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5 Things to know about the Release of Wild Rift

Even though the release of Wild Rift isn’t right around the corner yet, head developer Brian Feralpony Feeney chatted out of the box on the occasion of Riot’s 10th-anniversary stream. During the interview, not only did he reveal a lot of in-game footage, but he also talked about some unique mechanics and FAQs about League of Legends’ Wild Rift:

1. Champions

Of course Wild Rift is already all about its Legends long before its release. While not all Heroes will be available, the devs are working on a large amount of Champs to start with (around 40), additional ones will most likely follow after the launch.

Champion Changes Wild Rift Release
Champion adjustments: Vayne will have an active 2nd ability instead of her traditional passive skill in LoL

Feralpony stated that the kits of some champions would be tough to transport to mobile – but don’t worry, even the infamous Yasuo made it to Wild Rift.

Especially in regards to those Champions with higher complexity, the devs made changes to certain abilities for the sake of more intuitive and fluid gameplay.

2. Veteran League players and Pay2Win

Although LoL players will be able to connect their PC and mobile account, they won’t be able to transfer their Champions, Skins and Achievements. However, Feralpony also pointed out that those veteran players will be rewarded; whether you’ll get in-game currency bonuses or a couple of benefits, those details are still pending. All we know by now is that they will take place on a fair base.

Don’t worry if you never touched League of Legends though: Champions were promised to be acquirable for reasonable amounts of in-game currency and you won’t need to spend a dime to play the game to its full potential.

3. Upgrade Boots to active Items!

Wild Rift Release Boots Active Items
First insight into the purchasable active Items in Wild Rift

Those with MOBA experience will know about the powerful impact of active Items; once you activate them, your Champion gets access to buffs, steroids or strong special abilities for a certain period of time.

For handling purposes, there will only be one active Item slot available in-game. However, you will be able to upgrade your boots, adding an Item active of your choice to them.

Some of those active Item options were shown, most of them already exist in League of Legends on PC.

4. The Rune System

Wild Rift release Rune System
Preview of the Rune System available once Wild Rift will be released

Similar to other mobile MOBAs, we’ll have a Rune System in-game that allows for individually customized gameplay. While you get to use Enchantments in Arena of Valor or Emblems in Mobile Legends, Wild Rift will provide a simplified version of the current Rune System from League. Pretty straightforward, players will be able to choose one Rune in each row in order to adapt to their playstyle.

5. Key data and differences?

Wild Rift as a completely new designed version will come with lots of changes, despite many similarities to its older brother.

  • New models, new animations, new skins, new map – while many things seem familiar, Wild Rift isn’t Copy & Paste; if anything at all, it’s an improved version
  • Design for mobile: twin-stick control mechanics, a mirrored map when playing on “red” side (the upper side of the map in traditional League of Legends) and adjusted Champion kits
  • Accelerated games due to a smaller map and adjusted tower/ minion stats
  • Cross-plattform gameplay is not intended (we’re talking about 2 different games after all), although Riot already announced potential cross-over events
  • Wild Rift will be playable on both iOS and Android
  • Minimum requirements of smartphones will most likely equal iPhone S5 and Samsung Galaxy A7
  • We can expect Wild Rift’s release 2020, region by region. Alpha and beta will start this year already.

If you want to find out more about Wild Rift and its release, make sure to check out the full interview on YouTube:

What is it that you’re most excited about for the release of Wild Rift? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest gaming news!

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