Top 10 best Top Eleven Facts you might not know of

Know all the unknown facts about your favorite Top Eleven!

Top Eleven is a soccer manager replication developed and printed by Nordeus in 2010, and is offered on Google Play Store and also on Apple Store. The game can also be played on Facebook and it permits players to play against their friends. The sport was perceived so as to deal with a scarcity of soccer management games within the social media atmosphere. The game is based on the ideas and gameplay found in games like Football Manager and Electronic ArtsPremier Manager that have managed to have interaction with innumerable soccer fans, and give them access to social options. Top Eleven Soccer Manager has managed to transfer the planning and feel of desktop applications to Facebook. Here we will discuss the most extraordinary, surprising, and intriguing best Top Eleven facts that you might not have known to date.

Top 10 best Top Eleven facts

1. You can get Jose Mourinho himself to support your team in a cup final

Best Top Eleven facts
Top Best Top Eleven facts: Jose Mourinho

You might have seen that a friend had Jose Mourinho’s managerial support during a cup final match and wondered how that occurs? He got an 8% bonus support from Mourinho because he paid for a special sponsor premium. There isn’t any other way to get Mourinho support unless you unlock it by completing objectives from the special sponsor.

2. Stoke City makes use of sleeve support opportunities with Top Eleven

Top Eleven has become the most recent brand to take up the new sleeve support opportunities within the Premier League once agreeing on a deal with StokeCity. The soccer manager game has affected a multiyear alter tend town to own its brand seem on the sleeve of the primary team, under-23’s and ladies’ team for all league games from the start of the 2017/18 season.

It marks the first time that Top Eleven has aligned itself with a high-tier club having previously targeted grassroots groups approaching soccer in a very completely different method. This strategy has led the brand to make a sponsorship with YouTube star Spencer Owen’s soccer club Hashtag United.

best Top Eleven facts
Top Best Top Eleven facts: Stoke City

Stoke City has become the primary Premier League Club to draw in a replacement industrial partner, Top Eleven, to become their Official Sleeve Partner. The multi-year deal can see their brand on the left sleeve of City’s first team, U23s, and ladies’ shirts for all league games from the beginning of next season. different clubs have declared sleeve partnership deals however all with existing industrial partners. Stoke City is the first Club to strike a deal later with a completely new brand.

3. Nordeus had beaten EA and monetized the globe with rewarded ads

Top Eleven, the company’s soccer management sim, was originally launched on Facebook, where it became so well-liked that it beat EA’s (Electronic Arts) illustrious soccer franchise, FIFA. Once the mobile platform eclipsed Facebook games, Nordeus brought their hit over to smartphones and kept growing, reaching one hundred eighty million registered users—making it the foremost self-made sports mobile game within the world.

rewarded ads Top Best Top Eleven facts
Rewarded ads

4. DML and DMR positions in the Midfield

There were two more positions in Top Eleven apart from the current positions in the game. These two were DML and DMR. These positions were situated a little above LB and RB and a little below LM and RM in the field. Therefore, these areas could be covered by the advanced wing-backs or with the custom instruction/ arrow direction to the LB/RB or LM/RM. Besides the use of these positions was very limited, these were only used when someone wanted to park the bus or play with a gothic 5 defender formation. Hence, Nordeus decided to remove these two positions.

5. Loaning within your Association

When the Association Feature was 1st introduced, it has a total of 10 divisions. For several years association continued with 10 divisions however later on Nordeus introduced 2 more divisions (Diamond & Ultimate) and demolished 1 division (Bronze III) to give managers some extra bit of energy.

Previously there was a feature loan system among the managers of the association and loan takers could fill the energy and morale of the player in case these were down. And that was a big loophole of the game. Soon Nordeus realized managers are misusing this feature to take unfair advantage.

Top Eleven Association Divisions
Top Eleven Association

Managers were creating fake accounts to include in the association after that, the fake manager was taking loans from the real manager to fill the energy. On the Other end, the Real manager was draining out the energy by training the player. This process continued until the Fake manager ran out of Energy boosters/Green boosters. Thereafter the old fake was replaced by a new ‘fake account’ of another real manager.

6. Auction and Negotiations

When Top Eleven was 1st started the player buying/auction system was slightly different from the recent one. Back then, before bidding for a player, the manager has to be very firm and confident whether he/she really wants the player or not.

Because the Token used for bidding was not reversible irrespective of winning or losing in the bidding. Moreover, the recycling time was 4 hrs instead of the current 4 mins. The Negotiation system was different as well. It was more realistic and far better for a manager.

A manager (generally lower level) could approach another manager (generally higher level) for buying a player with a certain number of tokens and cash. however, many managers used this feature to gather tokens and cash from their fake accounts. That’s why Nordeus decided to tweak the system.

7. Introduction of the Mentality Arrow feature

Initially, there was no Arrow feature/ Mentality Arrow/ Custom Instruction system in the game. Managers were asking for this custom instructions feature all around the social platforms and forums. Hence Top Eleven came up with the Arrow direction feature in 2016 but it has some issues.

Top Eleven Players Mentality
Arrow Direction

So, They again set it off after several months. A year or two later in January 2019, Nordeus Reintroduced the feature in the game with full fledge and the feature is still available in the game.

8. Special Welcome back rewards

You might not know that Top Eleven gifts welcome back rewards once a manager decides to come back to the game at least after 3 seasons from his/her retirement ( to get the reward you can’t open the game for 3 seasons). This gift includes a fair amount of Tokens and a hand full of boosters. One interesting thing is, after rejoining the game you will win the 1st player you bid at the market (using just 1 token). So, bid wisely to your 1st player if you ever decide to break your retirement.

9. Club Fans

During the early era of Top Eleven, there had been a unique feature. A manager could see the total number of fans of his/her club. The ‘total number of fans’ used to depend on the club’s history and according to the club’s recent performance.

Top Eleven Club Fans
Top Best Top Eleven facts: Club Fans

Winning a trophy would add a considerable number of fans similarly, losing in the early stage of a Cup/Trophy would minimize the club’s reputation. But for some reason, Nordeus decided to remove this stat from the game.

10. Top Eleven developer Nordeus has been acquired by Take-Two Interactive

Nordeus, the developer of the super-popular mobile football game Top Eleven, has been acquired by Take-Two Interactive Software in a deal worth $378 million. Take-Two Interactive is known for being the owner of gigantic publishing labels such as Rockstar Games and 2K Games. Bigger markets obtaining growing development teams to build and widen their empire has become common with some recent examples like Moontoon being bought by ByteDance and Kolibri Games acquired by Ubisoft.

Take-Two Interactive is said to pay $225m upfront in the form of cash and $90m in new Take-Two common stocks’ shares with the promise of an additional amount that could make the total cost rise up to $378m if further performance expectations are met by Nordeus over time.

That’s all for today’s top 10 Best Top Eleven Facts. How many of these 10 Best Top Eleven Facts did you already know? Let us know in the comment section below!

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