ZOZ: Final Hour Guide: List of Locations in the game

Here's a complete list of locations in ZOZ: Final Hour!

ZOZ: Final Hour is the latest Third-Person Shooter title by NetEase Games. The game consists of various locations on the battlefield. Players can drop in one of these areas, and revive in a different area of their choice, once killed. In this ZOZ: Final Hour article, we shall learn all about these locations more closely. 

List of all the in-game Locations in ZoZ: Final Hour

1. Mall

In the Mall, a wide building is situated where the Blood Crystals are usually found. As the name suggests, its looks are that of a mall, consisting of two floors, escalators, and a central ground with higher chances of finding loot.

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Zombies can be seen in and around the building, and a lot of them are seen in the central ground. Killing the zombies gives a satisfying amount of loot, not to forget the ground loot that is already present nearby. 

2. Apartment

The Apartment consists of a building with 2 stories and lots of loot to offer. A lot of close-quarter battles can be expected here, so it is highly recommended for players run a shotgun to deal deadly damage to targets. Eliminate zombies and pick up the ground loot to enhance the shotgun while engaging in fights. 

3. Bank

ZOZ: Final Hour locations
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A huge monument-like structure is observed at the Bank. The Bank offers premium loot, therefore making it one of the best spots to land in. This spot is usually filled up with Mercs when Blood Crystals are located here. The Bank does not offer an open space for picking up fights, hence, players can take cover from inside the building during a battle. 

4. Church 

ZOZ: Final Hour locations
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The Church is one of those few locations where Blood Crystals are often found. It offers ample space for mid-range combats, and there are a good number of spots to hide from a Human Merc, such as the bushes and rooms. A lot of Human Mercs show up here, so do not forget to watch every corner.

5. School

ZOZ: Final Hour locations
Image via NetEase

Many buildings can be seen at the School. Due to its congested area, players can run or hide from Mercs without any hassle. Loot is scarce in the School, thus being the reason behind the lack of Mercs landing here. However, players should land here if they want to reach other spots quicker, as the School is situated in the middle of the map. 

6. Amusement Park

Amusement Park
Image via NetEase

The Amusement Park is a miniature spot consisting of a fair amount of loot. Players will be able to loot the spot completely at a jiffy, and when Blood Crystals lie here, a lot of close-range combats can be expected. Shotguns are the go-to weapon in this area, so make sure to wield one of those to destroy Mercs in an instant. 

7. Pedestrian Street

Pedestrian Street
Image via NetEase

Pedestrian Street is a small part of San Yeagen with a few miniature buildings. It doesn’t boast a lot of loot, however, it is a good spot to start safely, as not a lot of players land at this spot. Land at the isolated spot to gather skills and perks easily, and move to a busier spot further on to obtain eliminations. 

8. Film Studio

Film Studio
Image via NetEase

The Film Studio boasts a main building with 2 doors at the sides, along with an open space towards the bottom right of the spot. Film Studio attracts a large number of Mercs as this is the largest spot on the map. Blood Crystals are found here most of the time, so players can land here if they wish to take part in some next-level action.

9. Hospital

ZOZ: Final Hour locations
Image via NetEase

The Hospital is a great spot to land if one wants to loot and jump right into some Mercs. Blood Crystals are seen occasionally here, but fights always take place in the Hospital. It is recommended to land in the Hospital as it is situated in the middle of the map, hence making it easy for players to travel to another spot if a Human Merc has called in an Evac Chopper.

10. Art Square

Art Square
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If you like engaging in the open, Art Square is where you should be. Art Square has a large open space and is ideal for mid-long range combats. It is highly recommended to add perks that reduce recoil on the weapon, as weapons in ZoZ: Final Hour suffer a lot in the said range due to their poor recoil. 

11. Park 

ZOZ: Final Hour locations
Image via NetEase

The Park in ZOZ: Final Hour contains minimal loot compared to other spots, hence, fewer battles are observed here. This spot is a safe place to play completely passively, allowing players to take time and proceed further at their own pace. 

12. Construction Site

ZOZ: Final Hour  locations
Image via NetEase

While popular places like the Film Studio and Art Square are situated in another corner, very few players land on the Construction Site. However, this spot has been overlooked, as there are high chances to find Premium Resource Chests that offer advanced loot options that can provide better upgrades to weapons. 

Final Thoughts

Blood Crystals are most commonly found in the bigger areas. Though they circulate to other parts as well, it is better to drop them off at areas such as the Mall or the Amusement Park, so that they will gain enough loot to maximize their chances to be able to call the Evac Chopper. There are two maps in ZoZ: Final Hour, the first seven of the above-mentioned locations belonging to the first map, and the last five to the second map, with Church and Pedestrian Street being common to both maps.

What are your thoughts about our guide on the locations in ZOZ: Final Hour? Let us know in the comment section below!

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