ZOZ: Final Hour Beginners Guide and Tips

It’s time to kill!

ZOZ: Final Hour is a new zombie-themed Third-Person Shooter game by Netease Games consisting of missions that are unlike any other zombie game. The game revolves around players having to fight against other real-time players and collecting Blood Crystals to escape from the battlefield. With many surprises to offer, keep reading as we give detailed beginners guide on ZOZ: Final Hour.

Gameplay Overview

The goal of a player in ZOZ: Final Hour is to collect a certain number of Blood Crystals from San Yager in order to run away from the infected city. These Blood Crystals are the only key to escaping the city. Although the game showcases the killing of zombies, it wouldn’t be of any priority as zombies are not of great harm.

The greatest threat behind winning a game in ZOZ: Final Hour, however, is the Human Mercs, that is, the real-time players who also attempt to escape the city. The game gives a tiny feeling of a Battle Royale environment, with the character graphics similar to that of the popular Battle Royale game Free Fire.

Introducing the Basics of ZOZ: Final Hour

All players from the lobby would land at their desired spot from any of the 7 locations on the battlefield, and begin the search for Blood Crystals in an instant. Bigger locations such as the Mall and Amusement Parks usually contain Blood Crystals, so more fights are expected to be seen in such areas.

Players can carry any two weapons that have been unlocked, along with melee and basic armor. It is quite simple to distinguish the other Human Mercs from the zombies – Human Mercs can run while zombies can’t.

Image via NetEase Games

Players can opt to jump in solo or with a teammate. If a player is killed, he can then choose a location to respawn from, and he would enter the battlefield in 20 seconds, by spawning at a safe house. A Safehouse is where every player respawns, and players cannot eliminate others inside the safe house. The Safehouse can be used to heal players if they are low on meds, and also provides an Intel of the city.

There are perks and skills that can be obtained by killing Human Mercs and zombies; these features provide a slight boost to a player’s weapon, such as faster reload, higher magazine capacity, and so on. To win a game in ZoZ: Final Hour, players must collect 5 Blood Crystals and call an evac, upon which a chopper would arrive to help the player escape the city.

Gameplay in ZoZ Final Hour
Image via NetEase Games

When a player calls a chopper, his location is exposed to everyone in the city, hence, he must be prepared for anything that comes his way. The player to get inside the chopper is considered the winner of the game.


After being completely defeated, players will then revive as a Zombie Merc, mutated from the Human Merc. Zombie Mercs hold a separate set of abilities to improve their game. These abilities are of 4 types –

Image via NetEase Games
  • BC Shield: Raises a shield in front to avoid some incoming damage.
  • Spit: Spits venom to attack targets from a distance.
  • Camouflage: Muffled footsteps, making it harder to be located.
  • Constitution Boost: Increases Max HP.

The objective of the Zombie Mercs is to find, and eliminate the Human Mercs and prevent them from escaping the city. This is the only way Zombie Mercs can win a game. Eliminating Human Mercs several times would turn them into Zombie Mercs, therefore increasing in number and having greater chances of defeating the Human Mercs.


Skins ZoZ Final Hour
Image via NetEase Games

There are many skins available to be purchased from the Store. These skins usually require tickets that are obtained using real money. There are skins for boots, tops, and pants purchasable using Silver. Silver is easily obtained by playing matches and claiming daily rewards.


Image via NetEase Games

Rewards overflow in ZOZ: Final Hour. There are rewards for playing games, extracting Blood Crystals, collecting Daily Rewards, obtaining perks, completing missions, etc. These rewards include Clothing Tickets, Silver, new weapons,  accessories, and the probability to win Limited Edition items.

ZOZ Final Hour Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

ZOZ: Final Hour is one of the most difficult games to master on mobile. Learning the game is a time-taking process and will consume many hours to get the hang of it. Hence, we bring to you some basic Tips and Tricks that would push you through the process at a faster rate.

  • Players must watch out for Mercs while waiting for the Evac Chopper, as they will be notified of the location where the chopper has been called in and can enter the area to steal the chopper from the player who called it.
  • Ensure that the sensitivity is rightly set – this will be beneficial for those who don’t have experience in Third-person shooter games.
  • Stick together while playing Duos. It is difficult to take down a Merc duo single-handedly, hence it is always essential to stick together so that they can revive the other player if knocked down.
ZoZ Final Hour Beginners Guide
Image via NetEase Games
  • Stay close to safe houses. If a player feels vulnerable or is low on meds, stick close to a safe house so that he can be healed even if knocked down.
  • While facing a Zombie Merc, maintain some distance as they can damage a lot when they are close enough. Taking them off from a distance allows players to be on the safer side.
  • There are 7 locations from where a player can revive. To disable the revival feature from a location, players have to pull the machine close to the safe house. Doing so will remove away the safety boundaries from the safe house, and players will not be able to make use of its functions anymore.
  • Once killed, always try to spawn near Blood Crystals. If a Human Merc has extracted a Blood Crystal, eliminate him so he drops the crystals. 

Final Thoughts

ZOZ: Final Hour is a combination of a shooter and survival game. While the only objective is to collect Blood Crystals, the fellow Mercs are a menace to go through as they make it extremely difficult to complete the task. One needs to be really good with his aim, given that the game runs in a third-person point of view. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and if you ever need help, don’t hesitate to fall back to this ZOZ: Final Hour Beginners Guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the ZOZ Final Hour Beginners Guide! Did you find our ZOZ Final Hour Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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