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TSM FTX BGMI interview reveals its upcoming strategies ahead of BGIS 2021

Team TSM FTX is ready for BGIS 2021!

With multiple national titles under its name, Team Solo Mid aka TSM is well known and one of the most successful teams in India. After acquiring the ex-ST8 roster, they only received nothing but success. After their recent victory of AMD Skyesports Mobile Open, we at Gamingonphone had the chance to interview the TSM FTX BGMI roster’s players where they discussed the new strategies and gameplays of the team and the players. Most of the questions were answered by the team manager Armin on behalf of the players.

First of all a big congratulations to the whole team on your victory and best of luck for the upcoming BGIS qualifiers

Thank you so much, this victory will surely boost us to do more in the Battlegrounds Mobile India series round 3 qualifiers.

As part of TSM, one of the most prestigious and well-endorsed organizations in the world, what are the expectations that the team has to shoulder as a whole?

There are expectations but it won’t cause any pressure for us…the big brand name of TSM will give us confidence and encourage us to do more in the future.

To TSM player Aquanox: you, as probably the only player in T1 who doesn’t use the thumbs to play, what are the advantages/disadvantages that come with it?

No thumbs help me with fast movements and agility, It also helps me to transfer aim faster and good reflex actions. And for me, currently, there are no disadvantages as of now with this no thumbs control.

As a team known for getting high kills/frags, what is the preferred playstyle? Staying in the middle of the zone or playing the edges?

We play according to the match situations and other circumstances. If we need good kill points, we will play along edges and cut other teams’ rotations. If we need placement points and moderate kill points we will try to capture a place in the center of the zone and defend that hold. But still, there is no fixed playstyle.

In recent tournaments, TSM(TSM-FTX) hasn’t been performing all too well, but they are back on track in Mobile Open. Have there been any changes or role swaps to make this possible?

There was not any problem in the team to be exact, we were just experimenting with some new strategies, like new rotation paths, holding points, etc. This was the actual reason for the inconsistency.

BGMI TSM India new roster

What is the current status of the TSM bootcamp in India? Can you guys shed some light?

Currently, we have India’s one of the best bootcamps with top-class facilities and accommodation. The bootcamp is situated in Navi Mumbai.

Are you guys going to use any special strategies in the BGIS since there will be many unknown teams, you may face drop clashes. Any plan B or C for that?

No such plans as of now, everything will depend on the match situation. We may tweak our plans a little bit but we can assure you that we are not going to leave our drop locations. If we make any new strategies, you will get to know them in the matches.

In the scrims, we can see that ex-ST8 player Robin was playing with the team with the TSM tag. Is he a part of the current roster?

He is the coach and mentor of the roster, he is the one who plans the team rotations to the zone and makes strategies, he is not a player as of now but he plays with the team when another player becomes unavailable.

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