Top 5 Best Mobile Games to play in August 2023

The hot picks for the month!

A new month, new picks to play. With the increasing number of new releases, players find themselves presented with numerous choices to select the perfect game to immerse themselves in. However, with such a plethora of fantastic options available, it can become quite a challenge for players to sift through and discover the absolute best game to play. So looking at all the options available, we bring to you the 5 Best Mobile Games to try out on your Android or iOS devices in August 2023.

Best Mobile Games of August 2023

1. Arena Breakout

Release Date: 14th July 2023

The highly awaited first-person shooter for mobile Arena Breakout is one of the best picks to play right now. Even with this recent release, the game boasts as a first-of-its-kind extraction looter shooter that pushed the limits of war simulation with high-end console-quality graphics.

Developed by MoreFun Studios, a division of Tencent Games, it follows the “shoot, loot, and breakout” elements coupled with smooth gameplay, immersive sound, and adjustable controls. With over 700 gun parts to fit in more than 10 modification slots, the action title might be the right pick for you.

2. Snowbreak Containment Zone

Release Date: 20th July 2023

Next up Snowbreak: Containment Zone, which presents an immersive 3D Sci-fi RPG. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Snowbreak offers a next-generation gaming experience, providing seamless cross-platform gameplay and effortless synchronization of player progress across all their devices.

Set up in a futuristic world, the fights take place with the help of operatives, which you can customize and train according to your interests. The captivating storyline adds depth to the gameplay, offering an experience that goes beyond typical RPGs and immerses players in exciting and engaging gameplay.

3. Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

Release Date: 20th July 2023

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is another title in the MMORPG genre from Tencent that is published by Level Infinite. The primary focus of the game lies in its enchanting fantasy-inspired storyline, where players embark on a journey to the captivating continent of Altea.

Featuring four unique classes and intense combat mechanics, the game gives a lot of freedom to exploration which helps in keeping the experience more immersive. Another RPG yes, but one more added to your best experience.

4. Watcher of Realms

Release Date: 13th July 2023

Looking for a bit of adventure with an RPG thrown into the mix? For you, Watcher of Realms is the best possible pick. The recent adventure RPG tower defense mobile game from Moonton takes you to assume the vital role of a tactical Commander, equipped with a wealth of resources to rescue a chaotic land from corruption.

With three distinct game modes available to players namely Artefact Materials, Gold/EXP, and Campaign, the high-quality CGI and character design will not fail to impress either. Well, it’s not too late to explore the mystical continent of Tya and immerse yourself in a magical world with 100+ unique heroes!

5. Tower of God: New World

Release Date: 26th July 2023

Netmarble’s latest action RPG Tower of God: New World which is set in the world of the hit Webtoon series is a great pick if you are looking for a collectible RPG. The game boasts high-quality graphics, featuring stunning 3D animation for characters, settings, abilities, and cutscenes.

Story Mode and Adventure Mode are the game modes present while offering a great loot system that fills even if you are offline. Time to relive the tale of Twenty-Fifth Bam!

What are your opinions on the Best Mobile Games of August 2023 list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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