Gamelight states the importance of AI-backed Mobile Games Marketing

It's proven to create wonders!

Many technologies are emerging in the constantly changing field of artificial intelligence, providing solutions for different industries. Among them, the user acquisition firm Gamelight stands out since it solves a recurring problem for game publishers: connecting their games with the right audience.

Gamelight, an AI-powered mobile marketing platform based in Germany, introduces an innovative, data-driven approach that fosters connections between players and game developers through proprietary game recommendation platforms. The platform was named the “Best AI Tool” at the dotComm Awards for its innovative approach to AI.

Role of AI in Mobile Games Marketing

The platform’s AI makes use of a variety of data sources, incorporating location, gender, and age to understand user preferences. This comprehension facilitates accurate targeting and the development of customized experiences.

To provide relevant recommendations, the AI also explores users’ gaming histories, examining preferred genres and previous interactions. It is particularly good at spotting patterns in player behavior, increasing interaction, and extending user sessions. Algorithmic optimizations powered by these insights improve user experiences.

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Enhancing the Mobile Gaming Experience

The platform is trained to elevate user satisfaction and deliver unparalleled gaming experiences. It strives for:

  • Prolonged Player Engagement: The platform recommends personalized games and optimizes gameplay experiences, encouraging prolonged engagement and satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Retention Strategies: By identifying factors influencing user retention, AI develops strategies to maintain player loyalty, leading to increased lifetime value and retention rates.
  • Improved Gaming Discovery: Personalized recommendations ensure players discover games aligned with their interests, enriching gaming experiences.

Gamelight’s recent results have helped GOAT Games

In a notable case study, GOAT Games, the makers of Dungeon Hunter 6 witnessed the power of AI with their RPG title Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas. The campaign’s success surpassed expectations, achieving a 43% ROAS by day seven and doubling to 86% by day 30.

Image via Gamelight

Utilizing Gamelight’s advanced AI algorithm and open targeting, they exceeded their goals, experiencing a 410% D30 ARPU boost compared to other advertising platforms. To put it another way, a lot of new players were able to learn about and install GOAT Games’ role-playing game.

Thanks to the AI algorithm, they were able to increase player activity and grow their user base. This illustrates how AI makes tailored gaming recommendations easier for users to find and play games. Interested users can check Gamelight’s official website for more information.

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