Why developers ditched browser gaming for app-based games

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The last decade witnessed game developers opting for an App instead of continuing with browser-based games. Majorly, because of the increased usage of smartphones and technological advancements, developers could optimize the game easily on apps. Apart from the user experience, apps allowed developers and publishers to find various new sources of revenue generation. Here, we will be listing various reasons why developers ditched browser-based games for app-based games.

The emergence of app-based gaming

Play from anywhere

The most obvious reason why developers chose to opt for the app is that it allows players an opportunity to play wherever they want. It helped them increase their active user base. If you have an internet connection, you can always open the app and play your favorite genre. By being available wherever you have an internet connection, mobile games turned out to be great for passing time or even relieving some stress when having some downtime.

Better user experience

One of the biggest differences between a browser-based game and its app is user experience. In comparison with apps, browsers were turning out to be difficult to navigate. This was turning out to be quite confusing and frustrating, especially for players who were playing browser-based games for the first time. The app-based games remove this complexity, with many of them made to get you to the games you like playing faster, thereby improving user experience.


Mobile game developers take their security very seriously and so should you. Gaming apps help keep your account and information secure in a few ways. One is through reviews left by other users. As mentioned above, the Android and Apple Play stores let users leave reviews about the apps they have downloaded. Going through these reviews can let you know whether the app is secure enough for you to enter your data.

2020 Mobile Gaming Game  developers app-based games

Second, your phone also provides a layer of security. If you have secured your phone using a password or other security measure, there is very little room for someone to get into your account. Also, various games come with two-factor authentication which provides an additional layer of protection. Then, there are security certificates embedded into gaming apps. These help to stop ‘man-in-the-middle attacks’, thereby ensuring only you and the developer have access to sensitive personal or banking information.

Discover new games

Most game developers are part of a larger media network. When you download games mostly from the puzzle-based genre then you may also find other games via advertisements, as these are major revenue sources.

Ease of Signing up

Signing up through a gaming app is a lot easier than using a browser. Some apps can access the information they need, such as your name or email if you have logged in to your Google account on your phone, for example. If you permit apps to do this, the sign-up process becomes a lot faster. You can also add banking information and passwords using auto-suggest features embedded into some of the apps.

Other miscellaneous reasons

When choosing a game, one of the most important things to do is to read reviews to learn everything. We have websites that review all the games that are being released. Not only traditional video games, but we also have websites like Online Casinos that are dedicated to reviewing new casino slots and sites and telling you everything you need to know about them. Here are some new casino sites to check out as well as additional information on bonuses, games you can play, perks, the gaming experience they offer, and everything else you need to know.

developers app-based games

Game apps also come with ratings, especially if you are downloading the app from the play store. These reviews and ratings can be used as an additional source of information about the game you are considering playing at. People will often leave reviews about things like security, user experience, and gameplay, so you can have all the information you need before you decide to download the game.

Overall, there are plenty of good reasons why game developers started to prefer apps over browsers. While you need to download the app, there are various other positives to negate this downside. The better user experience, personalization, and security are perhaps the biggest reasons why you should choose a gaming app over its browser-based set-up. These in short are the major reasons, developers go for app-based games rather than opting for browser-based gaming.

What are your thoughts on developers ditched browser gaming and went with app-based games? Let us know in the comments below!

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