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Genshin Impact Character Event Wishes-2: Changes and improvements

Changes and improvements in Genshin Impact!

Character Event Wishes-2 is a new wish type that was added after the Genshin Impact Version 2.3 update. This is similar to the Character Event Wishes, along with the same set of rules. The pity count for both “Character Event Wishes” and “Character Event Wishes-2” is shared. It will be accumulated between both the “Character Event Wish” and “Character Event Wish-2”. Informally, these banners are also called rerun banners, as the sole purpose of making them was for having rerun banners along with new limited five-star characters.

The rates for pulling characters will always be the same for both of them, along with the banner rules. Although, one can still check all about it in detail in-game from the Event Wish Detail. One thing to note is that just like Character Event Wish, the new mechanic will have no shared pity count with Weapon Event Wish or Standard Wish banner.

Pity count or wish guarantee count work for banners

Since the pity is shared, the counts accumulated will be the same for both. The only thing different is the promotional character on it. For example, if one does 60 wishes on Genshin Impact Character Event Wish-2 and the other does the remaining on Character Event Wish. The five stars that one will get will be the ones from the Character Event Wish pool.

Genshin Impact Character Event Wishes 2
Genshin Impact Character Event Wishes-2: Born of Ocean Swell (Image via miHoYo)

Even the guaranteed pity is shared between them. Let us say when someone got a non-promotional five-star character from Character Event Wishes and then wished on the Character Event Wishes-2, the next five star will be the promotional character from Character Event Wish-2. The same applies to four-star characters too.

The pity count carries from one banner to another

The pity count carries from one banner to another. Once the duration of a banner is over, the pity count will be carried over to both the next Character Event Wish and Character Event Wish-2 banners. For some patches, Character Event Wish-2 may be removed, one does not need to worry. The pity count will still be there, regardless of the wishes done on the previous banners. The pity accumulated on both the Character Event Wish and Character Event Wish-2 events will be carried over to the next Character Event Wish, even if the Character Event Wish-2 is not present.

Will every Genshin Impact patch have Character Event Wishes-2

Aside from reruns, there should not be Character Event Wishes-2 for every patch. We can still expect at least one Character Event Wishes-2 banner per patch, as reruns are becoming more and more frequent. One can always check miHoYo’s official accounts for information regarding banners.

FTPS and low-spenders: How is it better for them

The Genshin Impact 2.3 update brought the new permanent mechanic. Every patch had a cycle between the two new limited characters, or a rerun character along with a new limited five-star character. This means two five stars per update. But now with every patch, it can have a max of four, five-star characters with, both new and old characters. This means faster reruns for older characters and players won’t have to wait a long time to use their primogems.

On one hand, it may feel like FTPS and low spenders can’t get their characters as they have less time to save. On the other hand, releasing characters like this means rerun characters will come faster since the five-star character pool is not very huge.

What are the changes and improvements made in Genshin Impact Character Event Wishes-2? Let us know in the comments below.

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