Top 10 Mobile Games with Controller Support

Especially for the older gaming generations, the inevitable touchscreen controls of mobile devices can be a drop of bitterness. Talking about inevitability, controllers aren’t a thing of the past though. The market for mobile games with controller support keeps growing while gamepads and Bluetooth controllers make mobile gaming as intuitional as never before.

Whether you’re new to the scene or just need some game recommendations, look no further! We compiled the Top 10 Mobile Games with Controller Support right here. If you’re looking for more game recommendations, make sure to check out our Best Games Lists.

Honorable Mentions

Before we’re heading right into it, here are a couple of awesome games that couldn’t quite make it to our Top 10. Nonetheless, they are definitely worth your time.

  • SAS4
  • Bloons Super Monkey 2
  • Dead Effect 2
  • Greedy Cave 1 & 2
  • 9th Dawn II 2 RPG
  • RAVENSWORD: Shadowlands

1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Mobile Games with Controller Support

With over 50 hours of gameplay, the award winning farming game of ConcernedApes is our first tip for mobile games with controller support. Explore the countryland in an open-ended farming RPG. Settle down in order to raise your own animals and start a family. Whether you want to build the farm of your dreams, explore mysterious caves or just spend a relaxing afternoon – Stardew Valley convinces its players with dozens of options and charming retro design.

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

With the launch of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rockstar Games brings its yet biggest release to mobile. Return to your hometown as Carl Johnson and dip into an open-world adventure to save your family and friends from harm. Therefore, you got to take control over the streets of the 90ths on a journey across the entire state.

With over 70 hours of gameplay and a magnificent storyline, the game already caught more than a million players. Join them now, whether you want to play with wireless game controllers or gamepad:

3. Geometry Dash

This rhytm-based action platformer lets you jump, flip and fly all across your screen through dangerous obstacles. Simple touch controls with lots of challenges allow for entertaining yet satisfying gameplay for hours. In addition, plenty of customization options and lots of unique soundtracks make Geometry Dash a pleasure for ears and eyes alike. Join over a million of players and fly ahead now:

4. SHADOWGUN LEGENDS – FPS PvP and Coop Shooting Game

SHADOWGUN LEGENDS Mobile Games with Controller Support

Looking for a PvP shooter? Cooperative online game for mobile? Or rather a thrilling story campain? With SHADOWGUN LEGENDS you get the full package for free. Explore a futuristic world while defeating the alien invasion that threatens humanity.

Team up with your friends to battle giant bosses or fight for your survival in War Arenas. In the meantime, collect hundreds of customizable weapons and armor sets. With high-end graphics and controller support, SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is amongst the best games to blur all lines between mobile and console experience.

5. Dungeon Hunter 5 – Action RPG

Become a bounty hunter like 10 millions of mobile players and immerge a stunning fantasy world of Dungeon Hunter 5. Wield more than 900 different weapons, cast devastating elemental spells and unleash powerful skills to defeat your foes. Aside from daily quests, you can join a guild, play with your friends and participate in weekly events. Explore dungeons as well as magnificent landscapes while seasonal challenges mix up your gameplay.

Try out the popular hack-n-slash hit yourself right now:

6. BombSquad

Supporting touch screens as well as a bunch of controllers, BombSquad lures with crazy mini-games. Even if you’re not into controllers, you can just enjoy the wide range of game modes on mobile or tablet. Have fun with up to 7 others of 10 million players or blow up your friends in explosive party-games. Whether you’re in the mood for capture-the-flag or hockey games, BombSquad has it all!

7. Soul Knight

Discover dozens of weapons in order to explore randomly generated dungeons. Published by ChillyRoom in 2017, Soul Knight charms players of every age with intuitive controls and smooth gameplay. Strategic elements ontop of cute retro design make Soul Knight one of the best rogue-likes for mobile. In addition, a bunch of different heroes with unique abilities ensure that things never get boring.

Sp, shoot aliens alongside friendly NPCs just like 10 million others already do!

8. Minecraft

With nearly 3 million reviews alone, Minecraft appears as one of the biggest mobile games to feature controllers. A real classic since years, the sandbox game from Mojang still remains a popular staple.

Create, explore, survive – Minecraft offers infinite options to build up a whole new world in its iconic pixel design. A large variety of game modes such as Multiplayer or Survival makes sure boredom remains a foreign word. Meanwhile, lots of free add-ons allow players to customize their experience even further.

9. DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter FPS

Another MADFINGER Games production to follow after SHADOWGUN LEGENDS: As the title already tells, DEAD TRIGGER 2 is all about shooting zombies to survive. Despite simplistic concept (haters would call it trite), over 50 million downloads silence the critics pretty quickly.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 Mobile Games with Controller Support

Choose between dozens of unique weapons. Then proceed to kill the virus-infected humans that mutate to zombies before they manage to kill you. Aside from consistent updates and evolving storylines, DEAD TRIGGER 2 offers a large world to explore (and clean up) as well as strategic action gameplay with many additional features.

Check out the apocalypse now – whether with touchscreen or controller.

10. Crossy Road

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Probably Hipster Whale’s most famous game, Crossy Road lives up to its name even 5 years after the initial release: Cross an infinite series of roads and obstacles without dying. While it might sound trivially at first, 100 million downloads on Google Play alone yield a point to Crossy Road.

Aside from endless challenges, multiplayer modes and over 200 playable characters (the surprising default: a chicken) add additional variety. You can even play on big screen with Android TV.

Which one is your favorite game? And are you playing on your phone or with controller? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to check out our news page for more exciting content.

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