The points system in the game ensures how you make your next move in the game, our expert tip on the matter would be to always position your character well in the game first, if it’s a melee expert be sure to get them as close to the enemy as possible and if it’s a ranged expert be sure to make an angle for the attack to happen.

ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide, ZoldOut Global
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

The skills point available per round are not definite and can be carried around to the next rounds. The number of action points remaining will affect the duration of subsequent rounds. Players can choose to spend all of their action points at once to deal massive damage or save some action points for more flexible movement and strategy.

The choice in the game would completely lie down with the players ultimately. as to which strategy they would like to resort to. Attacking options in the game cost action points based on effectiveness and should be used after grave consideration.

Battle out and test your might against a variety of unique bosses

The game, ZoldOut Global offers various bosses in the game, with each offering different challenges to the players, these bosses are available for battle after clearing out the levels in the game by first battling out the regular foot soldiers and then taking the bosses down in the game, piece by piece.

Our expert advice on this matter would be to focus all the attacks on the main boss in the game, as the level ends once the main boss is defeated, be sure to focus the attacks on the boss instead of the regular footsoldiers.

ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide, ZoldOut Global
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

The game features a range of unique bosses and monsters that have been carefully designed by the development team. Players will need to think strategically and adjust their tactics and teams to the characteristics of each boss in order to emerge victorious. Players do have the option in the game to view the details of the boss they are about to fight and hence can have the appropriate character cards in their deck to exploit the weakness of the bosses in the game.

Understanding the in-game Forging System

The game is all about improvising your stand against the enemy, not every weapon will be enough in the game to land the killing blow to the bosses. Players will have to forge better equipment by improving on the already acquired weapons in the game, however presence of required materials is a must and should be present to make the upgrade.

The game encourages players to think outside the box and use their skills and cunning to emerge victorious against even the toughest opponents. Players can access a wide variety of weapon cards with unique powers, and use these cards to craft their own decks. Each card can be paired with different characters, allowing for a wide range of tactical possibilities and strategies.

ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide, ZoldOut Global
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

As the game will progress into the further stages there will be better equipment available for purchase and more resources available for the players to upgrade the weapons in the game, hence it would be safe to say that it would be a wise decision to not spend too many in-game resources in the earlier stages and try to conserve the resources for later parts of the game. As players progress through the game, they can forge more weapon cards and continue to refine their decks, searching for the perfect combination of cards and characters to achieve victory.

ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game we have come up with the following tips and tricks in our ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide for new players venturing into the game to have a better experience.

1. Compliment your foot Soldiers with a Supporting character

The game is all about strategies that the players are expected to brew while on the battlefield. Non-grid battlefields allow players to devise strategies and tactics beyond the limitations of traditional grid-based gameplay. Not all character cards in the game offer the same statistics and not all cards can be used in a similar way. Hence it is necessary for players to understand the very details of the characters they would be dealing with.

ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide, ZoldOut Global
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

The game offers various different classes in the game, namely the melee units the archers, and the supporting characters to boost the stats in between a battle in the game of other character cards. Be sure to always keep the supporting character in the game close to the melee units because they land the most damage but they also receive the most damage in the game. Support characters have to be close to the melee cards in order to boost their stats otherwise they won’t be able to work properly.

2. Join the Guilds in the game to get better rewards and experience points

Guilds in the game, ZoldOut Global can do wonders for new players, as they offer plenty of options for new players to test their mettle against similar players of their level and find where they stand in the ZoldOut world.

New objectives and bonus missions can also be accessed via Guilds which can give access to the new players to some more experience points which are very important to level up faster in the earlier stages of the game.

ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide, ZoldOut Global
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

Guilds can be joined and be left on the player’s accord, completing new missions, and having additional teammates and friends assisting you in defeating the bosses in the game can never hurt the players in the game and goes to help the players in the longer run.

3. Aim towards collecting Gashapons to recruit new Heroes

Gashapons are recruitment coupons that players get by completing in-game challenges or reaching particular level-specific milestones in the game, the coupons can directly be purchased from the in-game shops by spending money, but why spend money when you can grind for them in the game for free.

ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide, ZoldOut Global
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

When you try to recruit heroes in the game, the game offers you a choice to recruit a simple or an advanced hero, Gashapons for each character is different and can be accessed via the stores in the game.

4. Conserve resources at the beginning of the game to get better equipment later

The game keeps on rewarding the players on a progressive basis as you keep on stepping into the main storyline the rewards and the resources available at your disposal keep on increasing. As players progress through the game, they can forge more weapon cards and continue to refine their decks, while searching for the perfect combination of cards. It is thoroughly advisable to conserve the resources available in the game for the earlier stages and use them on the better available gear in the later stages.

ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide, ZoldOut Global
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

Guilds, and daily and weekly challenges will be enough in the earlier phases to keep the players equipped with good enough gear to complete the levels, the resources should be spent when there would be the availability of better options in the later stages of the game.

5. Form a diverse team to implement a flexible strategy

The game, ZoldOut Global offers great strategy-building options for players to enjoy. With the variety of cards and character classes in the game, players can strategize according to what they think is right at the moment. The expert advice from us would be to have one character always in your team from each of the three classes in the game, namely the support, melee, and ranged.

ZoldOut Global Character Tier List, ZoldOut Global
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

Having each character class in the game would allow players to not rely on just one strategy for the game and form their own ones as they go along in the game. With the ability to move freely across the battlefield, players can use more precise and meticulous tactics to outmaneuver their foes and achieve victory.

Final Thoughts

The game, ZoldOut Global offers interesting gameplay for RPG fans where players can strategize every move of the game, where each character card in the game brings something different to the team, and where teamwork is the only way to move forward. The game offers many features and options for players to scroll through making the game a bit hard to understand for new timers. We hope that with this ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide, we were able to simplify things well enough for players in understanding the game.

Did you find this ZoldOut Global Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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