Path of Exile plans to break the major industry stigmas with its mobile release

The phenomenon is gearing up for a grand mobile release!

If you’ve been playing Path of Exile or PoE for some time, you know how complex it is. You can spend hours attempting to understand everything there is to know and would only scratch the surface. Hopefully, you’re taking the time to absorb as much as you can. Players hope that complexity will translate to mobile play, yet it rarely does. Well, everyone is worried, but Path of Exile mobile plans to break that pattern and all the possible stigmas the gaming industry has.

You’ve been playing these sorts of games long enough to know that the mobile version of some games leaves much to be desired. As excited as you might be about Path of Exile or PoE releasing a mobile-friendly version, you’re worried about what might be missing. Fret not, in this article, we will discuss all the possible steps your favorite Path of Exile is undertaking to break the stigmas the gaming industry has with mobile titles

Possible release dates for Path of Exile Mobile

Before getting into what PoE is doing to ensure it breaks that regrettable pattern many games fall into, you should know what to expect from this mobile version. At the moment, the date is still unknown. The only thing you can do is continue looking for that release date because it will come at some point.

It’s not all bad though. You have the regular PoE game to entertain yourself with. You still have a lot of bosses to conquer. Additionally, you will also need to buy PoE currency to get all the goodies you need to be the best version of yourself. In essence, life within the Path of Exile must continue, and you have to learn to be patient a little longer. The latest news said it may drop at some point in 2022.

In-house development ensures the game’s smooth transition from console to mobile

The first thing to discuss is the Path of Exile’s developers. Those who love what these folks have created should thank them once more. Their dedication to this game and the gamers is fueling one of the most important decisions regarding the mobile version. What decision is that? They’re developing this mobile-friendly version in-house. It may not seem like a big deal, but this is one way PoE intends to break the mold.

By developing the mobile version in-house, they can ensure that the design is perfect. These folks know the game well. They love it and understand it intimately. The in-house designers know what players want better than anyone else, and they’re in charge of creating this mobile version. This is such a significant development because of the way mobile games are usually developed.

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When a mobile version of a game is made, most of the time, the developers farm the project out. This move makes sense, right? The developers are more focused on their bread and butter, which is the main version of the game. Plus, farming it out usually costs less. The problem is they usually farm it out to a company that does this for many other gaming companies.

The company looks at this new mobile version of the game as just another project. They may not be as passionate about developing something special that PoE fans will recognize. That’s what the in-house team brings to the table, dedication and true understanding. Grinding Gear Games or GGG may be taking a long time, but at least it’s doing things right out there in New Zealand.

The advantages of the Atlas Map System

One thing GGG did was develop the Atlas Map system. They created an intricate world that’s perfect for mobile gaming. Atlas Map and Path of Exile focused on the story more than other games. While there’s still a lot of action, the story keeps gamers engaged, and their story is good. Folks still have to wait and see what’s going to drop later this year, but this was such a good move on the designer’s part.

Discussing the basics and technology across the board

Path of Exile is intense. It’s so intricate, and that’s part of the reason it’s so beloved and engaging. You can collect gems that can be upgraded in various ways, but you can also corrupt them. Corrupting a gem can have all sorts of outcomes, and one of them happens to be the Vaal skill. All of this and more is possible because of GGG’s tech.

The tech developed for Path of Exile allows the designers not only to pack a lot of data into the gameplay but to modify it easily. They can update and make necessary changes across all platforms without switching anything up, depending on the system being used to play PoE. Keep in mind that this game can be played on a gaming PC but also on more traditional systems, like the Xbox or the PS4.

GGG may be attempting to create a mobile system that’ll work the same way. This means that glitches with the mobile version will be addressed faster. Mobile players won’t be left behind and forgotten by the designers. The level of commitment GGG has towards its PoE gamers is palpable, and it’s something you should be happy about. It’s another sign telling players that they should be excited about the mobile PoE dropping sometime this year.

The major differences across the console and mobile versions

It’s obvious that GGG doesn’t want to drop a version of PoE that you won’t recognize. The designers know that you’ve gotten used to PoE as it is. You’ve gotten used to the fact that, as you explore the game, you might see an area marked with a strange heart icon.

They know you expect to see this icon on your mini-map telling you that you’re near a Vaal Area. The bottom line is that these designers want to deliver something you’ll be happy with. Still, the question remains, will there be any differences you should worry about?

Understanding the average game sessions

One thing that may change a bit has to do with the length of each game session you initiate. Most gamers play about five hours, which is more than enough, but that might change. The mobile version will probably force you to have shorter game sessions. While this doesn’t mean you can only play for a few minutes; it does mean you won’t be able to play for five hours straight.

Hopefully, this isn’t the case, but it’s pretty common to experience shorter game sessions on the phone for several reasons. For one, the phone’s battery doesn’t last long, and that could reduce the amount of time you’re able to play. On top of that, a game as complex as PoE is going to require a lot from your phone.

All that power will drain your phone and your phone’s ability to handle what you’re doing. There’s nothing you can do about that. This is an issue phone designers have to solve. You have to remember that shorter game sessions aren’t all that bad. A person needs 451 hours of gameplay just to complete Path of Exile. Shorter game sessions allow you to savor the game. Still, you have to wait until this new version drops to test how long you’ll be able to play.

Bringing a major revamp to the in-game maps

The maps are going to change. Path of Exile’s map is perfect, isn’t it? You’re expecting that excellence, and the designers are doing their best to ensure that happens. The original map seems like it would work well in the mobile version, but that doesn’t always happen.

Path of Exile plans to break the major stigmas, the gaming industry has with mobile releases

The good thing is that the designers are creating a map that’ll contain as much detail as you’d expect. The length seems to be changing. It’s going to be a little longer, but that makes sense since the device has a long screen rather than a square screen. How will this change what you see? Hopefully, it just expands your view a bit, but you could get used to it. That’s just wishful thinking though.

What is more likely is that your view will shrink considerably, but nothing can be confirmed until the game finally drops. All you have to do is wait, but that’s such a hard thing to tell gamers who can’t wait to have PoE on their phones. While it’s always fun to get the full version of the game when playing at home, most folks are away from home frequently. Having PoE on the go will be a godsend, and that’s what everyone is waiting for.

What are your thoughts on the measures taken by Path of Exile to break the age-old industry stigmas with mobile gaming titles? Drop your comments in the comment section below!

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