Are mobile gamers the real gamers

What's your take on this?

This is the question that is raised many times, especially by PC gamers who look at mobile gamers in a negative or disparaging way. Before we delve into finding the answer we should first know the definition of a gamer. By definition, a gamer is someone who plays games and that can be any game irrespective of the mode of game and gender of the gamer. We all have seen how gaming, in general, has improved year after year and the specific growth of mobile gaming has been enormous. Despite the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, there are still people who do not consider it serious in nature. It is looked down upon as a low skill alternative to PC gaming.

The rise of the mobile gaming industry

According to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the number of mobile gamers in India alone will reach 368 million. Outside the massive number of people playing mobile games is the fact that MLBB is among the few eSports chosen to be played as a medal event during the 2019 South East Asian Games which was held in the Philippines. Gone are times when mobile games were considered very simplistic, offline, and easy to play. With the growth of technology, mobile devices have become very fast and robust and so are mobile games.

The gaming industry has seen a lot of modern innovations over the years. Mobile games eventually branched out to include various genres of games such as FPS, MOBA, adventure, battle-royale, etc. Developments in graphics and technology are on a constant roll. This industry covers a lot of different fields, from online games to the gaming console evolution. Even recently added Bitcoin casino games are also affected by this growth in technology. The graphics of game like Call of Duty: Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, etc. will make you realize that the strategy required to play mobile games is not as easy as most of the PC gamers considers.

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There people who categories that if you play games like candy crush then you aren’t a gamer but if you play COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile then you are a gamer. There is a serious flaw in the argument. I don’t understand why it depends upon the type of games one plays. If someone plays a game to the point that they consider themselves a gamer then that should be enough. It’s good that you play hardcore F2P games but you should also respect the choice of others. Adding to that list, those playing board games on a regular basis should also be considered as gamers.

Graphics in Mobile games as compared to PC and Console games

There are people who come with a comparison that the graphic of PC and console games are far more superior to mobile games. That is true to a large extent. When we closely look at the graphic quality of general mobile games, we do observe the difference in user experience. But we also have to understand that the use of smartphones has their own pros and cons and developers try their best to minimize the glitches as far as possible. As people around the globe especially South Asian countries are having access to top-notch smartphones under budget, it is expected that the developers will be able to bridge this gap.

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Moreover, most mobile games are made by small to medium-scale developers who do not have the resources to make AAA titles with a large number of levels and massive game worlds. Therefore, even if we keep aside the hardware angle of things, mobile devices would still not have the kind of games that PC and console gamers are accustomed to.

Superiority Complex

While the reasons mentioned above are completely justified, we do have to take into consideration that not everyone dislikes mobile games due to any particularly sensible reason. Some people simply hate mobile games because they feel that their choice of platform is “the best of all platforms”.

It is quite common for PC and consoles users on social media to straight-up use derogatory terms against the mobile gaming community for their choice of platform. Some do not even consider mobile gaming as actual gaming. This is generally due to the typical toxic nature of some people. Their opinions do not actually reflect the whole of the PC and the console gaming community.


It is true that earlier mobile games were easy to play and best suited for low-end mobile phones but with the evolution of technology, almost all the PC Games are now being re-launched on smartphones. Just like you can’t compare apple with oranges but you need to understand that both are fruits, both mobile and PC gamers are also gamers with a difference in user experience. The gaming companies are even using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in order to make the games as interesting as possible on smartphones.

What is your viewpoint on the topic? Are mobile gamers indeed the real gamers or PC gamers still have the edge over them? Let us know in the comment section below!

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