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5 Interesting Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale features that makes it enjoyable

Call of Duty Mobile was released globally on October 1st, after months of being in the beta phase and limited access. As players worldwide try the new Battle Royale mode, it is important to know of some essential features of this game mode, and why you should give it a try! Here we have listed down 5 interesting features of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode that players should take note of.

1. Selecting your Specialist Class

At the beginning of a match, a player gets the option to choose which Class to play as, in the match. Each class has a special ability that can be used multiple times during a match, and a permanent ability of that class active during the whole match.

cod mobile character classes

The seventh class “Airborne” is not available by default. It is unlocked at a higher player level. In case you’re playing squad, only one player from the squad can use a class. It is the same case for duos. Players playing Solo can choose any class of their choice. Hopefully, there will be more classes with the future Call of Duty Mobile updates.

2. Cars in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale

The Battle Royale mode features different kinds of cars, with various advantages and disadvantages to them. Here are some of them:

Two seater in Call of Duty Mobile
Two-Seater, with high stability and mobility.
Four-seater in Call of Duty Mobile
Four-seater, with very high stability but less mobility than a two-seater.

Last but not least, is the two-seater with a minigun (called the Scythe) attached to the top of the vehicle:

Two-seater with minigun in call of duty mobile

The vehicle has high speed but, is very unstable and has low HP.

The player seated at the back is granted control of the minigun. The minigun has unlimited ammo but heats up upon being continuously fired.

3. Helicopters in Call of Duty Mobile Battle royale

Helicopter in Cod mobile

Helicopters are one of the best features of the Battle Royale mode. Players can find them on the selected locations on the map and they have a wide range of uses!

Helicopter in Call of Duty Mobile

A helicopter can carry a full squad, with one player responsible for flying it and the other three seated in the chopper. The players seated as passengers have the ability to use their guns while in the sky itself!

Flying the Helicopter in Call of Duty Mobile

The helicopter can serve as a fast means to get into the safe-zone if it is far. Landing the helicopter is as easy it is to take off. The health-points are not high so it is easy to be shot in the air, especially by anti-air weapons available in air-drops. However, players in the helicopter can exit it even while in air, by gliding to the ground.

4. Cerberus

If you have had a good look at the Battle Royale map “Isolated” you surely must have noticed a red marker North-West of Farm.

Cerberus spawn location in Cod mobile

The red mark is the location of Cerberus, a monster which when killed, spawns high-level loot.

Being in the vicinity of the red beam is what triggers the spawning.

Fighting monster Cerberus in COD Mobile

It is best to have sufficient loot before trying to kill the monster, as it has high HP as well as high splash damage, which might easily kill you.

5. Zip-lines

Zip-lines in Call of Duty Mobile

Zip-lines placed around the map in strategic places help in climbing to hill-tops faster. They can serve as great ways to introduce new tactics in the game!

So these were some of the interesting Call of Duty Mobile Battle royale features. The developers have done an amazing job in designing the game mechanics and maps, making them both beautiful as well as tactical!

It will be exciting to witness this game progress forward, with the developers taking care of bugs while adding new features to the game, or even more Battle Royale maps in the future updates!

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