Why South Park: Phone Destroyer became an instant classic upon release

Take on Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in all out mobile mayhem!

South Park has been an incredibly popular show for years now. It has spawned movies, short films, soundtracks, and a number of video games. Phone Destroyer is one of many online South Park-themed games developed by Finnish game developer RedLynx. The popular strategy game has had a series since its release. South Park had had a game on the market since 1997, spanning across different consoles, PC, handheld gaming systems, and mobile. South Park: Phone Destroyer is their latest strategy mobile game release that was released back in 2017. 

There is a new Sheriff in town

You take up the role of the New Kid, a character that has been used in other South Park games like Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole. The kids of South Park don’t know which game they should play and Cartman, who is dressed like a sheriff, takes charge. In essence, the campaign takes place on a new stage, with you having to summon different South Park characters to fight and defeat the enemies.

South Park: Phone Destroyer release

Each character has their own unique powers and strengths, therefore some knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses is required to ensure you can defeat each enemy. While the game is simplistic, it does take a lot of the crass humor and fun that we have associated with South Park for so long, it isn’t just a South Park skin over a generic game. There are also multiple endings depending on how much you did or didn’t spend while playing. 

Engage in campaigns and real-time strategic PvP battles

How you play it, if you chop it down to its basic form, is very similar to Clash Royale. You as the player have a deck of cards, these cards each represent a character from South Park, as well as energy, which restores over time. They also come in 5 categories, tank, ranged, fighter, assassin, and spell. There are also multiple versions of each character card. Cartman for instance can either be the sheriff, wizard, a monk, The Coon, or Awesome-O. You unlock more character cards by either winning packs or purchasing them. 

South Park: Phone Destroyer gameplay

Each stage of the campaign has 15 levels of difficulty, and while it may seem easy at first as you can progress quite quickly, you do hit a wall and need to strengthen your army. There is also a PvP mode. Much like Clash Royale, you can take on other players online. Use your cards to battle opponents, but this time you are on a timer. You must ensure you either defeat your opponent or have more health than them before the time runs out, or you lose. 

The campaign and PvP aspects of the game are also linked. While some players may find this annoying, it is a unique spin that allows the player to enjoy and play both aspects of the game. Simply put, to progress after a certain point in the campaign mode, you need to complete a certain number of PvP battles, once again, it may seem annoying, but it does give you the motivation to play both modes. 

Experience the world of South Park on your mobile

What makes this game so great is the fact that it is in a franchise and characters that have been loved by millions for a couple of decades now, and a type of game that you can either play seriously or casually and have a great time either way. Mobile games aren’t just time killers anymore, there is a skill required, as well as time that players need to put in to be the best, especially when facing off against each other. Phone Destroyer is a challenging game with some serious depth for your mobile device. 

South Park: Phone Destroyer release

The style of the game is also very player-friendly. It is easy to grasp, the characters are colorful and fun and have the same ridiculous humor that fans have loved for years on the TV show and across the other games in the series. Talking about the show, that is the biggest draw and why the game is played so much. You can’t help but love how ridiculous South Park and its characters are, and putting them in the palm of your hand is guaranteed success. 

Final Thoughts

For what the game is, it did receive a lot of great reviews. The gameplay is fun and easy, the look of the game is colorful with the same style of the show, and the characters are easily recognizable and have the same personalities as we know them to have on the show. While some may think there should be less of a grind, Clash Royales players and lovers of games like this will most certainly enjoy every second of playing.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a classic since it’s release because it does what it says on the tin, you will destroy your phone trying to get the upgrades and new cards you need to beat opponents and the story. Another reason Phone Destroyer will go down as a classic is because it’s probably the best mobile South Park game so far. It is addictive, incredibly fun, and has more than enough aspects of the show for you to know you are playing a South Park game. If you haven’t already, download it now, you won’t be disappointed. 

What are your thoughts on South Park: Phone Destroyer the mobile game that became an instant classic upon its release? Let us know in the comment section below!

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