Clash Royale: Insanely detailed Reddit post tells how to fix the ladder matchmaking

A Reddit post shows stunning analysis on the Clash Royale matchmaking system!

Reddit, often called the front page of the internet by its users, is known for its huge network of diverse and varied communities called subreddits focusing on certain topics. One such subreddit exists for the game Clash Royale by Supercell. Recently, a user named u/NovaLightCR has made an extensive analysis of the ladder matchmaking system in Clash Royale.

He has brought forward a solution that makes matchmaking fairer, by taking card level differences into account. In this article, we’ll unravel the Reddit analysis provided to the ladder matchmaking system and discuss what needs to be done in Clash Royale, in order to fix it.

Clash Royale ladder matchmaking system: Analysis

Basis of investigation

According to the user, they’ve taken into account the following factors and assumptions:

  • Number of 2v2 battles accounted for.
  • Players are always matched with opponents within a 40 trophy count.
  • Evenly distributed players and card levels are each King Tower(KT) level from 8 to 14.

Hence, a simulation was run of 25,000 players involved in 10,000,000 million battles. The first test involved testing the existing ladder matchmaking system in the game, by setting King Tower (KT) difference to +1 or -1 and capping the trophies at 6000, after which there won’t be any more KT matchmaking (mm).

Clash Royale ladder matchmaking
Abrupt spike in Card-level difference around 6000 trophies (Image via Reddit)

The graph, as provided by u/NovaLightCR shows the abrupt spike in card level difference around the 6000-trophy mark. This is a testament that players often reach this mark quite easily, due to the matchmaking system. But, they generally get stuck there, due to unfair matchmaking. This is because there are huge differences in card level. To be a successful model, the card levels need to be tighter. Players should be more evenly distributed than the current ladder system when it is run through 4 million simulations.

Detailed Analysis

The analysis involves the testing of various simulations by the user. Each of them was satisfying a different condition(s), in order to find the most appropriate ladder matchmaking condition, to even the spike in the level difference curve, providing a fairer matching system.

Some of the conditions include not being limited to the matching based on card levels, card levels capped according to the league, card levels capped according to the player’s King Tower, equal King Tower, etc. The term level difference means the difference in the total sum of all the levels of all eight cards added in a deck of one player from the other player. The lesser the difference, the fairer the matchmaking is. The maximum sum can be 112, which is 8 cards × 14, where 14 is the maximum level of the card.

Clash Royale ladder matchmaking
Player distribution when KT matchmaking is removed (Image via Reddit)

The above graphic displays the player distribution, when simply the King Tower matchmaking is removed. As we can see, the graph has become more even than the current ladder. But on the other hand, the card level difference is about thrice as worse, which eliminates this condition as a solution.

Clash Royale ladder matchmaking system: How to fix

Another analysis gives us an insight, as to what would happen, if the matchmaking was based on capping card levels. Although the distribution was again very good in this condition, the simulation proved that the players were getting stuck in lower tiers more often, owing to the card level matchmaking.

With several such simulations run and conditions being tested, u/NovaLightCR has proved that the conclusive condition to fix the ladder matchmaking is to cap card levels based on the current league of the player.

Clash Royale ladder matchmaking
Level difference between players per match, based on trophies (Image via Reddit)

The above graphics show us the level difference between players per match, based on trophies. As we can see, it is extremely balanced. The bulk difference is being less than 3 and around 2. This will also benefit skilled players, who were dealt with a bad hand by matchmaking in terms of level difference. It will be fair for the players, as all the cards will be equally powerful, owing to the cap in an arena or league.

This will make the more skilled player the winner. In this model, the skill level increases with the increase of trophies. Thus, the graph becomes even, eliminating the possibility of players being hardstuck. The table for the suggested cap is as follows:

LeagueMaximum Card Level (Sum of 8)
Challenger 164
Challenger 272
Challenger 380
Master 188
Master 296
Master 3104


With an absolutely remarkable post, Reddit user u/NovaLightCR from the Clash Royale subreddit of Reddit has put in the utmost dedication in bringing forward what can be a huge solution for the players who get hardstuck in Clash Royale, due to being unfairly matched against players, beyond their skill level and card level.

It is to be seen whether the solutions do catch the eye of the development team of Supercell, which is a company known for its conduct and loyalty to the opinion of the players. If it indeed does reach them, it can be a piece of happy news for the players and we all know who to thank for that.

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phanimitra vadlamani

Yeah….loyal to opinions of players, and yet matchmaking issue continues form about 5 years without changing a bit. They just want money, they dont care about the player base. If they do, they must have done something to prevent matching lvl 10s and 11s against maxed players, but they didn’t.

The warden

I totally agree clash royale has fallen into the greedy buisness model. It’s pay to win when you can’t even experiment with new decks because your cards are to low level. Literally sucks the fun out of the game unless you spend money.

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