The increasing popularity of Android gaming

Discussing the main talking points

Ever since the first smartphone saw the light of the day, it became obvious that the way we used mobile phones to communicate with other people or play games was about to change for good. In the last decade, smartphones have evolved in every possible way. In terms of memory, materials used, display, and camera quality, the Android phones have become mini-computers that we carry around in our back pockets. And even though the never-ending possibilities that smartphones have to offer had always been around, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of mobile gaming among Android users.

The rise of Android gaming

2020 and The rise in popularity of android mobile games

It’s not that shocking that in 2020 the popularity of online gaming has been increasing. With so many people staying indoors with nothing much to do, online gaming has gained many new players. But no one expected that the same would happen with mobile gaming apps. More than 19 billion dollars was spent on mobile gaming from the beginning of April until the end of June in 2020. Also, over a quarter of all downloaded apps for Android were gaming apps. So, it’s becoming abundantly clear for all developers that mobile gaming is the future.

Future of Mobile Gaming
Android Gaming has seen a meteoric rise in its popularity

One of the main reasons why mobile gaming is gaining so much popularity is because it’s convenient. You can play it anywhere in the house, on the go, while resting on the beach or in the park, or even if you get bored at a party. Additionally, it’s ideal for situations where you have to wait for someone or something, like a dentist’s appointment or a train. This goes perfectly with the mindset of today’s generation that not a minute of your time should be wasted. And an Android phone is simply the ideal tool for achieving this goal, even when it’s used only for gaming.

The Phenomenon behind mobile gaming apps

Online gaming has been around for some time but in the last decade, it witnessed an increase in popularity. Apart from general gaming, there has been a significant increase in popularity of all online casinos with the best offers among UK players as well as other players worldwide ever since the first mobile casino apps appeared. Players are particularly interested in free spins from casino sites with no wagering requirements and similar welcome promotions that are being given to new players upon registration.

popularity of android gaming

The casino industry has undergone some great changes in the past decade, but the latest shift of interest towards mobile casino apps has had a great influence on countries across the globe. The number of mobile casino players is on the rise and countries worldwide are passing different laws in order to legalize this form of gambling as soon as possible. And for good reason. The annual revenue from this industry is constantly growing, and every country that opposes its legalization is basically losing money every day. One of the most radical changes happened in the USA when PASPA was overruled. Fast forward three years, there are already several states that have legalized gambling and sports betting, and most players usually opt to play their favorite casino games or place a wager via smartphone.

The future of mobile gaming

For now, all signs indicate that the online gaming market will see even bigger growth in 2021. Additionally, developers are focusing on providing users with an even better gaming and gambling experience, since it’s expected that most players will use Android devices for online gaming simply because they are affordable and accessible. Let’s not forget about the fact that the Android operating system is the most popular one in the world, with over 40% of users from the entire market. This is why most developers are always working and new games but also on improving the old ones.


It can seem that the interest in Android mobile gaming has reached its peak in 2020, however, everything points to the fact that this is just the beginning. The year 2021 will certainly set new goals that will be met in 2022, and the gaming enthusiast will be able to enjoy all the benefits that this gaming market has in store for them.

P.S. – The article has been contributed by Leslie Alexander who is the Content Lead at the Gamblizard team but also a detail-oriented writer who delivers informative pieces of content on a weekly basis. Leslie has an affinity for writing informative articles about the Gaming industry. She also follows the latest technological trends that are impacting the way people play online games. We at GamingonPhone listen to the voice of the gamers since we are gamers too and bring forward their opinions to the wider audience.

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