Legends of Runeterra Elusive Keyword: Possible solutions to this troublesome buzzword

The Elusive keyword is one that sometimes disappears from the meta, but then alto quickly returns. Unfortunately, it keeps certain decks from being viable and is one of the most un-interactive mechanics in the Legends of Runeterra game. Most of the community seems to be in agreement that this mechanic is one that causes more harm than good. Here in this article on Legends of Runeterra Elusive keyword, we have listed possible solutions to making the keyword less frustrating and more possible to be countered.

1. Making elusive units worse on defense

One of the main problems with elusive units is that while they are incredible on the attack, they can still be used on defense. Sure, they’re not very good blockers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t block. So one suggestion which can be seen thrown around is why not make elusive units unable to block?

This is a little odd because wouldn’t that defeat the whole point? Elusive units can only be blocked by other elusive units, so if we made it so that elusive units couldn’t block, then they might as well just be unblockable units.

But would this really fix the problem? The problem with elusive units comes mostly from their offensive power. They’re already vulnerable to spells and challenger units. So would making them more vulnerable help at all? It might, but this seems like a band-aid fix. In our opinion, this would fix the problem briefly. But maybe that’s what we need for now.

2. Making elusive temporary

Legends of Runeterra Elusive Keyword

Do you know Navori Bladescout? How it only has elusive the turn it’s summoned? Well, the idea is to apply that to all elusive units. You have to admit, this does seem like a good solution. It’d be similar to the barrier keyword. It would force the player to use elusive to be more conservative with when to play them.

But would this kill elusive champions like Teemo and Ezreal? You could simply play the elusive the turn you attack, get a big hit off, and then use the units to favorably trade when your opponent attacks. This might look like another temporary fix.

3. Adding a mechanic like ‘Reach’

For those of you who don’t know, Magic: The Gathering, another card-game has its own elusive-like mechanic. It’s called flying. Flying units can only be blocked by other flying units. They also have a mechanic called reach which allows the unit to block flying units (despite the creature not having flying itself). So, would adding reach solve the elusive problem? Honestly, it’s not possible.

While it certainly wouldn’t hurt to add something like Reach, it’s highly doubted it’ll fix anything. We suppose it might work if the units with reach were strong, but if they’re just regular units with one keyword, would you use them? The idea of adding cards to solely counter a specific mechanic typically does not work in card games.

4. Keeping elusive units healths low

Legends of Runeterra Elusive Keyword

This is a simple one. You can reduce the health number of elusive units across the board. For example, we would make Solitary Monk’s health go down to 2 from 3. Basically, no elusive unit should have more than 2 health. This would make them more susceptible to damaging spells and low attack challenger units.

5. Making challenger and vulnerable more available

The final way is the keywords challenger and vulnerable. But there’s a problem with these last two counters. Challenger units aren’t very common and they seem to be almost a Demacia thing. To make it worse, the current challenger units available aren’t very strong and the majority doesn’t see much play.

And there are very few cards that apply vulnerable, with most being locked to Bilgewater. The idea for this fix is to make the keywords challenger and vulnerable available to more regions. Would this fix the problem? Many would think it has potential but this is not a sure fact if it would fix it for good. But out of all the solutions, this one seems pretty viable.

So, that’s all about the ways to make the Legends of Runeterra Elusive keyword less thwarting for yourself in the game.

What do you think of these ways mentioned in the Legends of Runeterra Elusive Keyword article? Let us know in the comment section!

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