Best Ethereum-powered Blockchain games for mobile devices

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Blockchain gaming has taken multiple exciting forms, fueled by several different currencies and digital assets. Blockchain casinos are undeniably the center of the crypto gambling scene. However, e-sports, Sportsbooks, and other betting sectors have revolutionized the face of online wagering. Here is a list of the best Ethereum-powered Blockchain games that are available for mobile devices.

Blockchain games make use of tokenomics and decentralized networks in addition to game theory. A monetary system called tokenomics is built on capital and digital currencies. Blockchain games are genuinely unique since no other gaming networks have token economies. In addition to being the source of Ether coins, Ethereum‘s blockchain is now the host to an enormous number of blockchain games. Blockchain games are exclusive to the Ethereum network and are decentralized games managed by smart contracts.

List of Best Ethereum-powered Blockchain Mobile Games

Blockchain games are commonly created using game theory; a mathematical model used to create strategic choices. Strategic decisions are implemented in the social sciences with the ultimate goal of controlling people’s capacity for reasoning.

CryptoCasinos.com maintains the most up-to-date crypto gambling information, casino reviews, and game guides. Below you’ll find a collection of the best Ethereum blockchain games. These blockchain game examples explore the best and worst parts of blockchain gaming.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Axie Infinity $625 million
Image via Sky Mavis

Axie Infinity allows players to form powerful teams and alliances to face off against other players. The game utilizes ALP and SLP tokens but operates within the blockchain’s ledger. As a beloved blockchain game, Axie Infinity offers daily quests to keep players coming back for more. You can access Axie Infinity on the game’s official website here.

2. Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is not only one of the oldest blockchain games, but the game is also one that continually evolves. Tech advances consistently push through innovations that throw the digital gaming community for a loop.

Unlike other blockchain games that got left behind, Blockchain Cuties has maintained its superiority, and with good reason. Besides trading valuable items, players can breed rare animals to sell and go on exciting adventures. Every character within the game comes with unique items to boost their fighting abilities. Start playing Blockchain Cuties here!

3. Grasshopper Farm

Image via Telegram

Grasshopper Farm is another blockchain game powered by Ethereum’s ledger. The game is a community-built and inspired farming game where players can take on special missions. Grasshopper Farm is compatible with most mobile operating systems, and players must have a crypto wallet before they begin the game. The game can be played exclusively on a Telegram channel and you can try out the game on its official Telegram channel here.

4. Somnium Space

Somnium Space is another Ethereum-powered game that utilizes virtual reality technology. Players can use non-fungible tokens and other digital assets to build within the virtual world. Somnium Space’s platform and its world were built solely by its users, making it truly unique. Check out the world of Somnium Space here!

5. Guild of Guardians

Image via Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a blockchain role-playing game where players build unbeatable teams to face off against one another. The mobile fantasy game offers nonstop action and adrenaline and utilizes NFTs and in-game items. Players can trade items of value to elevate their character’s status. Plus, Guild of Guardians is free to play and you can start playing the game here.

6. Hexarchia

Hexarchia is a blockchain game that takes place in an epic fantasy world. As a 3D game, Hexarchia is loosely based on the game of chess. The game utilizes NFTs and mods as rewards for victorious players. Sharpen your brain cells and start playing Hexarchia here!

7. Crypto Wars

Crypto Wars is an idle browser game that allows a player to mine tokens. As a strategy-based tactical game, Crypto Wars requires players to conquer their competition. The game’s goal is to build the largest mining farms to influence the market, ultimately edging out the competition.

Additionally, gamers must create an army and strategically attack surrounding players. Crypto Wars is compatible with Android devices. You can directly download Crypto Wars and start building your mining farm from the Google Play Store here.

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