Mobile Gaming News: Top 10 Picks from August 2019

Just a month ago, we have started with the journey of GamingonPhone. Throughout August we have published some interesting articles for our readers on a variety of topics. So, just in case you have missed, we have compiled top 10 picks from August 2019 in this article. So, let us see what are these top articles of this month!

Pokemon Masters Review

Article type: Review | Author: Tousif | Article link

Pokemon Masters is the newest game from the Pokemon Company that has arrived on both Android and iOS. After a month of its soft launch, the game is finally out of beta. Go and check out our review before you start playing!

Should you separate Jump & Climb in PUBG Mobile

Article type: Guide | Author: Vagish | Article link

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games right now. With its massive popularity, Tencent is pumping a huge amount of money into this game. So, a good number of gamers are trying to improve your skillset. This article will help in understanding the advanced mechanism behind the jump & climb functionality of PUBG Mobile.

Mobile Legends Adventure review

Article type: Review | Author: Tousif | Article link

After the massive success of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Moonton has brought another game. Based on the original Mobile Legends universe, this game is purely a story-driven game where players will mainly engage campaigns and other PvE elements. Go and check out our full review

Is buying Pass Royale worth the money in Clash Royale

Article type: Editorial | Author: Tousif | Article link

Recently Supercell has introduced the season pass in Clash Royale. They have named it as Pass Royale. Many of the gamers are confused if they should go for it or not. In this article, we have gone through the pros and cons of the season pass. Gamers will get a fair idea if they should go for it or not!

Indian Airforce Game review

Article type: Review | Author: Shaquib | Article link

The Mobile Gaming Industry in India growing exponentially. So in this scenario, Inian Airforce released their official mobile game to provide the Indians with the virtual experience. Do not forget to check our full review of the game!

3 Reasons why you cant trust the App Store rating system

Article type: Editorial | Author: Jobe | Article link

Although we are pretty much driven by the store rating system. But sometimes, we can not blindly go by them, especially when we are no aware of the developers. In this article, we have given our insights about why the rating system falsify sometimes.

Rush Wars: Supercell is bringing a new game

Article type: News | Author: Tousif | Article link

Supercell has launched its 6th title. Although the game is in beta now, we can hope that the game will make it to the global release. Read the article to know more about it.

Best 3 Multiplayer Mobile Games of 2019

Article type: Miscellaneous | Author: Aaron | Article link

Multiplayer genre is now very much popular among mobile gamers. The availability of internet has skyrocketed the growth especially. In this article, we have showcased the top 3 multiplayer that you should surely try if you love multiplayer mobile games.

FIFA Mobile 20 Beta: The new features

Article type: News | Author: Ron | Article link

FIFA Mobile 20 is about to arrive. So the fans are quite excited about the upcoming feature of th new version. This article talks about the new features and expectations from the new FIFA Mobile 20.

How to play Rush Wars: The complete guide

Article type: Guide | Author: QGM | Article link

Being in beta, the game is getting so much attention. So we have come up with a complete beginners guide. If you are very new or thinking of starting the game, do check the guide to get a headstart.

Did you enjoy reading our top 10 picks from August 2019? Do let us know in the comments below!

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