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Free Fire vs Free Fire Max: Key differences to watch out

It's the battle between Regular vs HD

Garena has announced the global release of their new immersive Free Fire playing experience, Free Fire MAX. This new version of Free Fire will offer players various enhancements in gameplay. It will be a standalone mobile application that will offer users the same battle-royale gameplay, with better graphics and gameplay to people across the world. Players around the world will get an optimized Free Fire experience with enhanced graphics and features. This article on Free Fire vs Free Fire Max analyzes how Free Fire Max version is different from Free Fire and which one is better to play. We will be looking into the basic features and aspects of these versions to know all about them.

Assessing the basic differences of Free Fire and Free Fire Max

1. Animation changes

Gun Reload: Every weapon in Free Fire Max has a different reload animation from that in Free Fire with the most unique reload animation is of M1887.  In the Max version, the character reloads the gun with one hand, unlike Free Fire which has almost the same reload animation for every weapon.

Free Fire vs Free Fire Max
Free Fire vs Free Fire Max Gun Reload animation

The single sniper reloads bug is also removed in Free Fire Max. When the player shoots from any sniper, the scope button disables for a few seconds (for reloading animation). Moreover, the player cannot reload sniper when there is bullet ejection animation going on.

Katana Animation: As maximum players know Garena has had numerous anime collaborations, and as a part of that, they are adding a special katana swing in Free Fire Max.

Free Fire vs Free Fire Max
Free Fire vs Free Fire Max Katana Animation

This new animation seems alike to the speed-o-sonic from the One Punch Man collaboration. Moreover, the katana swing has a Blue light animation when Katana swings. The legendary katana, however, will have enhanced animation.

Vehicle Tyre Animation: From the past few updates, Free Fire is changing vehicles by adding very minor features to them. And now in the Max version, the developers added tyre burn marks on the ground when a player uses brake in the vehicle. However, this will only happen only when the vehicle has drifted or stopped. Also, developers have added tyre smoke effects when the vehicle moves at high speed or on dirt tracks.

Eating Animation: Free Fire was being criticized because it totally showcased some really unnatural eating animation but in Free Fire Max, the developers have changed eating animation and added hand moments for eating mushrooms.

2. Enhanced in-game Settings

In Free Fire Max, there will be a different section for the in-game settings. These settings can be turned off and on. Turning off the Max settings will convert your settings to the default settings of normal Free Fire.

Login video: In Free Fire Max, the player will get to see a music video of the latest event. The music video is published on the Free Fire official Youtube channel and after that gets introduced in MAX in the Login window

Free Fire vs Free Fire Max
Free Fire Max Lobby Video

Lobby Style: The classic lobby style in Free Fire Max is the same as Free Fire. However, the dynamic lobby style makes the lobby 3d which means players can rotate the lobby and showcase skins. The players can also showcase their rank in 3D lobby style.

Free Fire vs Free Fire Max
Free Fire Max Lobby Style

3. Craftland Mode

In this new mode, Free Fire Max players can make their own maps (only available for clash squad). After building their own map player can add their friend and play clash squad for free. You can use a Custom card for playing and also note that it takes 0 diamonds in making/creating a map. Players can also add hill (height) and depth to land. This map gets uploaded and then can be downloaded/used by others.

Free Fire vs Free Fire Max: differences in a nutshell

In terms of gameplay experience, the Free Fire Max version is far better than the original version of Free Fire. The Max version has the least amount of bugs and lag and has better performance. To make things clearer, we have compiled the features for both games in a tabular format for you to decide easily between the two games.

FeaturesFree Fire MaxFree Fire
Bugs/GlitchIn Max, the developers have reduced the most annoying window bug (unable to jump from the window) and have reduced many other bugs (Single sniper glitch, jump headshot, fake damage/hit mark, etc)In Free Fire, the developers are slowly reducing few bugs at a time. Moreover, all the bugs are still working in-game yet even after multiple feedbacks.
Animation and graphicsThe game has more realistic animation and graphics than the original version of the game. The reload mechanics were upgraded and movement mechanics were also upgraded. And the graphics can be switched to ultra HD and ultra.In Free Fire, the game always has a kind of nonrealistic animation/graphics (but the game is based on imagination which increases the creativity of developers to try new items/characters/etc.). The game doesn’t have ultra HD graphics but has shadows and high resolution
Craftland/Map-makingIn Max, the game has the feature to create and play on its own unique maps. Moreover, players get the freedom to make unique maps.In Free Fire, sadly, Craftland can not be accessed by the players but they can play custom maps created by their friends.

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