ZOZ Final Hour: Best Loadouts and Gun combinations to outperform enemies

Here are the best weapon combos in ZOZ: Final Hour!

ZOZ: Final Hour, the third-person zombie shooter has been a treat to the eye due to its optimizations and frequent updates, not to forget the intense gameplay it provides. The game, made by Netease Games has all kinds of weapons, from Assault Rifles to Shotguns and melee. Players can wield up to two weapons in their loadout, apart from a melee weapon. In this article, we will let players know about the best gun combinations that players can use for better results in ZOZ Final Hour. 

Best Gun combinations in ZOZ Final Hour

ZOZ: Final Hour consists of a few sets of weapons compared to other shooter games. It does not contain a lot of varieties under one category, rather, there are roughly 7 guns that can be found inside the game. The best weapon combinations are listed below:

1. MP5K SMG and MSR Sniper Rifle 

ZOZ Final Hour best weapon combinations
Image via NetEase

The MP5K submachine gun is the ideal weapon for use at close range, and also fires well in mid-range. The MP5K deals great damage at close range, taking down other Human Mercs and zombies with ease. Together with the MSR Sniper Rifle which is deadly at long range, these two guns make a punchy combo.

2. M590 Shotgun and M4A1

ZOZ Final Hour best weapon combinations
Image via NetEase

Shotguns are widely known to demolish players at close range, and the M590 is no different. This shotgun, if aimed well at the target, can take down zombies in one shot and Human Mercs with approximately 3 shots. The M4A1 Assault Rifle lasers are in the mid-range and fare well in the close range too.

3. US Hunting Bow and M249 LMG

ZOZ Final Hour best weapon combinations
Image via NetEase

This loadout focuses on all ranges. The US Hunting bow is an explosive weapon that significantly damages the target. Since it can only hold 3 arrows before an empty reload, that is when the M249 light machine gun comes to play. The heavy weapon can go on a massive killing spree, if multiple Mercs or zombies are around, without having to worry about reloading frequently. 

Final Thoughts

The limited number of weapons gives players lesser options to try different combinations, however, the current set of weapons seems to be enough to win games in ZOZ: Final Hour. To run faster, players must use the melee weapon and holster the guns as it makes the player run comparatively slowly. Acquiring the US Hunting Bow is a challenge, so if it is found, make sure to take it along as it can help players in the long run. 

What are your thoughts about our guide on the best gun combinations in ZOZ Final Hour? Let us know in the comment section below!

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