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Mythic Legends Interview: Outfit7 reveals the back story and future of the strategic RPG title

diving deep into the development of Mythic Legends

Outfit7‘s new title, Mythic Legends is a big shift from the company’s Talking Tom track record and aiming for an entirely new audience. Being such a major departure from what they know, it’s been a significant learning experience for the company. We at GamingonPhone sat down with Ante Odić, Senior VP of Product Development at Outfit7, for an interview to share insight into what was required to get the ball rolling for Mythic Legends at their Hyper Dot Studios.

Before we start the Outfit7 interview, you might want to know that Mythic Legends is currently available to play in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Cyprus, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom. You can download it from both Google Play and App Store.

What was the inspiration behind Mythic Legends?

The idea came from our internal idea pitching initiative. It was inspired by auto chess mechanics, but adapted to suit the mobile platform, reducing the session lengths and boosting the user experience. The story and the positioning of the game resonated with us. The idea had real potential and realized it gave us the chance to apply all of our team’s strengths to a new genre. 

How have the character models been chosen? What were the inspirations behind them?

We wanted our users to be able to look at the characters and immediately understand who they were, what their strengths were, and how you could use them in your army. Take Artus, for example. He’s a heavy hitter and an Empire battle veteran. You totally get his “swing axe first and never ask questions” vibe from his intimidating axe and imposing build. This is further backed up by his heavily armed troops.

So there are story and game needs that inspired the character models. And, of course, our artists built on those requirements with experience and inspirations of their own. So we had a wealth of ideas that enhanced the gameplay experience, and the design of characters is just one part of this.

Was there any inspiration coming from Riot Games’ League of Legends franchise?

Research is a massive part of our development process. The first step is always to understand the competition and get a sense of the market. We want to figure out what’s out there – and find out what and how we can improve. All of those insights were vital when developing Mythic Legends – particularly with regards to the core design inspired by the auto chess titles. I was really impressed with the creativity and skills of our team during that stage of development. 

Since the game is heavily inspired by mythic characters, will there be any lores/origin story available for the players at the global launch?

Absolutely. The characters all have their own backgrounds and reasons for competing for glory in the arena. Some are after fame, others seek riches or more. But for lots of the Champions and Legends, success in the arena is all about power. This is the lore we’ll be adding to – we want to build on those characters and give our fans even more stories to enjoy. 

Mythic legends
Mythic Legends Interview (Image via Outfit7)

As there are different classes of the characters, how much strategy is involved with the different characters/attack combinations/synergies etc?

Strategy is at the heart of Mythic Legends. As a strategy RPG, the challenge was to make a game that would have a great deal of depth for the hardcore fans, while keeping it accessible for a wider audience. We had to find the perfect balance between strategic depth and quick access to fun. But it’s up to you how you choose to play. We’re not holding back any types of player – whether a hardcore gamer or newcomer – and all skill levels will be able to have fun!

Can you shed  some lights on the game modes? Will there be only PvP or will there be single-player campaigns as well?

Mythic Legends already has a couple of tournament modes that we’re testing, and there are lots more game modes and challenges – both competitive and casual – set to come with future updates. We’re really excited to engage with the community in this area too. We want to hear their thoughts, and find out what they like and what they want to see improved. Mythic Legends is a game that will continue to evolve as time passes, so there will always be something new to experience. 

What are the social elements/features of the game? And what are the developers’ thoughts on implementing a process of letting the players socialize inside and outside the game?

Right now, our focus is on perfecting the gameplay, but we’re planning to include social and communication features in the future – we want them to be a regular part of Mythic Legends. They’re being designed at the moment, and they look set to keep players actively engaging with each other in some pretty fun and competitive ways. The community is going to have a real impact on the future of the game, so we can’t wait to hear their thoughts. 

Can you explain a little about the game’s monetisation? Will there be any season pass system?

Mythic Legends will only be monetized through in-app purchases – they offer a diversity of experiences without providing an unfair advantage. We have zero interest in creating a pay-to-win experience. We want players to feel like each fight is balanced, and we want to give them rewarding gameplay and tons of different play styles. 

Are there any thoughts on the esports around this game?

Mythic legends gameplay
Mythic legends gameplay (Image via Outfit7)

At the moment, we’re focused on getting the game into the hands of users. But who knows what the future will bring! The soft launch has been really strong, but we’ll wait and see how players respond first. After that though, it’s going to be really exciting to see where and how we can continue to expand upon the promise of the Mythic Legends.

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