Sony’s plans to enter Mobile Gaming can revolutionize the entire industry

Big titles incoming!

Over the past ten or so years, mobile gaming has grown into a sizable industry that has gone global, and given the ongoing advancement of technology, it is now impossible to ignore. Recently according to reports, Sony has plans to enter and revitalize the mobile gaming industry.

Some of the major game studios have also tried to capitalize on what the market is currently offering them: a sizable chunk of money. We have seen a lot of creators of casino games, including online pokies, take advantage of the technology available that enables mobile gaming.

The rapid growth of the mobile gaming industry

According to a report, it is believed that mobile gaming had managed to generate a total of $93.2 billion in revenue in 2021. And, with that simply too hard to ignore, Sony’s attention appears to have been grabbed as they look to shift focus and enter the industry; a development that could be huge in the future. The Japanese corporation will certainly be able to appreciate the decision given that it is anticipated that the mobile market will reach $338 billion by 2030.

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Making it once again impossible to ignore, especially for businesses that have already had success in the video game market. It becomes abundantly evident how crucial it is for a company that has lately displayed symptoms of struggle with regard to its own personal figures in the gaming market to look at it seriously when you also take into consideration the revenue figures of the games market.

According to Newzoo’s research, mobile gaming generates more than half of the market’s $196.8 billion in sales, whilst traditional game consoles only accounted for 27%. This makes it crystal clear why Sony has to consider portfolio diversification now more than ever.

Sony plans to bank on the success of its IPs and enter the mobile gaming industry

The intention from Sony is clear, as they have already announced plans to acquire a mobile developer in order to help them enter the market and potentially create their own titles in the future. Berlin-based Savage Game Studios is a young developer that will now be a part of the PlayStation Studios Mobile division that has been created.

While the studio has yet to create and develop its own titles, its co-founders have experience in being able to launch successful titles and make a real impact within the sector. Games including Clash of Clans and Angry Birds fall into their category, with $489 million and $287.8 million having been generated respectively in 2021.

But the real question is how Sony intends to approach the market. Plans, however, indicate that the company’s initiatives would adhere to the strategy employed to introduce popular PS5 and PC games in the past. The development of “a new undisclosed mobile live service action game” has also been disclosed.

Sony Savage Game Studios
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However, with gamer demands continuing to change and evolve as technology gets better, there is greater demand for live gaming, which can bring a plethora of benefits to Sony. This is not necessarily something new for Sony, as they had experimented with this in the past by using their best-selling franchises.

For instance, because there are frequently live events and tournaments available, these games are typically made to keep people playing for longer periods of time than casual games. As a result, the corporation will have the opportunity to increase in-game revenue since gamers will be able to purchase specific features.

There’s a good chance that some of these games will be promoted as Free To Play (FTP) games. When compared to games that must be purchased in order to play, free games can generate a larger income since more money can be spent on in-game items.

Other game developers have found this strategy to be highly effective; for example, Activision Blizzard‘s first mobile game, Diablo Immortal, generated more than $100 million in revenue in the first 60 days of its release.

The future of mobile gaming

The small screen might be where gaming goes in the future. Although it seems nonsensical given that we want to be able to view the largest and clearest images possible, this seems to be the direction the industry is headed. Sony is only the most recent console manufacturer to decide to enter the mobile gaming market; competitors have already considered doing so.

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While Nintendo has continued to concentrate on the tiny screen format for a number of years as they continue to attempt and seize control of the industry, Microsoft (Xbox) has already looked at what steps they could possibly take.

Even the world’s largest streaming service, Netflix, has recently shown interest in entering the mobile gaming market as they continue to diversify and look for new business prospects despite declining member numbers.

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