How Mobile Bingo has opened up the game to a new generation

Bingo is a game that has reached a new generation of players in recent years. Part of the reason for this increase in its popularity is the fact that Bingo is now so easily accessible at any time on mobile devices.

The switch to Online Bingo

The roots of bingo are long and interesting. However, its emergence as an important social event in the US began when it was first played at carnivals in Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh in the 1920s.

It soon became a popular game in homes across the country. Bingo moved onto a new phase in the next few decades, as bingo halls opened up across the world. Churches and charities also discovered that the game offered a way to bring people together and raise funds in a fun way.

The arrival of the internet changed everything for this game, as with so many other aspects of life. Once players discovered the convenience of playing at home, this gave them another way of playing.

It is calculated that online bingo makes up around 3% of the overall global gambling market. This report from the UK Gambling Commission shows the revenue from online bingo growing year-on-year from 2008-09 through to 2016-17.

The introduction of mobile bingo has given the industry another boost by increasing the accessibility and ease of use. This has also led to younger players giving it a try. A survey by YouGov showed that 28% of all players in the last year were aged 25 to 34. 26% of them were in the 35-44 group.

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Retaining the Social Aspect of Bingo on mobile devices

One of the aspects of bingo that has proven to be popular with players of all ages is the social factor. This is commonly regarded as being a key factor in its growth, as players find a game that lets them enjoy the company of others.

Mobile bingo also includes a strong social element, as sites often contain established communities of players who chat with each other as they play. They aren’t in the same physical room, but they are still playing together.

Regular players can also earn prizes for contributing to the chatting. For example, you can claim a bingo bonus from Paddy Power called Roomie of the Week, where chatting in the different rooms is the only requirement to take part and where reward points can be won.

Helping existing Bingo players with simple Mobile gaming

Another way of looking at this situation is to consider how many existing bingo players have been tempted to try mobile games because of their love of bingo.

It is more difficult to put numbers on this, as it is estimated that the majority of online bingo players are under 50. However, it seems likely that some older players will have made a bingo game the first thing that they have tried on their first mobile device.

With the mobile bingo market continuing to expand, it would be no surprise to see a greater number of young, tech-savvy users becoming fans of this fast-moving game. 

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