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Call of Duty Mobile Characters: Here’s why they are so popular

The Call of Duty franchise has been trending among gamers for a long time. Starting with the PC and Console, finally, it made into mobile games. And Call of Duty Mobile is available after a long wait. Among the best parts of this series, the characters of the game are quite popular. Activision has introduced iconic characters into the Call of Duty series at various times. Those characters have made a special place in the hearts of the fans. Maybe that’s why Activision has decided to put 6 of them into the mobile version as Call of Duty Mobile characters. So let us see who are these 6 characters and why are they so much popular!

1. Thomas Merrick

Call of Duty Mobile, COD Mobile, COD mobile, Thomas Merrick
Thomas Merrick

A former US Navy Seal, Thomas Merrick first appeared in Call of Duty Ghosts as a supporting character. He led soldiers in the final battle of the federation war.

2. Alex Mason

Call of Duty Mobile Characters, COD Mobile, Alex Mason
Alex Mason

Retired Marine Force Recon Captin and a CIA operative, Alex Mason first appeared as the main character in Call of Duty Black Ops. Later he was a Deutergonist in Black Ops II. He is an expert in stealth and infiltration. It will be interesting to see how Activision portrayed him as Call of Duty Mobile characters.

3. David Mason aka ‘Section’

Call of Duty Mobile Characters, COD Mobile, David Mason
David Mason

“Section” aka David Mason first made his appearance as the main character in Call of Duty Black ops II. He is the son of Alex Mason who was the main character in the previous edition of the game. David Mason is an expert war strategist and a member of Seal Team Six.

4. Simon Riley aka ‘Ghost’

Call of Duty Mobile, Ghost, Simon Riley, COD Mobile,
Simon Riley

The British Lieutenant, Simon Riley goes with the name “Ghost”. He appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 2: Ghost, Call of Duty: Online, Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish and Call of Duty: Heroes as a special British Forces Operator. And now he made his way into the Call of Duty Mobile characters. His expertise lies in sniping.

5. Captain John Mactavish aka ‘Soap’

Call of Duty Mobile Characters
John Mactavish

John Mactavish goes with the name “Soap”. He is one of the main characters of Moden Warfare series. The sniper and demolition expert played a key role in Modern Warfare 3 as a field commander. So what role is he getting in Call of Duty Mobile? Let’s wait and watch!

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6. Captain John Price

COD Mobile
John Price

John Prince aka Bravo Six is also featured in Call of Duty Mobile characters. The sniper expert from the Britsh Special Forces, Captain Price is one of the main characters of Modern Warfare series. He’s the last man to stand in the war of Modern Warfare series.

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