5 Best City Building Games for mobile that you shouldn’t miss

City Building Games for mobile have been around for a long time. So if you love planning and creating new cities while taking responsibility for their administration, look no further: We collected the 5 Best City Building Games for mobile that leave nothing to be desired for genre-fans.

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5. City Mania: Town Building Game

To begin with, this City Building Game captivates with cute in-game characters who will populate the streets of your city. Aside from the classic building, expanding and managing, City Mania’s cartoon style also satisfies the player’s eye.

Whether you just want to collect sweet characters or decorate your buildings, whether you’re looking for a game to enjoy with friends or for a new touch to City Building – City Mania is definitely worth a shot!

4. Little Big City 2

In this City Building Game, you can develop an Island to the biggest Metropolis or the paradise you dreamed of in your childhood. A touching storyline leads you through Little Big City 2 while you expand and handle spontaneous events. Not as cartoony as City Mania, this game appeals to its playerbase with catching animation and realistic setup.

3. Godus

Unlike most City Building games, Godus invites you into a primaeval setting where you get to control a whole new world. If you’re bored from building Cities over and over again, Godus might be for you: Not only can you shape the landscape, you also get to explore other lands and grow whole civilizations from the dawn of the primitive age.

Sculpt the most beautiful monuments or wreak havoc just as you like. Play God!

2. Megapolis

Following in the close 2nd place Megapolis offers a classy City Building experience between strategy, economy and creativity. With its very realistic graphics especially, the game lets you rebuild the seven wonders of the world or anything that ever caught your eye.

Aside from City Building, you can also dig into the industrial sector, set up military or discover new technology in your research center. Hence, if you’re looking for a more complex game with endless opportunities, Megapolis is for you.

1. SimCity BuildIt

Our first place for the Best City Building Games for mobile is an old hand: A real classic since 2014, SimCity BuildIt offers great graphics paired with iconic design. Undoubtedly older gaming generations will recall Sims vibes, but newbies will get hooked just as quickly.

Become the hero of your own city, join clubs and trade with others while also solving real-life challenges. Furthermore, enjoy endless options to personalize your town and compete in exciting PvP events to earn great rewards.

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