The rise and development of mobile Slingo gaming

Slingos are now ever popular in the industry!

Slingo is one of the newest additions to the mobile gaming world which combines two of the most popular casino games: slots and bingo. In many ways, it’s surprising that these two games weren’t combined sooner, given how appealing the resulting game is.

Slingo was originally conceived in New Jersey in 1994 before the huge popularity of online gaming made it possible to find almost any kind of game at the touch of a button. But the idea wasn’t the brainchild of a casino owner or even a games developer – it was a real estate developer named Sal Falciglia Sr.

Although he was a big fan of both slots and bingo, Sal Falciglia Sr. didn’t have any real experience of games development. However, he was semi-retired by that time and he believed in his idea so much that he founded Slingo, Inc to design and sell games based on his newly created combination. The first-ever Slingo machine was made from a 1950s five-reel slot machine that Falciglia had shipped to his house from Mexico. He opened it up and redesigned the reels according to the ideas that he had, creating a game that has only changed marginally since the prototype was designed.

The recent Slingo explosion

Once he had completed his first machine, Falciglia tested it tirelessly, logging the results and recording his findings. His family shares fond memories of playing their unique slot machine, but it wasn’t practical for him to carry his heavy and unwieldy machine around.

Not only was Falciglia a visionary when it came to creating new games, but his solution to the problem of showing off his game to potential backers was to find a programmer who could create a digital version of the game. It was no small investment, but it paid off when Falciglia was able to demonstrate a computer game to AOL who had just launched an early gaming site that was gaining some traction.

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Within a few days, the deal was done and the game launched shortly after the contracts were signed. It was an instant hit, rocketing straight into the number one slot on their charts and staying there for years. The evolution of Slingo took an unusual trajectory. It started in a purely analog form before being transformed into a computer game and was then pitched in its analog format to one of the leading slot machine manufacturers in the world: International Gaming Technology.

Slingo was added to their machines, first as a bonus game on one of their most popular games, and then as a game in its own right as it gained popularity. Not only did Slingo become a popular game in casinos and online, but a TV show was even in the works at one point, although it was only picked up in the Phillippines and never made it to mainstream TV in the US which remains an ambition of the game’s creator.

Slingo’s enduring popularity into the mobile gaming world

The growth of online gaming provided the perfect opportunity for Slingo to thrive, and it became one of the most popular games in online casinos. Various versions of the game became affiliated with different companies, and the brand has changed hands a few times over the years, but the popularity of the game has prevailed.

Now, it’s possible to play Slingo in a variety of different formats and gamers play Slingo online from their home computers as well as on mobile devices. Those that play online enjoy:

  • larger screen
  • better performance
  • more detailed graphics
  • more options for controllers (mouse, touchpad, joystick)
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Mobile gamers enjoy the flexibility of Slingo gaming on the go, with benefits such as:

  • more convenient
  • easy to play during free time
  • games are adapted
  • mobile technology is improving rapidly

Many gamers use both desktop and mobile for their gaming, enjoying the more immersive experience of playing on the desktop when they are at home, but wanting the flexibility to take their favorite game with them when they are on the go. One of the main advantages of Slingo is that it works so well on both – it’s fun wherever you play!

The advantages of Slingo in mobile over desktop

With nearly half a million games to choose from, both desktop and mobile gaming offer players the chance to enjoy their favorite games in the way that appeals to them most. With so many options, only the most engaging games gain attention from online gamers, so designers and developers make a huge effort to ensure that players keep coming back for more fun.

One of the most appealing elements of Slingo is the social element of the game. Bingo has always been considered a game to play with friends and the evolution of mobile gaming has made that even easier. Some players want to make the most of the online forums and social media link-ups that allow like-minded players to game together. Desktop gaming can make that easier as it is simple to switch between tabs and windows to keep track of a conversation while they play.

What are your thoughts on the rise and development of mobile Slingo gaming? Drop your opinions in the comments below!

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