10 Best Mobile Games that you can play during the commute

It is the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century. The world we live in is a very busy one. Almost every person on this planet has some kind of full-time commitment. If you’re a student, you’ll have to attend college or school. If you’re an office employee, you’ll have to reach your workplace. Billions of people travel everyday to fulfil their required task. Imagine it’s 1980 and you’re taking a morning commute to wherever you’re going, be it your workplace, educational institute, etc, spending your entire day fulfilling your required tasks, and then coming back home only to spend the next day repeating the entire cycle. Good thing is, it’s 2020 and not 1980, and you can find various ways to spend your time using just your smartphone. Ofcourse you can scroll through your Facebook News Feed but there are other things you can do. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just someone looking to kill time, here are the top 10 mobile games that you can play during your everyday commute.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga was released in 2012 for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, as well as Web Browsers. It’s been over 5 years since King successfully launched this game, yet this game is still played by millions of users worldwide. Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle game where players can move candies by swiping on the screen. The genre is pretty much self-explanatory; you need to match three or more candies in a row to succeed. The game offers a variety of different levels, with varying difficulty. You can easily kill your time with this game while also improving your overall puzzle-solving skills.

Mario Kart Tour

The classic fan-favorite Mario Kart series returns with a brand new instalment to the franchise. Mario Kart Tour, the 14th game in its franchise, was released only a few months ago in September 2019. Unlike its predecessor, Mario Kart Tour takes a slightly different approach to its gameplay. Instead of a traditional “be the first to finish the race” mode, this game emphasizes collecting points during the race. Even though Mario Kart Tour received an average rating, it still managed to win the title of “Racing Game of the Year” at the 23rd D.I.C.E Awards.

Fruit Ninja

Of all the things you’d want to do during a commute, cutting fruit is probably the last one right? But what if you can do that without getting your hands dirty? Fruit Ninja is a game that allows you to do just that, except you won’t be cutting any real fruit. One or more fruit(s) will be randomly thrown and your objective is to swipe on the screen to cut them. The more you play it, the faster the game will throw the fruits. The game will also occasionally throw bombs and cutting those will result in Game Over. Fruit Ninja is a 10-year-old game but it’s still one of the best mobile games that you can play during your commute.

Angry Birds 2

The Angry Birds franchise by Rovio Entertainment is popular worldwide and has been adapted into several other media such as movies, toys, etc. It can be considered as one of the best Mobile Games to play during the commute. As for the video game franchise, before the rapid emergence battle royale genre, Angry Birds was one of the most downloaded mobile video game franchises. Angry Birds 2 was the most downloaded game on Android during August 2015. Just like its predecessor, it involves slingshotting various birds towards the enemy’s structure to destroy it. Angry Birds 2 lets players select the bird of their own choice which they would throw at their enemies, a feature absent in the predecessor. Angry Birds 2 is a really fun game and is great for mitigating boredom during commutes.

Crossy Roads

If you take public transport everyday, you’re an expert in crossing roads. Now imagine you’re a chicken and you must cross an endless series of roads and rivers with various obstacles. If you get hit by a car, you die. If you fall into the river, you die. And if you stay put for too long, guess what, you die because an eagle will kill you. That’s what you have to do in Crossy Roads. You get to control a chicken (or any other character from the list) and keep crossing an endless series of roads and river while avoiding oncoming traffic and other obstacles. This game is bound to keep you glued to your phone and is really good for killing time.

Cover Fire

If you really want to dive into a dedicated campaign, you can try out Cover Fire. Cover Fire is a first-person shooter game developed by Genera Games. As the game’s protagonist, you must defeat terrorists before they unleash chaos upon the world. Cover Fire features a variety of missions ranging from search and rescues to drone warfare. Apart from the primary campaign, the game also features other game modes including a zombie survival mode. If you’re into shooter games, then this game is just the one you’re probably looking for.

City Island 5

If you are a daily commuter, you must have wondered what it is like to actually run a city. What if you are asked to build a city from scratch? That’s what you get to do in City Island 5. Players start with an island where they have to build a city. As you progress further into the game, you unlock new islands and newer ways of building your city. The game features dozens of quests which you can complete since building a city is not enough; you’ve got to run the city and ensure everything is in order. You will be provided with a theme on which you’ll have to build your city. It adds to the fun and lets you come up with innovative ideas. By the time you’re well versed with the game, you’ll probably have your own collection of prospering cities, each with unique structural design.

Shadow of Death

If you’re into RPG genre and need a mobile game to play during your commute, you can start playing Shadow of Death. You can choose among multiple protagonists to play with, each of who has unique characteristics and playstyle. Players have the ability to fight with weapons as well as magical spells. The entire strategy of fighting is up to the player to decide. If you like to keep your distance from your enemies, you can cast spells to attack them. Or else, you can use your sword and acrobatic skills to hit them directly. Therefore, if you’re looking for some action as well as a moderate challenge, Shadow of Death is your game.

Subway Surfers

You must already be familiar with Subway Surfers. After all, this was the first game to cross the 1 billion download mark on Google Play Store in March 2018. In case you’re not into mobile gaming, here’s some basic information about the game. Subway Surfers is an endless running game where the player has to swipe the screen to make the protagonist jump, roll/slide, and change lanes. The player must avoid obstacles such as oncoming trains, railway track signs, barriers, etc. While running, the player needs to collect as many coins as possible with other items appearing periodically. Even though its an 8-year-old game, the game is still widely popular among mobile gamers.


#Drive takes you back to the 1970s with a plethora of cars and map setting from that era. The gameplay is pretty simple, you just need to keep driving. #Drive allows you to choose your vehicle from a list of vehicles, choose a map from a list, and then hit the road. The only objective is to not wreck the car by colliding into anything. If you’re a daily commuter, you must have imagined what it would be like to go on a long drive in your own car, away from the stress of your daily work. #Drive allows you to fulfil your dream virtually as the game does not provide many challenges or any long quest for you to complete.

Utilise your phone and kill the time!

Morning commutes can be utterly boring when you’re doing nothing but since you have a phone, you should make the most out of it. As we all know, the increasing power of mobile phones and their affordability has made it easy for the common mass to gain access to gaming like never before. Apart from esports games which enable players to participate in competitions, there are plenty of casual games which involve action, role-play, puzzle-solving, etc.

Therefore, if you’re ever wondering what games you can play on your mobile during your everyday commute, you know where to look. Keep in mind that you need not stick to one particular game for a long period of time. You can try out all the games from this list, get to work on your preferences, and then shortlist whichever games you prefer the most so that you can alternate between them.

If you have some Mobile Games suggestions that we can play during the commute, feel free to mention them in the comments below! And if you liked this list, then why don’t you check out our other lists here?

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